Definition of Quantity:

  1. The number or quantity of solid or impermeable material that is not usually estimated by local measurements.

  2. Period of pronunciation of understood sound or letter.

  3. Numbers, values ​​or numbers of events, objects or phenomena that can be wisely understood or measured, expressed as a numerical value.

  4. A value or component that can be expressed in numbers.

Synonyms of Quantity

Loads, Much, Prevalence, Proceleusmatic, Myriads, Exuberance, Period, Fullness, Capful, Ample sufficiency, Standard, More than enough, Triseme, Arsis, Tally, Size, Antispast, Hive, Caesura, Tonnage, Quantities, Box score, Reckoning, Repletion, Prodigality, Extent, Numbers, Extent, Colon, Countlessness, Full vowel, Iambic, Ocean, Liberality, Accent, Test, Jam, Epitrite, Cloud, Volume, Maximum, Syzygy, Outpouring, Dimeter, Chunk, Handful, Plurality, Rhythm, Army, Affluence, Opulency, Overflow, Anacrusis, A mass of, Rich harvest, Batch, Ration, Diaeresis, Lapful, Budget, Superfluity, Meter, Chloriamb, The whole story, Tripody, Total, Gush, Numerousness, Caseful, Stream, Lots, Superabundance, Deal, Quota, Scale, Elegiac couplet, Barometer, Readout, Block, Basketful, Mob, Trimeter, Tribrach, Bountiousness, Elegiac pentameter, Extravagance, Stowage, Accentuation, Riotousness, Score, Room, Cordage, Portion, Bottleful, Wealth, Molossus, Gauge, Covey, Feminine caesura, Hail, The bottom line, Loaf, Number, Accommodation, Degree, Lavishness, Lilt, Counterpoint, Metron, Trochee, Content, Dochmiac, Count, Thousand, Mouthful, Wad, Muchness, Clutch, Amplitude, Space, Avalanche, Swarm, Full measure, Area, Trillion, Measure, Tetraseme, Spondee, Norm, Worlds of, Metrical group, Shower, Pyrrhic, Type, Ampleness, Ruck, Dactyl, Graduated scale, Aggregate, Part, Hexameter, Peck, Substantialness, Pattern, Lump, Worlds, Acres, Rout, Parcel, Dipody, Foison, Host, Anapest, Bulk, Small amount, Tetrameter, Bags, Plentifulness, Check, Cast, Sprung rhythm, Profusion, Profuseness, Richness, Heap, Hunk, Flood, Opulence, Short vowel, Masses of, Expanse, Oceans, Plenteousness, Heroic couplet, Bumper crop, Tale, Difference, Mass, Capacity, Catalexis, Ionic, Hexapody, Clutter, Armful, Elegiac, Amphibrach, X number, Aggregate, Great abundance, Swing, Yardstick, Canon, Jingle, Alexandrine, Nugget, Cadence, Binful, The story, Large amount, Masculine caesura, Quite a few, Landslide, Mass, Copiousness, Gobs, Tetrapody, Legion, Bountifulness, Iambic pentameter, Mess, Reading, Account, Chloriambus, Beat, Burden, Ictus, Sea, Lot, Liberalness, Flock, Tons, Dactylic hexameter, Volume, Scores, Bagful, Stress, Pentameter, Pat, Clod, Weight, Paeon, Bacchius, Flocks, Tidy sum, Dose, Product, Bowlful, Bevy, Model, Metrical unit, Touchstone, Luxuriance, Scads, Consignment, Mora, Flow, Bonanza, Rich vein, Oodles, Poundage, Fertility, Teemingness, Substantiality, Bushel, Generosity, Load, Bulk, Pack, Group, Reduced vowel, Whole, Repleteness, Metrical foot, Amount, Long vowel, Limit, Million, Throng, Great plenty, Quantum, Nest, Heptapody, Load, Movement, Number, Cretic, Plenty, Many, Flight, A world of, Heptameter, Amphimacer, Mountain, Iamb, Shoal, Jillion, Barrels, Amount, Group, Foot, Productiveness, Abundance, Riot, Pentapody, Myriad, Barrelful, Kettleful, Gob, Summation, Generousness, Rule, Value, Sum, Criterion, Weight, Bunch, World, Emphasis, Length, Metrical accent, Sum, Clump, Parameter, Total, Multitude, Thesis, Spate, Plenitude

How to use Quantity in a sentence?

  1. In language, this feature appears on acoustic measurements.
  2. The total number of your products should be a good basis for deciding whether to sell or not.
  3. The number of eggs in my basket is more than the number of slots in my egg carton, so I will be forced to sell the remaining one egg separately, not a dozen.
  4. Jason started reusing his plastic cutlery when his unused cutlery ran out and Jason didn't want to run out.
  5. You can control the quantity and quality of the fruit.
  6. Another important quantity is the cluster coefficient C of a node.

Meaning of Quantity & Quantity Definition



  • Quantity or number

  • Quantity definition is: Number of shares (shares, mutual funds), contracts (options, futures) or key value of securities.

Sentences of Quantity

  1. The quantity and quality of fruits can be controlled

  2. In language, this feature is reflected in the acoustic measurement.

  3. Another important quantity is a single point cluster C coefficient.