Definition of Entry:

  1. Importation: Popular term for customs entry.

  2. Record keeping: Heading in an index under which a record is located and can be searched and identified.

  3. The forward part of a ships hull below the waterline, considered in terms of breadth or narrowness.

  4. Law: Act, privilege, or right to enter a premises.

  5. Accounting: Record of a financial transaction in its appropriate book of account. See also journal entry.

  6. An item written or printed in a diary, list, ledger, or reference book.

  7. A person or thing competing in a race or competition.

  8. An act of going or coming in.

Synonyms of Entry

Item, Record, Statement, Note, Listing, Jotting, Access, Account, Adit, Admission, Admittance, Adversaria, Adversary, Aide-memoire, Air lock, Annotation, Approach, Arrival, Booking, Candidate, Cataloging, Chronicling, Coming in, Competitor, Contestant, Corridor, Credit, Debit, Docket, Door, Doorway, Double entry, Enlistment, Enrollment, Entering, Entrance, Entrance hall, Entranceway, Entrant, Entree, Entryway, Favorite, Footnote, Foyer, Galilee, Gangplank, Gangway, Hall, Impanelment, Import, Importation, Importing, In, Income, Incoming, Indexing, Infiltration, Ingoing, Ingress, Ingression, Inlet, Input, Inscribing, Inscription, Insertion, Insinuation, Intake, Interpenetration, Introduction, Introgression, Intrusion, Inventorying, Item, Jotting, Leakage, Listing, Lobby, Logging, Marginal note, Marginalia, Matriculation, Means of access, Memo, Memoir, Memorandum, Memorial, Minute, Minutes, Mudder, Narthex, Notation, Note, Open arms, Open door, Opening, Opponent, Participant, Passage, Passageway, Penetration, Percolation, Plate horse, Plater, Player, Pole horse, Pony, Portal, Portico, Posting, Propylaeum, Race horse, Racer, Reception, Record, Record keeping, Recordation, Recording, Register, Registration, Registry, Reminder, Rival, Scholia, Scholium, Seepage, Single entry, Stable, Stake horse, Staker, Starter, Steeplechaser, Stoa, String, Tabulation, Threshold, Vestibule, Way, Way in, Appearance, Arrival, Entrance, Ingress, Coming, Coming in, Going in, Approach, Introduction, Materialization, Contestant, Competitor, Contender, Challenger, Entrant, Participant, Player, Candidate, Applicant

How to use Entry in a sentence?

  1. From the hundreds of entries we received, twelve winners were finally chosen.
  2. I was not granted entry into the country because my visa did not begin until the next day and I would have to wait for a long time.
  3. The entries in the cash book.
  4. The door was locked, but he forced an entry.
  5. If you want to make sure that you can come back to a certain deal and learn what happened make a good entry .
  6. If you want to keep records that will be useful in the future it is important that every entry be detailed.

Meaning of Entry & Entry Definition