Definition of Addiction:

  1. Over dependence on, and compulsive craving for, a drug (habit forming stimulating or narcotic substance) such as alcohol, cannabis, nicotine, or a derivative of cocoa or poppy. During addiction, discontinuation of the drug causes specific reactions (called withdrawal symptoms) such as sweating, vomiting, and tremors which cease when the use is resumed. Classified as a chronic and progressive disease, it requires prolonged professional care for mitigation and remediation. Because in popular usage any excessive craving (such as for chocolate or junk foods) is termed an addiction, WHO recommends the use of the term drug dependence when referring to drug addiction.

  2. The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Synonyms of Addiction

Dependency, Dependence, Craving, Habit, Weakness, Compulsion, Fixation, Enslavement, A habit, Acquired tolerance, Acute alcoholism, Addictedness, Alcoholism, Amphetamine withdrawal symptoms, Barbiturate addiction, Barbiturism, Chain smoking, Chronic alcoholism, Cocainism, Crash, Craving, Dependence, Dipsomania, Drug addiction, Drug culture, Drug dependence, Habituation, Nicotine addiction, Physical dependence, Psychological dependence, Tolerance, Withdrawal sickness, Withdrawal symptoms

How to use Addiction in a sentence?

  1. He committed the theft to finance his drug addiction.

Meaning of Addiction & Addiction Definition

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