Definition of Lot:

  1. Defined quantity of a thing used as a unit of inventory, output, sale, sampling, or transportation. Items in a lot are of a single class, composition, model, size, type, or version, are produced under essentially the same conditions, and are intended to have uniform quality and characteristics within specified limits. A lot is ordered, sold, released, or delivered in its entirety. An exact lot is called a round lot, any quantity more or less than a lot is called an odd lot. Also called batch.

  2. Measured tract of land with specific boundaries, distinctly designated on a map, plot, or survey, and forming a part of a community, city, or district.

  3. A large number or amount; a great deal.

  4. Divide (items) into lots for sale at an auction.

  5. A great deal; much.

  6. One of a set of objects such as straws, stones, or pieces of paper that are randomly selected as part of a decision-making process.

  7. A persons luck or condition in life, particularly as determined by fate or destiny.

  8. A particular group, collection, or set of people or things.

  9. A plot of land assigned for sale or for a particular use.

  10. An article or set of articles for sale at an auction.

Phonetic Pronunciation of Lot


Synonyms of Lot

Batch, Set, Collection, Load, Group, Bundle, Bunch, Consignment, Quantity, Assortment, Parcel, Aggregate, Group, Set, Crowd, Circle, Clique, Bunch, Band, Gang, Crew, Mob, Pack, Company, Decide randomly, Spin a coin, Toss a coin, Throw dice, Draw straws, Cut straws, Decide on the toss of a coin, Decide on the throw of a die, Dice, Decide on the drawing of straws, A to Z, A to izzard, Friday, Friday the thirteenth, A mass of, A world of, Abundance, Accidentality, Acres, Actuarial calculation, Adventitiousness, Affluence, Aggregate, Aggregation, All, All and sundry, Allocate, Allot, Allotment, Allow, Allowance, Alpha and omega, Amount, Ample sufficiency, Ampleness, Amplitude, Appoint, Appointed lot, Apportion, Appropriate to, Army, Array, Assemblage, Assign, Assign to, Astral influences, Astrology, Avalanche, Bank, Barrel, Batch, Be-all, Be-all and end-all, Bearings, Beginning and end, Bevy, Big end, Bigger half, Bit, Bite, Block, Blood, Board lot, Body, Bonanza, Book of fate, Bountifulness, Bountiousness, Brand, Break, Breed, Budget, Build on, Bumper crop, Bunch, Bundle, Calculate, Call, Case, Cast, Cast lots, Casualness, Chance, Character, Chattels real, Chunk, Circle, Circumstance, Clan, Clearing, Clos, Close, Cloud, Clump, Cluster, Clutch, Clutter, Color, Commission, Complement, Condition, Conglomerate, Conglomeration, Considerable, Constellation, Contingent, Copiousness, Copse, Count, Count on, Covey, Croft, Crop, Crowd, Cup, Cut, Cut lots, Cut the cards, Deal, Decree, Demesne, Denomination, Depend, Description, Designation, Destination, Destine, Destiny, Detail, Dies funestis, Dividend, Dole, Domain, Doom, Dose, Draw lots, Draw straws, Dummy share, Each and every, Earmark, Enclave, End, Equal share, Estate, Even lot, Everything, Extravagance, Exuberance, Fatality, Fate, Feather, Fertility, Field, Fix, Flight, Flock, Flocks, Flood, Flow, Flukiness, Foison, Footing, Foredoom, Foreordination, Form, Fortuitousness, Fortuity, Fortune, Forty, Fractional lot, Frontage, Full lot, Full measure, Fullness, Future, Gamble, Game, Generosity, Generousness, Genre, Genus, Give, Gob, Gobs, Good deal, Good fortune, Good luck, Grain, Great abundance, Great deal, Great plenty, Grounds, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Grove, Gush, Hail, Half, Halver, Hap, Happenstance, Happy chance, Hassock, Heap, Heaps, Heedless hap, Helping, Hive, Holding, Holdings, Honor, Host, How they fall, Hunk, Ides of March, Ilk, Indeterminacy, Indeterminateness, Inevitability, Interest, Jam, Kidney, Kin, Kind, Kismet, Knot, Kraal, Label, Land, Landed property, Lands, Landslide, Large amount, Lashings, Lavishness, Law of averages, Legion, Length and breadth, Liberality, Liberalness, Line, Loads, Location, Lots, Luck, Lump, Luxuriance, Make, Make assignments, Making, Manner, Manor, Many, Mark, Mark off, Mark out for, Mass, Masses of, Match coins, Maximum, Measure, Meed, Mess, Messuage, Mete out, Mint, Mob, Modality, Mode, Modicum, Moiety, Moira, Mold, More than enough, Much, Muchness, Multiplicity, Multitude, Myriad, Myriads, Nature, Nest, Number, Numbers, Numerousness, Odd lot, One and all, Oodles, Opportunity, Opulence, Opulency, Ordain, Outpouring, Overflow, Pack, Package, Package deal, Pale, Parcel, Parcel of land, Part, Pass, Patch, Peck, Percentage, Persuasion, Phylum, Pickle, Piece, Pile, Piles, Place, Planets, Plat, Play, Play at dice, Play the ponies, Plenitude, Plenteousness, Plentifulness, Plenty, Plight, Plot, Plot of ground, Plurality, Portion, Portion off, Position, Posture, Pot, Power, Praedium, Predestination, Predetermination, Predicament, Preference share, Prevalence, Principle of indeterminacy, Probability, Problematicness, Prodigality, Productiveness, Profuseness, Profusion, Property, Proportion, Push, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrat, Quantities, Quantity, Quantum, Quite a few, Quite a little, Quota, Race, Raffle off, Raft, Rafts, Rake-off, Random sample, Rank, Ration, Real estate, Real property, Realty, Reckon on, Repleteness, Repletion, Reserve, Restrict, Restrict to, Rich harvest, Rich vein, Richness, Riot, Riotousness, Risk, Round lot, Rout, Ruck, Run, Run of luck, Scads, Schedule, Scores, Section, Segment, Serendipity, Set, Set apart, Set aside, Set off, Shape, Share, Shoal, Shock, Shoot craps, Shower, Sight, Situation, Slew, Slews, Slice, Small amount, Small share, Sort, Spate, Species, Speculate, Sport, Spot, Stack, Stacks, Stake, Stamp, Standing, Stars, State, Station, Statistical probability, Status, Stock, Stockholding, Stockholdings, Stook, Strain, Stream, Stripe, Style, Substantiality, Substantialness, Sum, Superabundance, Swarm, Tag, Teemingness, Tenements, The breaks, The corpus, The ensemble, The entirety, The like of, The likes of, The lot, The whole, The whole range, Theory of probability, Thicket, Throng, Tidy sum, Toft, Toss, Tract, Tribe, Trust in, Tuft, Tussock, Type, Uncertainty, Uncertainty principle, Unlucky day, Variety, Wad, Wads, Wealth, Weird, Whatever comes, Wheel of fortune, Whole slew, Will of Heaven, Wisp, Worlds of, A large amount, A fair amount, A good deal, A great deal, A deal, A great quantity, Quantities, An abundance, A wealth, A profusion, Plenty, Masses, Fate, Destiny, Fortune, Doom, A great deal, A good deal, To a great extent, Much, Patch of ground, Tract of land, Allotment, Piece of ground, Plot, Area, Tract, Acreage, Parcel, Building lot

How to use Lot in a sentence?

  1. They drew lots to determine the order in which they asked questions.
  2. Nineteen lots failed to sell.
  3. Plans to improve the lot of the disadvantaged.
  4. The contents have already been lotted up, and the auction takes place on Monday.
  5. A vacant lot.
  6. The lot that the warehouse suggested we use was fair so we went with their recommendation regarding logistics and transportation.
  7. The dock worker chose to accept the entire lot of goods despite the packaging being of poor quality to protect the contents.
  8. Sometimes when you end up with to much of your lot you may have to put out a sale to get rid of some quick.

Meaning of Lot & Lot Definition

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How To Define Lot?

Lot definition is: For a group of shares (for bonds) or for an asset close to an asset that trades at the same time and at the same price. Open space is an open investment material and can be bought (bought) or sold (short sold). A closed loot is a closed investment and can be (sold) or sold.

Meanings of Lot

  1. A special group, group or group of people or things.

  2. An item or series of items to be auctioned.

  3. Any of the myriad items, such as randomly selected straws, rocks, or pieces of paper, as part of the decision-making process.

  4. A person's happiness or life is basically determined by destiny or destination.

  5. A plot of land for sale or personal use.

  6. very much

  7. Divide (items) into many parts to sell at auction.

  8. Many or many

  9. In southern France, a river that flows 300 miles (480 km) to the west meets the Garoun in southeastern Bordeaux.

  10. (In the Bible) Abraham's nephew, who survived the destruction of Sodom. His wife disobeyed orders and turned into a statue of salt.

Sentences of Lot

  1. Nineteen lots sold

  2. Designed to determine the order of questions

  3. Plan to make the most backward people

  4. A desert

  5. I played a lot of tennis last year

  6. Content was created and will be auctioned on Monday

  7. There are a lot of actors in the cast

Synonyms of Lot

real estate , frontage , acreage , part , percentage , area , property , field , plottage , division , block , allotment , apportionment , clearing , plat


Lot: What is the Meaning of Lot?

  1. Definition of Lot: A group of identical shares (for bonds) or an almost identical (for accumulation) an asset that is traded at the same time and e.g. Open space is open investment content and can be long (buy) or srt (srt srt). Closed lots are closed investment contents and can be long (sell) or Srt (buy for hedging).

Meanings of Lot

  1. Large quantity or large quantity

  2. A group or a group of people or something.

  3. Decide by lot, especially by the method of selecting one of several folded papers, one of which is a hidden mark.

  4. Happiness, situation or destiny of a person in life.

  5. Land for sale or for private use.

  6. Divide (goods) into lots for auction.

Sentences of Lot

  1. There are many actors in the cast.

  2. It's just a group of rich people who rob other people.

  3. Nineteen unsold lots

  4. Officers were elected instead of withdrawing.

  5. Plans to make a lot of backward people.

  6. Content has already been drawn and the auction will take place on Monday.

Synonyms of Lot

a great many, reams, a large number, a good/great deal, a mountain, millions, loadsa, miles, oceans, often, a pile, many times, mountains, billions, a bunch, regularly, gazillions, a considerable number, a shedload, a swag, pots


Lot: What is the Meaning of Lot?

  1. Meaning of Lot: A group of identical shares (for bonds) or almost identical (as a whole) of an asset that is traded at the same time and e.g. Open lot is an open investment material and can be long (buy) or srt (srt srt). Closed lots are closed investment contents and can be Long (sell) or Srt (buy for hedging).

Meanings of Lot

  1. Make decisions with the lottery, especially how to choose one of the many folded papers, one of which has a printed mark.

  2. A plot of land reserved for sale or personal use.

  3. Divide (goods) into lots to auction.

Sentences of Lot

  1. The cast includes many actors.

  2. It's just a bunch of rich people stealing from other people.

  3. Officers are elected instead of removed.

Synonyms of Lot

circumstances, bazillions, thousands, an assload, frequently, a ■■■■■■■■■ tons, hundreds