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Trump IQ test results were reportedly found in a former NYC armchair staff. A paper found in May 2019 states that Donald Trump’s secondary school IQ was evaluated at 73. (Placing it in the category ‘far below normal’). An article appeared in 2017 claiming iq of trump 156.

trump iq

but in trump philosophy income and fame is the actual Iq.

:high_brightness: Etymology

Since the early days of the national campaign in 2016, US President Donald Trump’s IQ has been subject to speculation. For example, in that campaign, we researched a false rumor, that Trump had all US presidents’ second-highest IQ (156).

In May 2019, we came across a rumor saying the exact opposite: Trump’s IQ was low 73, and that score s showing his intelligence completely below average.

This rumor circulated in the form of an image showing an alleged newspaper story about the recent discovery of data on an IQ test that Trump supposedly took at the New York Military Academy (NYMA) in his first year.

The results of Trump IQ tests were discovered in NYMA’s former closet.

The conclusion: 73

In a file in the Williamsburg closet, the findings of an IQ test allegedly taken during his first year in the New York Military Academy by President Donald Trump were discovered. The results of the exam show that the IQ of Trump is 73.

William Askew, Jr., discovered Thursday the document which was in its authentication process when tidying the apartment of his late father.

From 1955 through 1985 Dad was a school consultant at NYMA. He did not do these tests but was responsible for collecting them and sending them to the office," Askew said.

At the same time the president attended prep school in the army, Askew obtained further documentation and photographs that confirm his father had worked as a school counselor. NYMA**.**

"This isn’t meant to be anybody’s news," Askew said. "Of obviously, the man is a complete moron."

In other terms, the story seems to be specially designed to generate this meme.

In addition, photos included in the counterfeit indicate a guy named “William Askew Jr.” or Askew’s late father, alleged to be Trump’s former school advisor.

Anyone who put this document together included two images to give a bit more validity to this narrative. What these unconnected images illustrate, however, is that the meme is nothing but the garbage news of President Trump’s contempt.

While Trump chastises his political adversaries for being what he calls “low-IQ persons” and often claimed that he had a high IQ, he did not provide his IQ scoring for any documentation.

Though we might not know what the actual Trump IQ score is, the creator of this meme does do not.

Summary: Rumors of the low IQ of Donald Trump yet actually 73 of his IQ. The president’s father worked at the New York Military Academy as a school advisor. William Askew Jr., who discovered the document said, "This is not supposed to be someone’s news.

:arrow_forward: Trump sets IQ as a personality indicator

People unfamiliar with Trump feel his obsession with IQ stems in part from a desire to portray success, despite dispersive failed businesses and incompetence allegations.

trump iq
The “Apprentice,” the new reality television show of Donald Trump, was promoted and during the “today show” in January 2004.

Just after the meeting started, Trump began to boast about the superior mind of the opponents who would fight for a job at one of its businesses.

“These are 16 persons of extraordinary brilliance. I’ve told host Matt Lauer that they have about 200 IQs, all of them.” “And some might being lovely and others might not be beautiful. But all have an amazing brain.”

Trump did not firstly connect himself to IQ as a metric for the value of a person or, as often occurs, the lack of value. And it’s not the last thing. Ten years later, Trump still utilizes IQ as an intelligence deficit, which divides the country in his orbit into losers and winners.

Trump often suggests that people he wants have genius IQs in private, according to interviews with a half dozen people close to him.

He has told aides at various points during his presidency that former officers of the White House, for example, Lockheed Martin’s CEO Marilyn Hewson and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook are high-IQ people.

Trump has also on many times called himself a “very stable intellect.” As he was when North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un reiterated his attack on former Victor Joe Biden, one of his leaders in the Democrat field, the President quickly accused his political adversaries of a low IQ.

“I was staying on the foreign soil for Sleepy Joe Biden. Kim Jung Un has dubbed him a ‘low IQ stupid’ and much more, while I’ve interpreted President Kim’s s quote as a more soft ‘low IQ person,’” Trump told Biden’s campaign on Tuesday that Kim was laughing when he attacked Biden.

While it is impossible to clear the exact reason for Trump’s obsession for the IQ, some who know him believe that

Despite scattered business failings and frequent criticisms, it stems partially from Trump’s desire to produce a portrait of accomplishment and competence.

Trump is also known to be thin. He often fires anyone who criticizes him with a dam of accusations but builds up simultaneously.

In recent years Trump has charged Rep. Maxine Waters of a Republican strategist Rick Wilson, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, former Leader Bush of the Washington Post, and now Department of Energy Rick Perry with low Intelligence.

"I’m sorry loser and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the best – and that everyone knows! Do not feel so silly or insecure, please, it is not your problem.

Last week the president also labeled himself ‘an extremely solid genius,’ and for years he maintained that he has a high IQ score, but not the exact figure. When a critic of Twitter asked him to verify his high IQ in 2013, Donald simply responded, "The greatest, jerk.
trump iq

Democrats are increasingly fed up with the term Trump calls to reporters to ignore it and say that it is a sign that the President is not genuine about politics or administration.

For years, long before he arrived at the White House Trump has been obsessed with IQ and lineage. Barbara Res, the former official of the Trump Organization, recalled that, although Yale Law does not class his students.

Trump used to praise one of his executives, who earned at the highest level from Yale Law School. Later, the same bogus allegation on Brett Kavanaugh was aired by Trump.

“I’ve always had a very high IQ,” added Res, recalling her couple of years of work alongside him.

Long before scientists took a more nuanced definition of the term, Trump’s black and white intelligence view was formed.

The psychology for development Howard Gardner put up his theory on differentiated instruction in 1983, for example, which highlighted that people have learned in diverse ways and claimed that IQ testing was just too narrow.

“Is not merely a matter of evaluating one’s IQ using a sharp No. 2 pencils? Before that whole idea, Donald Trump came from age, absolutely,” said Blair. “In terms of the pencil No. 2, he’s still pondering.”

However, in recent years IQ measurement has shown increasing resonance amongst correct and white nationalist parties, which have connected IQ with a race in favor of immigration restrictions in certain ethnic groups.

Trump has a connection with people with a degree in prestigious colleges who attended the Wharton School of Business administration at the University of Pennsylvania.

Once he learned that Porter completed Harvard University and was a Rhodes student at Oxford, he was alerted to his former employee secretary, Rob Porter, by two well aware people. “This man is really intelligent,” he would tell other Porter workers sometimes. “He’s been a student for Rhodes!”

Likewise, he was pleased by Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, his two Supreme Court nominees.

In conversations with allies, Trump has been regularly promoting his Ivy League education, and white house helpers feel that a top-class law school is a requirement for any future high court nominee.

His late uncle, a senior professor of physics at the Institute of Science and technology in Massachusetts last year has also frequently mentioned him to have been “a great, brilliant genius.”

But Trump himself was reluctant to disclose details of his education for a long time.

Michael Cohen told lawmakers in February that his employer often asked him to pressure the alma maters of the reality TV personality with letters warning of the time of prison when Trump’s grades are released.

“I’m thinking of a man who claims to just be brilliant, but told me not to divulge his grades or SAT scores from his secondary schools, his colleges, and the College Board,” said Cohen to the House Supervisory committee.

A request for comment has not been addressed by the White House media bureau, or a Trump IQ score inquiry has not been addressed.

The president’s elitism stands in contrast with the main points in his campaign to build Washington and appeal to the White working-class disaffected voters.

But Trump’s aides claim the duality works for Trump, argue that the president is one of the factors that makes him appealing to his base.

“In one way, he’s a populist, but in matters of a race he’s a populist,” said another former staffer at the White House. "It was always an elitist taste of his speech.

Summary: The concern that Trump has with IQ is partly due to a will to portray the success of his business and to his claims of incompetence. Those near Trump often state that he offers to people he wants to secretly have outstanding IQs.

Some who know him think that’s partly due to Trump’s desire to produce a portrait of accomplishment and skill. For years, President Trump was obsessed with his high IQ. In recent years the President’s views on the subject have become more popular.

Some Democrats say it’s a sign that politics and governance are not authentic. “I’m so sorry to be a loser and haters because my IQ is one of the best - and everyone knows it!” Donald Trump remarked.

:eight_pointed_black_star: What is Donald Trump’s IQ?

After news that Tiller son had called the president “an idiot” (or “F-king Moron” according to the accounts) on a private session with the National Security team of Trump, President Trump challenged Secretary of State Tex Tiller son to a struggle in the brains, thus to speak.

“Then believe it to be fake news, but if he does that, I suppose we will have to take IQ tests. Trump responded to the reports. And who’s looking to dominate, I can tell you.”

Anyone who understands Trump exactly knows who he thinks will win. You also know that IQ is a huge ego for the president, ranking right up there with net value if you watch him for a long. But like the present worth (or even his average) of Donald.

:small_blue_diamond: Donald trump IQ: A lot is coming up

trump iq
Trump boasts a lot of his high IQ, usually on Twitter, as much as he challenges other people to prove himself. Even though the claims are common, they are not substantiated. Trump simply claims that his IQ is common knowledge.

This week, the Washington Post compiled a detailed and complete compilation of Trump’s bombastic comments on his IQ and his challenges and misstatements about others.

They illustrate the dependability of Trump in the issue, his assault on politicians’ low IQ should choose them in his government, and then the high IQ for all its members. We look specifically at you, Rick Perry.

:small_blue_diamond: However, what is IQ for President Trump?

In December 2016, one could have seen a chart making social media rounds attempting to rate the former President’s IQs. Donald Trump’s score: 156, which would put him in the 99,977 percentile. However on the side of the chart, the name of Donald Trump was put, so can it be dependable?

The chart, yes; the score of Trump, false, Snoops claimed. The diagram is from a 2006 study, although psychologist Dean Keith Simonton of the University of Southern California, Davis predicts many of IQ scores of prior leaders.

The 156 rumor is mentioned in an article released in August 2015.

This IQ score argument is based on the article, which states that Donald Trump’s IQ may be estimated based on his went to the Union of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of 1968.

The writer says that "I believe that Mr. Trump has 156, given the usual requirements for admission to a top school including such Wharton.

However, Snopes’s comments point out two major ways to explain this inadequate (there are a lot less than the above): first of all, that Wharton’s load-bearing wall for SATs.

If people presume that the specifications can be translated correctly to IQ scores convert to a spectrum of IQs among 145 and 149 rather than 156.

That means that he may not have met the acceptance criteria as a freshman and, even if he did, they likely had a lower IQ level of 150, 156.

So, what was the IQ of Donald Trump? Perhaps the world ever learns. Perhaps he will provide official IQ test scores along with his tax records.

Summary: For the Chairman, President Trump’s IQ is an oversized ego, with a net value up there. Trump’s comment sections on their IQ and missteps regarding other IQs have been collated by the Washington Post. Relative to Obama’s, Rick Perry’s high IQ should be. Donald Trump’s Wharton SAT score was 156, although his IQ was likely from 145 to 149. Snopes said the specifications are because IQ scores of 145 or 150 cannot be interpreted. In Wharton, he may have not fulfilled the acquiescence criteria.

:part_alternation_mark: Either trump is smarter than brainpower citizens

Chicago When President Trump blasts out a tweet Friday night that criticizes two major African Americans’ intellect; it seemed racist wasn’t it true?

“The dumbest man on TV, Don Lemon, just interviewed Lebron James,” Donald from the NBA star and a CNN TV host wrote. “It looked smart to Lebron that is not easy to do.”
trump iq
One day after Trump had already been talking at a rally in Pennsylvania and blasted Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, was blasted for the umpteenth time with “very low IQ.”

But instead of attempting to peek into Trump’s soul, instead, let’s look at the New York Times database of all Trumps’ comments since June 2015.

In Trump’s view of his critics’ intellect, this catalog of penalties shows no trend of racism.

:question: How intelligent is Trump Donald?

IQ or intelligence quotient is fascinating DONALD TRUMP’s BIZARRE OBSESSION. In 2016, President Trump dared London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan a critic: “Let’s take an IQ test,” as if test scores were a board game or a game of arm wrestling.

Recently, Trump’s crazy epithet was “low IQ,” such as “extremely low-IQ single Robert De Niro” or "low-IQ Mika Brzezinski.

“I wonder if somebody other than the mother of De Niro has never been annoyed by her son’s humanity. He’s a big actor; would he need big runs on the board too?

The first individual who plies these waters is not Trump. In 1987, Joe Biden from the then-presidential presidency raised a questioner and said, "I believe that I have much higher I.Q.

He then made Trumping claims that he had finished the top half of his school of law lesson, that is to say fake.

Why however? Trump is dumb; indeed, just the contrary. There is no proof. He’s lazy, rather than the written word, because of intellectual slurry of TV. He might have suffered from 72-year-typical olds mental erosion, but it’s not slow.

Summary: President Sutter thinks believes President Trump’s obsession with his IQ is interesting. He says that in 1987, Joe Biden made unfounded accusations about his I.Q, but he was not that terrible as Sutter says, Donald Trump. Rather than the written word, the former vice-president contender is lazy.

:ballot_box_with_check: Trump voters have a much lower IQ than liberals Study Finds

Following President Donald Trump, a group of researchers at the Pentagon started a study unlike anything else - they sought to find out about the average IQ of a group who would choose so incompetent people.

The researcher did standardized intelligence aptitude tests for both groups with over 10.000 certified Trump supporters and 10.000 confirmed non-trump voters. The test was carried out twice over a week and no time limit existed.

The test results, but not at all unexpected, show that Trump voters are intellectually behind Liberals and NGOs in the study. The results are not at all surprising. "The test consisted of 200 inquiries, and every test completed provided us an IQ score based on replies.

On average a Trump elected official would have a thirty-third percentile score or average intelligence level of roughly 71 significantly below the “normal” level of 90 to 110. The average result of a non-trump elector would have been about 96."

The research team claims that their tests are ‘fairly conclusive’ and they think they would have obtained similar results even if they were testing every one of the millions of Trump voters.

“Everyone recognized that anyone who voted in Donald Trump should be quite stupid,” Brewer remarked. "Just check at the stupid stuff that persons say and do on Facebook each day in the newsfeed.

Now though, via comments and posts and notes we don’t only have to rely on physical evidence of their stupidity - we have true scientific data to support the stupidity they truly do."

Summary: adding more about trump IQ Researchers at the Pentagon are evaluating Donald Trump’s and non-trump voters’ intellect. The results were “very conclusive,” and they thought that even if they had test each of the millions of Trump voters who voted for him, they would have gotten similar results.

Facts about Donald trump

Birth date June 14, 1946
Birthplace New York
Birth name Donald John Trump
Father Fred Trump
Mother Mary Macleod Trump
Marriages 3 Marriages (2 Divorced)
Children 4
Education BS in economics 1968

:interrobang: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Was the IQ measured by Donald Trump at 73?

The tests for Trump’s IQ were supposedly found in the former armory of workers of a New York Military College.

2. Who has a higher IQ Donald trump or Barack Obama?

The IQ from neither president is known and the first study measuring President IQs occurred in 2017.The basis for this was Wharton’s fresh SAT results of 156 IQ. But Trump. Transferred as a junior to Wharton, And it was his SAT results unavailable. This post is also accessible Obama’s IQ claimed to be far too low to post (155) To publish.

3. Compared to the global average, what is Donald Trump IQ?

There are several uncertainties about the past, but at least 120 to 130+ are high. Only via education and business success.

Quora’s past replies from polemicists vary from unfavorable figures to about 80. They’re simply not true answers.

4. Is it true that Donald Trump has the highest IQ in American history of any president?

Most of the presidents have had IQs much above the average of 100 over the past 100 years. I think President George W. Bush’s IQ was low, but still well above 100.

The exception seems to be Donald Trump. He’s pretty roughly 100. He’s not just a jerk. But in plain black and white, he looks at things. He appears to be escaping details and subtleties.

5.What is Joe Bidden Iq?

Joe Biden never took an IQ test, however, he claimed to be having one of the answers incorrectly. Average can be said to be 100 and gifted 130. Joe is not Thomas Jefferson, but he is not Donald Trump, too, who felt that bleach might be injected into the cure of CV-19. He recognizes himself, his limitations, and his mistakes. He learns from them.

6. Which is the world’s average IQ?

It reflects essentially how well you have done a certain test compared to others in your age group. Although the tests may vary, on several tests the average IQ is 100 and 68% between 85 and 115.

7. When is Trump proclaimed as president?

The ceremony for the swearing-in starts at 11:30. The Supreme Court Chief Justice gives Trump a bible and oaths it at midday, and then Trump speaks.

8. What celebrities do support Donald Trump?

Very few; even some of the artists at the inauguration did not express their support. Hardcore republicans such as Jon Voigt (Cowboy of Midnight), Charles in Charge, the Republican conference speaker, and Scott Baio, may be included in the Pro-Trump celebs. This is unlike the vast list of followers of celebrity of Hillary Clinton. Trump is likely OK to allow her to have supporters of notoriety while she’s in the Governor’s Mansion.

:fountain_pen: Conclusion

Wrapping up the article about Trump IQ. Trump’s redundant proof of the fact that the IQ can be quite low if your net value is big enough so you can be continuing to influence in American policy," says Will.

This was Will, the intellectual authority, who mourned Obama vs. Romney’s 2012 cycle.

None of us at that time knew God allowed Satan underneath a Trump presidential regime to torment this nation. But quit the field! The only trump card that Donald had was the race card I prophesied in 2012.

After so many controversies and detailed readings about trump’s behavior and his educational background also with his attitude about his intelligence level it was concluded that there is no way to find out exactly what trump’s IQ is.

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