Definition of Family:

  1. A group of related things.

  2. All the descendants of a common ancestor.

  3. Social unit of two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption and having a shared commitment to the mutual relationship. See also household.

  4. A group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.

  5. Designed to be suitable for children as well as adults.

Synonyms of Family

Household, Ménage, Affiliation, Agnate, Ancestors, Ancestry, Animal kingdom, Antonomasia, Apparentation, Ashram, Binomial nomenclature, Biosystematics, Biosystematy, Biotype, Birth, Blood, Blood relation, Blood relative, Bloodline, Body, Branch, Breed, Brood, Caste, Children, Clan, Clannish, Clansman, Class, Classification, Cognate, Collateral, Collateral relative, Colony, Common ancestry, Commonwealth, Commune, Community, Connections, Consanguinean, Consanguinity, Deme, Derivation, Descendants, Descent, Diphyletic, Direct, Direct line, Distaff side, Distant relation, Division, Dynasty, Economic class, Enate, Endogamous group, Ethnic, Extended family, Extraction, Family tree, Female line, Filiation, Flesh, Flesh and blood, Folk, Folks, Forebears, Forefathers, Fruit, Genealogical, Genealogy, Genetic, Genotype, Genre, Gens, Gentile, Gentilic, Genus, German, Get, Glossology, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren, Group, Hearth, Heirs, Home, Homefolks, Hostages to fortune, House, Household, Inheritors, Issue, Kids, Kin, Kind, Kindred, Kinfolk, Kingdom, Kinnery, Kinsfolk, Kinship group, Kinsman, Kinsmen, Kinswoman, Kith and kin, Line, Line of descent, Lineage, Lineal, Little ones, Male line, Matriclan, Menage, Moiety, Nation, National, Near relation, New generation, Next of kin, Nomenclature, Nuclear family, Offspring, Onomastics, Onomatology, Order, Orismology, Parentage, Patriclan, Pedigree, People, Phratria, Phratry, Phyle, Phyletic, Phylogenetic, Phylum, Place-names, Place-naming, Plant kingdom, Polyonymy, Posterity, Progenitors, Progeny, Race, Racial, Relations, Relatives, Rising generation, Section, Seed, Sept, Series, Set, Settlement, Sib, Sibling, Side, Social class, Society, Sons, Spear kin, Spear side, Species, Spindle kin, Spindle side, Stem, Stirp, Stirps, Stock, Strain, Subcaste, Subclass, Subdivision, Subfamily, Subgenus, Subkingdom, Suborder, Subspecies, Subtribe, Succession, Superclass, Superfamily, Superorder, Superspecies, Sword side, Systematics, Taxonomy, Terminology, Toponymy, Totem, Totemic, Treasures, Tribal, Tribe, Tribesman, Trinomialism, Type, Uterine kin, Variety, Younglings, Youngsters, Ancestry, Parentage, Birth, Pedigree, Genealogy, Background, Family tree, Descent, Lineage, Line, Line of descent, Bloodline, Blood, Extraction, Derivation, Race, Strain, Stock, Breed

How to use Family in a sentence?

  1. A family newspaper.
  2. My brother and I, along with the rest of my family , went to the amusement park to have fun together.
  3. The family lived in a large house with a lot of land.
  4. All the employees at the small start-up felt so committed to one another and the company that they considered their coworkers to be a sort of second family .
  5. It is generally considered to be an unwise practice to work with members of your family because personal matters can get in the way of objective decision making in a business context.
  6. The house has been owned by the same family for 300 years.
  7. All manuscripts that share this reading constitute a family.

Meaning of Family & Family Definition

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