Definition of Appeal:

  1. Request, usually by a party losing a case in a lower court to a higher (appellate) court, to reverse or modify the lower courts decision. Appellate courts, in general, deal with a appeal by notionally rehearing the case through the trial notes (transcripts) before calling any witnesses. The appellant usually has to post an appeal-bond, to pay for the appellees expenses in case the appeal is unsuccessful. In some civil cases, a winning party may appeal for an award of a larger sum in damages.

Synonyms of Appeal

Angelus, Ave, Ave Maria, Hail Mary, Kyrie Eleison, Paternoster, Acceptability, Adjuration, Adjure, Adorability, Agacerie, Agreeability, Aid prayer, Allure, Allurement, Amiability, Appeal motion, Appeal to, Appealingness, Application, Application for retrial, Apply, Asking, Attract, Attraction, Attractiveness, Be attractive, Beadroll, Beads, Beckon, Beg, Beguile, Beguilement, Beguiling, Beseech, Beseechment, Bewitchery, Bewitchment, Bid, Bidding prayer, Blandishment, Brace, Breviary, Cajolery, Call, Call for help, Call on, Call upon, Captivation, Certiorari, Chaplet, Charisma, Charm, Charmingness, Clamor, Clamor for, Collect, Come-hither, Communion, Conjure, Contemplation, Crave, Cry, Cry for, Cry on, Cry to, Delightfulness, Desirability, Devotions, Draw, Drawing power, Enchantment, Engage, Enravishment, Enthrallment, Enticement, Entrancement, Entrapment, Entreat, Entreaty, Excite, Exquisiteness, Fascinate, Fascination, Fetch, Flirtation, Forbidden fruit, Glamour, Grace, Impetrate, Impetration, Imploration, Implore, Imploring, Importune, Imprecate, Imprecation, Inducement, Intercession, Interest, Intrigue, Inveiglement, Invitation, Invite, Invitingness, Invocation, Invocatory plea, Invoke, Kneel to, Likability, Litany, Lovability, Loveliness, Lovesomeness, Lure, Luxury, Magnetism, Meditation, Obsecration, Obtest, Obtestation, Orison, Petition, Plea, Plead, Plead for, Pleasantness, Please, Pray, Prayer, Prayer wheel, Provocativeness, Pull, Request, Requesting, Rogation, Rosary, Run to, Seducement, Seduction, Seductiveness, Sensuousness, Sex appeal, Silent prayer, Snaring, Solicit, Solicitation, Sue, Sue for, Suit, Summon, Supplicate, Supplication, Sweetness, Tantalization, Tantalize, Tantalizingness, Tease, Tempt, Temptation, Temptingness, Thanks, Thanksgiving, Tickle, Titillate, Unobjectionableness, Voluptuousness, Whet the appetite, Winning ways, Winningness, Winsomeness, Witchcraft, Witchery, Wooing, Writ of certiorari, Writ of error

How to use Appeal in a sentence?

  1. Despite receiving negligent representation from his his attorney at trial, Jasons conviction for manslaughter was upheld by the higher court on appeal .
  2. Jenn got mad when she realized Alex had more appeal than her boyfriend because he was smart, funny, wealthy, polite, and honest.
  3. The appeal by the attorney was expected as the plea bargain was determined to be unfair and unacceptable so a new course of action was required.

Meaning of Appeal & Appeal Definition

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What is Appeal?

  • The definition of Appeal is: Submit a decision to a higher court for review and final revocation. An example is the request to the appellate court to reconsider a lower court order.

  • The definition of Appeal is: Request the IRS to review a decision or adjustment.

Meanings of Appeal

  1. Make a serious or urgent request, usually public.

  2. Ask the high court to quash the lower court's decision.

  3. Be attractive or charming.

  4. A serious or urgent request, usually addressed to the public.

  5. Request to quash the decision in the High Court

  6. The quality of being attractive or appealing.

Sentences of Appeal

  1. Police requested information about the incident

  2. He said he would appeal the decision

  3. Different topics will be of interest to young people.

  4. Her mother demanded the ring back

  5. You have 28 days to respond

  6. Famous football attractions

Synonyms of Appeal

be of interest to, make a plea, importunity , request earnestly, demand , proposition , proposal , adjuration , make an earnest request, be attractive to, re-examination, entreaty , make an urgent request, petition , take someone's fancy, recourse , bid , ask urgently, overture , request urgently, question , plea , beauty


How To Define Appeal?

  1. Definition of Appeal: Motivation to the High Court to reconsider a civil decision or decision against a party

Synonyms of Appeal

supplication , solicitation , suit , whet someone's appetite, submission , address , imploration , invocation , reconsideration, requisition , ask earnestly, claim


Appeal Meanings:

  1. You can define Appeal as, To review the decision and present it in the High Court for final revocation. One instance is the request to the Court of Appeal to reconsider the decision of the first instance court.

  2. Request a review of an IRS decision or adjustment.

  3. A motion in the High Court to review a civil decision or decision against a party.

Meanings of Appeal

  1. Make a serious, urgent or sincere request.

  2. - Ask the high court to annul the lower court's decision.

  3. To be attractive or attractive.

  4. A serious, urgent or sincere request.

  5. Apology in the High Court

  6. Charity or solicitation of donations for a good cause.

  7. The standard of being attractive or attractive.

Sentences of Appeal

  1. Police have requested information about the incident.

  2. Various topics will be of interest to the youth.

  3. Her mother asked for the ring back.

  4. £ 120,000 public calls.

Synonyms of Appeal

make an urgent/earnest request, request urgently/earnestly, ask urgently/earnestly, tickle someone's fancy, float someone's boat


What is The Meaning of Appeal?

  • The definition of Appeal is: Presenting the decision to the High Court for review and final revocation. An example is a request from the Court of Appeal to review a lower court order.

  • The definition of Appeal is: To request an IRS decision or review of an adjustment.

Meanings of Appeal

  1. - Ask the high court to overturn the lower court's decision.

  2. Dismissal petition in the High Court.

  3. Requests for donations to support charity or good cause.

  4. An attractive or attractive standard.

Sentences of Appeal

  1. Police sought information about the incident.

  2. Popular football attractions