Definition of Interview:

  1. Human resource management: A somewhat formal discussion between a hirer and an applicant or candidate, typically in person, in which information is exchanged, with the intention of establishing the applicants suitability for a position.

  2. A meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation.

  3. Hold an interview with (someone).

Synonyms of Interview

Talk to, Have a discussion with, Have a dialogue with, Hold a meeting with, Confer with, Appointment, Appraisal, Appraise, Arrangement, Assessment, Attention, Audience, Audition, Bargaining, Bargaining session, Blind date, Bugging, Catechize, Check out, Conclave, Confab, Confabulation, Conference, Confrontation, Congress, Consultation, Convention, Conversation, Council, Council fire, Council of war, Date, Discussion, Double date, Ear, Eavesdropping, Electronic surveillance, Engagement, Engagement book, Evaluate, Evaluation, Examine, Exchange of views, Eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, Favorable attention, Hearing, High-level talk, Huddle, Interchange of views, Interrogate, Listening, Listening in, Meeting, Negotiations, News conference, Palaver, Parley, Pourparler, Powwow, Press conference, Pump, Query, Question, Quiz, Seance, Session, Sitting, Sound out, Summit, Summit conference, Summitry, Talk, Talk to, Test, Tryout, Vet, Vetting, Wiretapping, Worm out of, Meeting, Discussion, Conference, Question and answer session, Examination, Evaluation, Interrogation

How to use Interview in a sentence?

  1. The lady knew she had done well on the job interview when the HR representative said, You did well on the job interview !.
  2. I felt like I did well at the job interview . The person interview ing me was very kind and it looked like he was impressed by my resume. I hope I get hired.
  3. I tried having meetings, disciplinary interviews and discussing issues, but they still do nothing.
  4. The lady knew she had done well on the job interview when the HR representative said, You did well on the job interview !.
  5. He arrived to be interviewed by a local TV station about the level of unemployment.

Meaning of Interview & Interview Definition

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