Definition of Estimate:

  1. Approximation, prediction, or projection of a quantity based on experience and/or information available at the time, with the recognition that other pertinent facts are unclear or unknown. An estimate is almost the same as an educated guess, and the cheapest (and least accurate) type of modeling.

  2. An approximate calculation or judgment of the value, number, quantity, or extent of something.

  3. Roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.

Synonyms of Estimate

Roughly calculate, Approximate, Make an estimate of, Guess, Evaluate, Judge, Gauge, Reckon, Rate, Appraise, Form an opinion of, Form an impression of, Get the measure of, Determine, Weigh up, Rough calculation, Approximation, Estimation, Educated guess, Informed guess, Rough guess, Impression, Account as, Add, Adjudge, Adjudicate, Algebraize, Analyzing, Appraisal, Appraise, Appraisement, Appraising, Appreciate, Appreciation, Approximate, Approximation, Ascertain, Assay, Assess, Assessing, Assessment, Assize, Assizement, Assume, Assumption, Attitude, Be afraid, Belief, Believe, Calculate, Calculation, Calibrate, Caliper, Call, Cast, Check a parameter, Cipher, Class, Climate of opinion, Common belief, Community sentiment, Computation, Compute, Conceit, Conceive, Concept, Conception, Conclusion, Conjecture, Consensus gentium, Consider, Consideration, Correction, Count, Daresay, Decide, Deduce, Deem, Determination, Determine, Dial, Discover, Divide, Dope out, Enumerate, Esteem, Estimation, Ethos, Evaluate, Evaluating, Evaluation, Evaluative criticism, Expect, Extract roots, Eye, Fancy, Fathom, Feeling, Figure, Figure in, Figure out, Form an estimate, Gauge, Gauging, General belief, Give an appreciation, Graduate, Guess, Guesstimate, Have a hunch, Have an idea, Have an impression, Have an inkling, Have the idea, Hold, Hold as, Idea, Imagine, Impression, Infer, Instrumentation, Judge, Judgement, Judgment, Lights, Look upon as, Maintain, Make an estimation, Mark, Measure, Measurement, Measuring, Mensurate, Mensuration, Mete, Meter, Metric system, Mind, Multiply, Mystique, Notion, Observation, Opine, Opinion, Pace, Personal judgment, Place, Plumb, Point of view, Popular belief, Position, Posture, Presume, Presumption, Prevailing belief, Price, Prize, Probe, Projection, Public belief, Public opinion, Put, Quantification, Quantify, Quantization, Quantize, Rank, Ranking, Rate, Rating, Reaction, Reckon, Reckoning, Regard, Round, Score, Sense, Sentiment, Set at, Set down as, Settle, Sight, Size, Size up, Sound, Span, Stance, Step, Stock, Subtract, Sum, Suppose, Surmise, Survey, Surveying, Suspect, Take, Take a reading, Take account of, Take for, Take it, Tally, Telemetering, Telemetry, Theory, Think, Thinking, Thought, Triangulate, Triangulation, Trow, Valuate, Valuation, Value, Valuing, View, View as, Viewpoint, Way of thinking, Ween, Weigh, Weighing, Work out

How to use Estimate in a sentence?

  1. At a rough estimate, our staff is recycling a quarter of the paper used.
  2. The legal secretary faxed the defendant the estimate of the cost of the services that the lawyer would be providing throughout the trial.
  3. The estimate was within our acceptable range for pursuing the business opportunity presented to us by the traveling businessman from Dubai.
  4. The aim is to estimate the effects of macroeconomic policy on the economy.
  5. I wanted to get an estimate on my new house to see how much money I could get for it on the market.

Meaning of Estimate & Estimate Definition

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What is The Meaning of Estimate?

  1. Estimated cost of repairing or replacing damaged property covered by insurance policy.

  2. As an estimate of the cost of repairing your damaged property.

Meanings of Estimate

  1. Count or evaluate a value, quantity, amount, or scope.

  2. An approximate calculation or assessment of the value, quantity, quantity or scope of an object.

Sentences of Estimate

  1. It aims to assess the impact of economic policies on the economy

  2. After some estimating, our employees recycle a quarter of the paper used.


Estimate Definition:

Estimate means, Estimate the cost of repairing your damaged property.


Estimate: What is the Meaning of Estimate?

Estimate means: Estimated cost of repairing or replacing damaged goods under an insurance policy.

As an estimate of repairing your damaged property.

A simple definition of Estimate is: Budget to repair your damaged property.

Meanings of Estimate

  1. Count or approximate the value, quantity, amount, or scope.

  2. An estimate or estimate of the price, quantity, quantity or scope of an object.

Sentences of Estimate

  1. The aim is to assess the impact of macroeconomic policies on the economy.

  2. One estimate is that employees recycle a quarter of their used paper.

Synonyms of Estimate

view as being, be of the opinion, costing, regard as being, approximate price/cost/value, see as being, think of as being, pricing, educated/informed guess, class as being, quotation, look on as being, estimated price/cost/value


What is Estimate?

  • The estimated cost of repairing or replacing damaged equipment is covered by the insurance policy.

  • Estimate to repair your damaged assets.

Meanings of Estimate

  1. Estimate or estimate the value, quantity, quantity or scope of an object.