Rank and file

Rank and file,

Definition of Rank and file:

  1. The ordinary members of an organization as opposed to its leaders.

  2. The non-executive and non-managerial employees of a company. The term originates from the formations of military personnel, since troops would stand next to each other (rank) and in a line (file) when marching, while officers would march on the outside of the formation.

Synonyms of Rank and file

Armed force, Armed service, Army, Array, Bourgeoisie, Career soldiers, Common people, Common run, Common sort, Commonage, Commonality, Commonalty, Commoners, Commons, Fighting machine, Forces, Ground forces, Ground troops, Host, Laborers, Legions, Linendrapers, Lower classes, Lower middle class, Lower orders, Lumpen proletariat, Majority, Members, Middle class, Middle orders, Military establishment, Occupation force, Ordinary people, Paratroops, Peasantry, People, Plain folks, Plain people, Plebeians, Plebes, Populace, Proletariat, Ranks, Regular army, Regulars, Shopkeepers, Ski troops, Small tradesmen, Soldiery, Standing army, Storm troops, The line, The lower cut, The military, The other half, The third estate, Third estate, Toilers, Toiling class, Troops, Upper middle class, Vulgus, Working class, Working people, Other ranks, Soldiers and NCOs, Lower ranks

How to use Rank and file in a sentence?

  1. Though Thomas now enjoys the corner office and title of Exective Office Manager, he spent three years in the rank and file of the company.
  2. We had a rank and file group that actually wanted to move up in the company one day and that gave me a lot of confidence.
  3. The rank and file of the Labor party are dissatisfied.
  4. The rank and file reference was made in relation to the hierarchy of leaders within the organization was we needed some clarity.

Meaning of Rank and file & Rank and file Definition