Jon Najarian Net Worth

Jon Najarian’s Net Worth is about $50 Million. He was born in 1957 and is now 92 years old. He was a surgeon as well as a professor at the University of Minnesota. Mr. Najarian began his financial career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1981, after a brief stint as a Chicago Bears linebacker. He traded in the pits for almost 25 years.

Jon Najarian Net Worth

:black_small_square: Brief Introduction of Jon Najarian

Jon Najarian, often known as DRJ or Doctor J., was born in 1957 in Minnesota, USA, he was called a market analyst, best known not only for co-founding Najarian Advisors but also for being a regular contributor to the CNBC channel’s TV show “Fast Money.”

In addition, he is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Aside from that, Jon is a former professional American football player. Since the early 1980s, he has been involved in the business world.

So, have you ever wondered how wealthy Jon Najarian is in his era? According to credible sources, Jon’s net worth is believed to be more than $50 million, which he has amassed via his successful engagement in the business sphere.

Another source is his employment as a regular television analyst. He is also a former professional football player, which contributes to his net worth.

Net worth $50 Million
Date of Birth 1957
Place of Birth Minnesota, USA
Profession Marketeer, Market analyst
Education the University of Minnesota, Gustavus Adolphus college
Nationality American
Spouse Brigid Najarian

:black_small_square: Jon Najarian Net worth $50 Million

Jon Najarian is the son of John Najarian, a well-known surgical professor at the University of Minnesota, and has three younger brothers. He matriculated at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, where he became a football player in order to pursue a professional career in athletics.

After graduating with a BA in History and Design, he participated in a National Football League training camp as a player of the Chicago Bear team, increasing his net worth by playing in the position of linebacker.

However, after the team’s final preseason game, Jon was released in 1981 in favor of Mike Singletary. In the same year, he began his career as an architect and trader.

He then quickly joined the Chicago Board Options Exchange, one of the world’s oldest futures and options exchanges, as a trader of floors, which increased his net worth significantly.

Furthermore, Jon founded Mercury Trading in 1989, and he remained there until he sold it to Citadel in 2004.

In 1991, he launched 1010WallStreet, a financial news website, and the following year, he became a co-founder of PTI Securities, which significantly enhanced his net worth.

Jon and his brother, Pete Najarian, launched the financial websites optionMONSTER and tradeMONSTER in 2005. Three years later, they founded the Drakon Capital firm with Guy Adami, an experienced trader.

In addition, since early 2016, the two brothers have been the leaders of another firm named Najarian Capital Advisers. All of these businesses have significantly increased Jon’s net worth.

In addition to his employment as a professional trader, he is also renowned as a market commentator for Fox Television’s “Chicago & First Business” and CNBC’s “Fast Money,” which contributes to his net worth.

In terms of his personal life, Jon Najarian is married to Brigid Najarian, with whom he presently lives in Chicago, Illinois. He spends a lot of time on his official Twitter account in his leisure time.

:black_small_square: 10 facts on Jon Najarian

The facts about him are written as follows:

  • Jon Najarian was born in the United States of America in San Francisco, California.

  • Because Jon’s precise birth date is unknown, we are unable to determine his exact age.

  • Najarian was born to John Sarkis Najarian, a well-known transplant surgeon from America.

  • John died on September 1, 2020, as a result of health complications.

  • Jon Najarian grew up with his brother Pete Najarian, and both attended the University of Minnesota for their studies. In reality, their father was one of their university’s professors.

  • Jon, along with his brother, invested in a number of businesses. They were interested in online brokerage and opened Marketrebels and tradeMONSTER accounts.

  • Jon is a wealthy man who has made a lot of money through his business. In reality, according to reports, he has a net worth of $50 million USD.

  • The information regarding Jon’s wife is not widely available on the internet. We are aware that he is married and that he presently dwells with his wife and children, the names of whom we do not know.

  • His personal life is not well published on the internet as compared to others.

  • Najarian has amassed thousands of followers on his social media channels, which he intelligently employs to promote his company. He may also be found on Instagram and Twitter.

  • In fact, he has roughly 101k followers on Instagram @thedoctorj.


Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian is a professional investor, media analyst, speaker, and optionMONSTER co-founder. Following a brief stint as a Chicago Bears linebacker, Mr. Najarian began his financial career in 1981 at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, where he traded for the next 25 years.

:small_orange_diamond: Jon Najarian Biography

On September 29, 1957, he was born in San Francisco, California, USA. John Najarian and Mignette are Jon Najarian’s parents.

His father was a transplant surgeon in the United States and a clinical professor of transplant surgery at the University of Minnesota. He was a thoracic surgery pioneer.

:small_orange_diamond: Career

In 2005, he co-founded tradeMONSTER and optionMONSTER, a source of market intelligence, analysis, and trading tactics for stock and options traders, with his brother, Pete Najarian.

He also created the first online brokerage to offer live, desktop-like trading on a Web browser.

The brothers are co-founders of Institute, a financial education and subscription services firm, and best-selling authors of “How We Trade Options” and “The 22 Rules of Investing.”

Jon also appears on CNBC’s Fast Money on a regular basis. Since 1982, he has been a member of the Chicago Board of Trade.

After a brief time as a professional football player with the Chicago Bears, Jon began his finance career at the Chicago Board Options Exchange in 1981. He created Mercury Trading in 1989 and ran it for 15 years before selling his floor operations to Citadel/UX in 2004.

Najarian established 1010WallStreet, a financial news website aimed towards professional traders, in 1991. Jon Najarian worked as the chief marketing strategist at PTI Securities & Futures, which he co-founded the same year.

He has worked as a business anchor for FOX Chicago and First Business, which airs in 160 areas throughout the country. Jon founded Drakon Capital in 2008 alongside his brother Pete Najarian and renowned trader Guy Adami.

General Atlantic bought tradeMONSTER in June 2014 and subsequently combined it with OptionsHouse.

:black_small_square: Jon Najarian Chicago Bears

Jon Najarian, 39, is the President and CEO of Mercury Trading Inc. and the Chairman of ONE Financial News.

When Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary’s signing ended Jon Najarian’s pro football aspirations after only four preseason games in 1981, Mr. Najarian’s agent asked him to join a group of ex-pro players trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

His fast reflexes and 6-foot-3-inch, 230-pound body helped him stand out as an underpaid cashier.

His 55-employee options trading business, Mercury Trading Inc., which he formed in 1988, is now the CBOE’s second-largest specialist, executing around 3% of the exchange’s daily activity.

In addition to functioning as the major market maker for 35 equities at the CBOE, including technology companies such as Micron Technology Inc., Bay Networks Inc., and CompUSA Inc. Mercury is a specialist for another 20 issues at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Mr. Najarian’s 25 traders also often leverage Mercury’s $5 million in trading capital with options worth up to $150 million inequities.

“He’s the Monty Hall of the options pit,” says Tom Hough, founder of the local boutique brokerage company PTI Securities L.P. “He’s always planning deals.”

Mr. Najarian came up with the notion of an electronic news service delivering pit trading comments five years ago, when New York traders complained about not getting their orders eliminated promptly.

Mr. Najarian’s ONE Financial News delivers fast tick-by-tick analysis to 2,000 subscribers by relying on recommendations from floor traders at five U.S. exchanges.

“Traders are like sharks,” he compares them to. “They’ll be on it if they hear about a huge order.”

:small_orange_diamond: Who is Jon Najarian’s wife?

The name of Jon Najarian’s wife is Brigid Najarian. Many would assume that being the wife of such a well-known figure, Jon Najarian’s wife would bask in the splendor of her husband’s fame.

But that is not the case for the lovely lady, who appears to be enjoying her life away from the spotlight. Brigid Najarian lives in a luxury home in Chicago, Illinois, with her entire family.

Aside from her family life, she devotes most of her time to charitable activities and works such as gifts to the Chicago Children’s Museum and others. She believes in giving back to the society in which we live.

We’ve all heard of Jon Najarian, the top-tier American options trader, entrepreneur, media analyst, and articulate commentator. Aside from that, nothing exact is known about his personal life, or, to be more specific, his love life.

Although we do know that the 63-year-old is blissfully married to Brigid Najarian, his long-term life partner.

For a long time, the couple was known to date, testing the waters of their romance before making things official by tying the knot. They’ve been together for more than a decade.

They have two wonderful daughters, Finola Najarian and Tristen Najarian, whom they share. Jon, the child’s father, is always seen uploading images of his entire family enjoying various activities on his social media profile.

:small_orange_diamond: From Football to Finance

Jon Najarian was a linebacker for the Chicago Bears before starting Institute, devising the Heat Seeker algorithm, and contributing to CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

Najarian has become a world-renowned investor and market analyst after retiring from football, having written four books on trading and options.

:small_orange_diamond: What he founded?

Najarian has developed a number of businesses during his banking career. He created Mercury Trading, a Chicago Board Options Exchange market-making business, in 1990.

During this period, he developed the Heat Seeker program, which detects odd movements in options markets. In 2004, he sold the company to Citadel.

Najarian and his brother co-founded optionMONSTER, an options education and news company, and tradeMONSTER, a major online brokerage, a year after selling Mercury Trading.

Barron’s has ranked both as “Best for Options Traders.” Both were sold by the brothers in 2016. Najarian now offers his trading tips on investitute, his newest endeavor.

Najarian and his brother use webinars, seminars, and newsletters to assist others to achieve the same level of success they have. Najarian also founded Najarian Family Office, a firm that provides investment advice.

In Short

Jon Najarian is now a full-time investor, money manager, and stock and crypto-market analyst. Jon created Heat Seeker Technologies, which is a patented trading program and algorithms that detect unusual activity in the stock, options, and futures markets.

:black_small_square: Brother of Jon Najarian

Peter Michael Najarian was born in the United States on December 22, 1963, in San Francisco. As of 2019, Najarian is 56 years old. Every year on December 22nd, he celebrates his birthday.

Peter Najarian is an American options trader, market analyst, and co-founder of optionMONSTER, a company that provides market knowledge, analysis, and trading tactics.

In October 2008, during the biggest financial crisis in three-quarters of a century, Najarian and his brother Jon Najarian created tradeMONSTER, an online brokerage.

Clients do not need to download trading software because the online brokerage transmits trading information via the Internet.

It competes directly with brokerage businesses. He also appears on CNBC’s Fast Money alongside Guy Adami, Steve Grasso, Karen Finerman, and Tim Seymour as a contributor.

Najarian was born in San Francisco, California, and reared in Minnesota. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers, where he was a linebacker.

Peter became a professional football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings after graduating from the University of Minnesota.

:small_orange_diamond: Peter Najarian Family

Peter Michael Najarian was born in San Francisco, California, and was raised in Minnesota by his father, transplant physician John Najarian. He and his brother, Jon Najarian, were born and reared together.

During the biggest financial crisis in three-quarters of a century, Peter Najarian and his brother Jon Najarian created tradeMONSTER, an online brokerage.

:small_orange_diamond: Peter Najarian Wife and Daughter

Lisa Najarian is Najarian’s wife. Alexis Najarian, the couple’s daughter, was born to them. Lisa had Lyme disease symptoms for 16 years before receiving a confirmed diagnosis.

Her husband and she founded a nonprofit to aid those suffering from the disease. Now that she can live a more normal life, Lisa Najarian sees the foundation as her calling.

She hasn’t fully recovered from Lyme disease, which has no cure, but once diagnosed, a course of antibiotics has allowed her to reclaim some of her independence. Lisa was unable to get out of bed in 2010.

She said, “I could scarcely move.” “I recall standing in front of the youngsters, unsure of what was wrong with me.” ‘You folks don’t understand,’ I told them. ‘There are worms trying to get out of my head.’ That’s exactly how it felt. It took a long time for my brain to recover."

She claims she was bitten by an infected deer tick when living in Chicago many years ago. She was a passionate gardener, but she had never heard of Lyme disease. Lisa is unsure if she had the dreaded target rash.

Hearing loss and tinnitus were the first of several symptoms she experienced. Vertigo, headaches, arthritis, and heart palpitations followed.

Lisa saw a variety of specialists, but Lyme disease remained undetected. Finally, in 2015, a blood test for Lyme disease came back positive.

To be Precise

Peter Michael Najarian was born in San Francisco, California, and was raised in Minnesota by his father, transplant physician John Najarian. He and his brother, Jon Najarian, were born and reared together.

Frequently asked Questions:

Here are some of the questions asked about Jon Najarian’s Net Worth:

:one: Is Jon Najarian a medical professional?

Jon Najarian, sometimes known as DRJ or Doctor J, is an options trader, television market analyst, CNBC television personality, former professional football trader, and brokerage and market analytics executive.

:two: Pete Najarian played football for whom?

Before going into the options trading industry in the early 1990s, Najarian played three seasons of professional football with the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Najarian concluded his NFL career as a linebacker with six starts and a fumble recovery.

:three: Is there a connection between Jon and Pete Najarian?

Peter Michael Najarian was born in San Francisco, California, and was raised in Minnesota by his father, transplant physician John Najarian. He and his brother, Jon Najarian, were born and reared together.

:four: What is the net worth of the Najarian brothers?

He and his brother, Pete, routinely publish articles to Optionmonster, where they discuss their market expertise. The CBOE, the NYSE, the CME, and the CBOT have all had Najarian as a member. He was also a co-founder of Trademonster, the brokerage business formed by the brothers.

:five: Did Jon Najarian ever play in the National Football League?

Jon Najarian’s football career started after he graduated from college. He attended the NFL Training Camp before joining the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately for him, his football career was cut short following the 1981 Chicago Bears’ last preseason game.

:six: Are Jon and Pete Najarian identical twins?

Peter Michael Najarian was born in San Francisco, California, and was raised in Minnesota by his father, transplant physician John Najarian. He and his brother, Jon Najarian, were born and reared together.

:seven: Jon Najarian was a member of which team?

Before turning to trade on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Jon “DRJ” Najarian was a linebacker with the Chicago Bears.

:eight: What is the address of Jon and Pete Najarian’s home?

John Najarian, who established kidney and liver transplant surgery at the University of Minnesota, is a pioneer in the field. Pete and his family live in Mpls/St Paul’s northeast metro.

:nine: When did Jon Najarian make his football debut?

Jon Najarian’s pro football ambitions were cut short after four preseason games in 1981 when Chicago Bears linebacker Mike Singletary was signed. Mr. Najarian’s agent asked him to join a group of ex-pro players trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

:keycap_ten: Who is the owner of Option Monster?

Pete Najarian dubbed the “Pit Boss,” was named one of Trader Monthly’s top 100 traders in 2005, and co-founded optionMONSTER, an options news and education organization, and tradeMONSTER, a major online brokerage service, with his brother Jon “DRJ” Najarian.


To simply put about the Jon Najarian Net Worth it can be said that his net worth is about $50 Million and if we write about him accurately then it is true that he makes $1140 each day, $19 each hour, and $0.05 each second.

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