Definition of Analysis:

  1. An in-depth study of the element or structure of an object.

  2. An overview of data and facts provides a basis for problem solving and decision making in order to discover and understand cause and effect.

  3. To study and systematically evaluate the data or information divided into important parts to determine their relationship. Synthesized.

  4. This means psychological analysis.

Synonyms of Analysis

Number theory, Deduction, Descriptive geometry, Buzz session, Analytic geometry, Disequalization, Critique, Taxonomy, Zero algebra, Conference, Rap, Higher algebra, Inquiring, Change, Group analysis, Debate, Open discussion, Invariant subalgebra, Theoric, Survey, Inquest, Individualization, Decomposition, Filing, Interpretation, Diaeresis, Theoretical basis, Theoretics, Differentiation, Colloquium, Particularization, Interpretation of dreams, Subdivision, Perusal, Dissection, Forum, Rating, Enquiry, Psychanalysis, Symposium, View, Specialization, Modification, Political arithmetic, Commentary, Codification, Checkup, Intuitional geometry, Algebra, Psychology of depths, Infinitesimal calculus, Circumstantiation, Doctrinality, Hypothesis and verification, Integral calculus, Lagrangian function, Proper subalgebra, Inquirendo, Reducible algebra, Dream symbolism, Statistics, Algebraic geometry, Universal geometry, A fortiori reasoning, Linear algebra, Induction, Synthesis, Disjunction, Higher arithmetic, Dream analysis, Specification, Automatic electronic navigation, Nonlinear calibrations, Opinion, Universal algebra, Inquiring mind, Inverse geometry, Speculative geometry, Itemization, Psychoanalysis, Simple algebra, Coordination, Panel discussion, Personalization, Geometry, Metageometry, Segregation, Treatment, Logical analysis, Depth interview, Inductive reasoning, Fourier analysis, Nilpotent algebra, Pigeonholing, Individuation, Inspection, Record keeping, Disintegration, Stratification, Classification, Report, Leader, Leading article, Plane trigonometry, Scrutiny, Solid geometry, Diversification, Discrimination, Circle geometry, Explanation, Joint discussion, Theorization, Resolution, Debating, Projective geometry, Braking, Ventilation, Steering, Epagoge, Vector algebra, Binary arithmetic, Fact distribution, Forecasts, The couch, Airing, Grading, Cataloging, Scan, Atomization, Scanning, Boolean algebra, Group theory, Doctrinarity, Severance, Ranking, Perlustration, Arithmetic, Natural geometry, Variation, Gloss, Speculation, Accounting, Investigation, Depth psychology, Editorial, Mathematical physics, Modular arithmetic, Arrangement, Demarcation, Abstraction, Matrix algebra, Psychoanalytic method, Notice, Division, Anatomy, Criticism, Write-up, Spherical trigonometry, Differencing, Breakup, Exchange of views, Canvassing, Inspection, Dialectic, Generalization, Deductive reasoning, Ranging, N-tuple linear algebra, Distinguishment, Examination, Tabulation, Inference, Audit, Psychognosy, Judgement, Seminar, Game theory, A posteriori reasoning, Investigation, Manipulation, Systems analysis, Severalization, Open forum, A priori reasoning, Processing, Set theory, Examination, Philosophical induction, Geodesy, Placement, Separation, Equivalent algebras, Inquisition, Syllogism, Study, Associative algebra, Typology, Division algebra, Mere theory, Line geometry, Supersonic flow detection, Scrutiny, Town meeting, Comment, Review, Anatomization, Output measurement, Euclidean geometry, Grouping, Theoretic, Breakdown, Inquiry, Discussion, Theoria, Theory, Syllogistic reasoning, Differential calculus, Subalgebra, Survey, Calculus, Sorting, Topology, Psychoanalytic therapy, Commentation, Logical discussion, Desynonymization, Consideration, Computation, Hyperbolic geometry, Deliberation, Baconian method, Assay, Doctrinairism, Critical review, Rap session, Trigonometry, Dialogue, Indexing, Graphic algebra, Distinction, Psychognosis, Categorization, Quaternian algebra, Study, Alteration, Running commentary, Trig, Remark

How to use Analysis in a sentence?

  1. Statistical analysis.
  2. Teachers always ask us to review our work thoroughly before deciding to return.
  3. He is doing practical analysis because he wants to know how each part works so that he can change it in the future.
  4. Researchers often perform data analysis tasks for senior professors who are too busy analyzing the data themselves.

Meaning of Analysis & Analysis Definition