Definition of Order:

  1. Equipment or uniform for a specified purpose or of a specified type.

  2. Any of the five classical styles of architecture (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and Composite) based on the proportions of columns, amount of decoration, etc.

  3. Arrange (something) in a methodical or appropriate way.

  4. Banking: An instrument (such as a check or draft) through which its maker or issuer (drawer) authorizes a bank or other financial institution to pay the stated sum to a named holder (drawee or payee). Such instruments are transferable by endorsement, and thus are negotiable instruments.

  5. An authoritative command, direction, or instruction.

  6. A principal taxonomic category that ranks below class and above family.

  7. Finance: An investors instructions to a broker or dealer to buy or sell an item in a specified manner. Such orders are of four major types: (1) Limit order, (2) Market order, (3) Open order, and (4) Stop order.

  8. The arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.

  9. Request (something) to be made, supplied, or served.

  10. The quality, nature, or importance of something.

  11. The degree of complexity of an equation, expression, etc., as denoted by an ordinal number.

  12. Law: An authoritative mandate, command, or direction issued by a court under its seal. A final court order is called judgment.

  13. A society of monks, priests, nuns, etc., living according to certain religious and social regulations and discipline and at least some of whose members take solemn vows.A society of knights bound by a common rule of life and having a combined military and monastic character.An institution founded by a monarch for the purpose of conferring an honor or honors for merit on those appointed to it.The insignia worn by members of an order of honor or merit.A Masonic or similar fraternal organization.

  14. Give an authoritative direction or instruction to do something.

  15. A particular social, political, or economic system.

  16. Commerce: A confirmed request by one party to another to buy, sell, deliver, or receive goods or services under specified terms and conditions. When accepted by the receiving party, an order becomes a legally binding contract. See also purchase order.

Synonyms of Order

Command, Instruction, Directive, Direction, Decree, Edict, Injunction, Mandate, Dictate, Commandment, Sequence, Arrangement, Organization, Disposition, Structure, System, Series, Succession, Bronze Star Medal, Croix de Guerre, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Unit Citation, MO, Medaille Militaire, Military Cross, Navy Cross, Unit Citation, Victoria Cross, Act on, Action, Adherents, Adjust, Adjustment, Affiliation, Algorithm, Align, Allocation, Allotment, Alphabetize, Alternation, Amendment, Analyze, Animal kingdom, Antonomasia, Apostolic orders, Apply for, Appointment, Apportionment, Appositeness, Approach, Appropriate, Appropriateness, Approximation, Apt, Aptness, Arrange, Arranged, Arrangement, Array, Arraying, Ashram, Ask, Ask for, Association, Assort, Attack, Auspiciousness, Authorization, Award, Bad condition, Balance, Be responsible for, Beauty, Beg leave, Behest, Bespeak, Bid, Bidding, Binomial nomenclature, Biosystematics, Biosystematy, Biotype, Blackmail, Blood, Blue ribbon, Body, Bracket, Branch, Break down, Breed, Briefing, Broken, Broken-down, Brood, Brotherhood, Busted, Buy, Call, Call for, Call on, Call the shots, Call the signals, Call upon, Calling, Calm, Calmness, Canonization, Captain, Carry on, Case, Caste, Catalog, Categorization, Categorize, Category, Chain, Challenge, Charge, Church, Claim, Clamor for, Clan, Class, Classification, Classify, Clean, Closeness, Club, Codification, Codify, Collation, Collocation, Colony, Coming after, Command, Commandment, Commission, Commitment, Commonwealth, Commune, Communion, Community, Company, Concinnity, Concord, Condemn, Condemnation, Condition, Conduct, Conferment, Confession, Confraternity, Confrerie, Consecration, Consecution, Consecutiveness, Consideration, Constitution, Continuation, Continuity, Contract for, Contribution, Control, Cool off, Cordon, Cordon bleu, Correct, Correction, Correctitude, Correctness, Country club, Course, Crave, Cry for, Decide, Decision, Declare, Decoration, Decoration of honor, Decorousness, Decorum, Decree, Degree, Deliverance, Demand, Demand for, Demanded, Deme, Denomination, Deploy, Deployment, Descent, Description, Desire, Determination, Determine, Diagnosis, Dictate, Dictation, Dictum, Digest, Direct, Direct order, Direction, Directions, Directive, Disciples, Discipline, Disordered, Disorganized, Disposal, Dispose, Disposition, Distribution, Divide, Division, Doom, Draft, Drain, Duty, Echelon, Economic class, Edict, Election, Endogamous group, Engage, Engineer, Enjoin, Equilibrium, Estate, Euphony, Exact, Exaction, Expediency, Extended family, Extension, Extent, Extort, Extortion, Extortionate demand, Faction, Faith, Family, Fashion, Favorableness, Feather, Felicity, Fellowship, Fettle, Fiat, File, File for, Final instructions, Find, Find against, Find for, Finding, Fitness, Fitting, Fix, Folk, Followers, Following, Footing, Force, Form, Formation, Formulation, Fraternal order, Fraternity, Garter, Gear, Genotype, Gens, Genus, Give an order, Give the word, Glossology, Gold star, Good condition, Goodness, Govern, Grace, Grade, Grand cordon, Group, Grouping, Guide, Guild, Guise, Handle, Harmonize, Harmony, Head, Head up, Heading, Health, Heavy demand, Hest, Hierarchize, Hierarchy, Holy orders, House, Ilk, Imperative, Importance, Impose, Imposition, Impost, Improper, In disorder, In disrepair, In order, In order to, Indecorous, Indent, Index, Induction, Injunction, Inoperative, Insistent demand, Installation, Institution, Instruct, Instruction, Instructions, Integrity, Investiture, Ism, Issue a command, Issue a writ, Issue an ultimatum, Kaput, Kidney, Kilter, Kin, Kind, Kingdom, Kinship group, Knighthood, Label, Law, Law and order, Lawfulness, Lay out, Layout, Lead, Lead on, League, Level, Levy, Line, Line of action, Line up, Lineage, Lines, Lineup, List, Lodge, Logical sequence, Magnitude, Major orders, Make, Make a demand, Make a request, Make a requisition, Make application, Make the rules, Manage, Mandate, Maneuver, Manipulate, Manner, Manner of working, Marshal, Marshaling, Mastermind, Matriclan, Matter, Means, Measure, Measuredness, Medal, Medallion, Meetness, Method, Methodize, Methodology, Military medal, Minor orders, Mode, Mode of operation, Mode of procedure, Modus operandi, Moiety, Nation, Naturalism, Naturalness, Nature, Naturism, Nearness, Neat, Neatness, Needed, Neighborhood, Niceness, Nomenclature, Nomination, Nonnegotiable demand, Normalcy, Normality, Normalize, Normalness, Not cricket, Notice, Nuclear family, Officer, Offshoot, On the blink, On the fritz, Onomastics, Onomatology, Opportuneness, Ordain, Ordainment, Order about, Order of succession, Order up, Orderedness, Ordering, Orderliness, Orderly, Orders, Ordinance, Ordination, Organization, Organize, Orismology, Ornament, Out of commission, Out of order, Out of place, Out of whack, Pacify, Party, Pass judgment, Pass sentence, Patriclan, Pattern, Peace, Peace and quiet, Peacefulness, Pecking order, People, Permission, Persuasion, Phratria, Phratry, Phyle, Phylum, Pigeonhole, Place, Place an order, Place-names, Place-naming, Placement, Plan, Plant kingdom, Pleasure, Polyonymy, Position, Posteriority, Postposition, Power structure, Practice, Precedence, Precedent, Precept, Predicament, Preferment, Prepared, Prescribe, Prescript, Prescription, Presentation, Probity, Procedure, Proceeding, Proceedings, Process, Procession, Proclaim, Proclamation, Prognosis, Progression, Prolongation, Promulgate, Pronounce, Pronounce judgment, Pronounce on, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Properness, Proportion, Propriety, Proximity, Pull the strings, Purchase, Put, Put in for, Put in order, Put in requisition, Put in shape, Put to rights, Quarterback, Quiet, Quiet life, Quietness, Quietude, Race, Range, Rank, Rate, Rating, Reading in, Ready, Realism, Rectification, Rectitude, Red ribbon, Reduce to order, Regiment, Regimentation, Regularity, Regularize, Regulate, Regulation, Religious order, Repair, Report, Request, Require, Required, Requirement, Requisition, Reserve, Resolution, Restfulness, Return a verdict, Rhythm, Riband, Ribbon, Right, Rightness, Rotation, Routine, Routinize, Row, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Run, Rush, Rush order, Say the word, Scale, School, Screw, Seasonableness, Secret society, Sect, Sectarism, Section, Seemliness, Segment, Sentence, Sept, Sequel, Sequence, Serenity, Series, Service medal, Set, Set in order, Set to rights, Set up, Set-up, Settlement, Setup, Shape, Shipshape, Shot, Sisterhood, Skipper, So that, Social class, Society, Sodality, Sorority, Sort, Sort out, Special order, Species, Sphere, Stage, Standardize, Standing, Star, State of affairs, Station, Status, Statute, Stem, Stirps, Stock, Straighten out, Straighten up, Strain, Stratum, Streamline, Stripe, Structure, Structuring, Style, Subcaste, Subclass, Subdivide, Subdivision, Subfamily, Subgenus, Subgroup, Subjunction, Subkingdom, Suborder, Subspecies, Subtribe, Succession, Successiveness, Suffixation, Suitability, Suitable, Suitableness, Superclass, Superfamily, Superorder, Superspecies, Sweetness, Symmetry, Syntax, System, Systematics, Systematization, Systematize, Systemization, Tabulate, Tack, Take command, Take the lead, Tax, Taxing, Taxonomy, Teaching, Technique, Tell, Terminology, The drill, The how, Tidiness, Tidy, Timeliness, Title, To, Tone, Toponymy, Totem, Train, Tranquilize, Tranquillity, Tribe, Tribute, Trim, Trinomialism, Tune, Type, Ukase, Ultimatum, Uncalled-for, Uniformity, Union, Unorganized, Unseemly, Unsnarl, Unsuitable, Uprightness, Utter a judgment, Variety, Verdict, Version, Vicinity, War medal, Warn, Warning, Way, Wear the pants, Whip into shape, Whistle for, Wholesomeness, Will, Wise, Wish, Word, Word of command, System, Class system, Hierarchy, Pecking order, Grouping, Grading, Ranking, Scale, Type, Kind, Sort, Nature, Variety, Ilk, Genre, Cast, Style, Brand, Vintage, Taxonomic group, Class, Subclass, Family, Species, Breed, Community, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Organize, Put in order, Set in order, Arrange, Sort out, Straighten out, Marshal, Dispose, Lay out, Regulate, Instruct, Command, Direct, Enjoin, Give the order to, Give the command to, Tell, Require, Charge, Adjure, Request, Apply for, Send away for, Send off for, Write off for, Put in an order for, Place an order for, Requisition

How to use Order in a sentence?

  1. She ordered me to leave.
  2. The Franciscan Order.
  3. Work out for yourself the differences between Corinthian, Ionic and Doric orders.
  4. The floundering corporation received a much-needed boost from the huge overseas order that had been placed and quickly reassessed its most recent profit projections.
  5. If only the peasantry would rise up against the established order.
  6. Drill order.
  7. My friend ordered the tickets last week.
  8. He was not going to take orders from a mere administrator.
  9. All entries are ordered by date.
  10. I filed the cards in alphabetical order.
  11. With musical talent of this order, von Karajan would have been a phenomenon in any age.
  12. The transient equations for the second orders of the identity coefficients are too complicated to solve.
  13. You must try and do things in the correct order to make sure everyone knows what part of the process you are in.
  14. I liked to keep my room in order , so I would hang up all of my clothes and I would also vacuum and dust on a regular basis.

Meaning of Order & Order Definition