Definition of Antibiotic:

  1. About the involvement or appointment of antibiotics

  2. Substances (such as penicillin) that inhibit the growth of other microorganisms and are used to treat external or internal infections. Although some antibiotics are made with microorganisms, most are now made synthetically.

  3. Drugs (such as penicillin or its derivatives) that inhibit growth or kill microorganisms.

Synonyms of Antibiotic

Toxicant, Penicillin, Stomach poison, Rodenticide, Cloxacillin, Organic phosphate insecticide, Antidotal, Antacid, Febrifugal, Chemosterilant, Tylocin, Insecticide, Chloromycetin, Dihydrostreptomycin, Methicillin, Herbicide, Roach paste, Carbamate insecticide, Pesticide, Vancomycin, Acaricide, Weed killer, Sulfa, Systemic insecticide, Bacteriostatic, Antipyretic, Defoliant, Miticide, Viomycin, Griseofulvin, Microbicide, Insect powder, Amphotericin, Venin, Venom, Tetracycline, Roach powder, Virus, Poison, Organic chlorine, Actinomycin, Systemic, Toxin, Germicide, Bacitracin, Fungicide, Subtilin, Eradicant, Fradicin, Fumigant, Chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, Chlortetracycline, Anthelmintic, Streptomycin, Carbomycin, Gramicidin, Antiseptic, Mitomycin, Vermicide, Rat poison, Terramycin, Antimicrobial, Bug bomb, Streptothricin, Antitoxic, Contact poison, Tyrothricin, Toxic, Disinfectant, Erythromycin, Alexipharmic

How to use Antibiotic in a sentence?

  1. Although it is important to treat many bacterial infections with appropriate antibiotics, the use of antibiotics is not necessary for viruses such as the common cold.
  2. Prolonged treatment with antibiotics.
  3. I went to the doctor for a cough and chest tightness and he prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection.
  4. Course of antibiotics.
  5. My partner was upset, but he didn't dare use antibiotics, but I explained that this was the best time for him.

Meaning of Antibiotic & Antibiotic Definition