Definition of Operation:

  1. Series of functions and tasks that are involved in a single process. For example, a manufacturing operation.

Synonyms of Operation

Accomplished fact, Accomplishment, Achievement, Act, Acta, Acting, Action, Activism, Activity, Adventure, Affair, Amphibious operations, Amputation, Anastomotic operation, Appliance, Application, Attempt, Behavior, Bloodless operation, Blow, Bringing to fruition, Business, Business deal, Campaign, Capital operation, Combined operations, Commercial transaction, Commitment, Compensating operation, Contract, Control, Corneal transplant, Coup, Crescent operation, Deal, Dealings, Deed, Direction, Doing, Doings, Dry run, Duty, Effective, Effectuation, Efficacious, Effort, Elective operation, Emergency operation, Employment, End use, Endeavor, Engagement, Enterprise, Excision, Execution, Exercise, Exercising, Exertion, Exploit, Exploitation, Exploratory operation, Fait accompli, Feat, Fenestration operation, Fluid operations, Function, Functional, Functioning, Gest, Go, Hand, Handiwork, Handling, Heart transplant, Immediate purpose, In effect, In force, Interval operation, Job, Kidney transplant, Logistics, Major operation, Management, Managing, Maneuver, Maneuvers, Manipulation, Measure, Military operations, Minor operation, Minor operations, Mission, Motion, Move, Movement, Movements, Negotiation, Obligation, Occupation, Office, Operating, Operational, Operational purpose, Operations, Operative, Organ transplant, Organ transplantation, Overproduction, Overseas operations, Overt act, Package deal, Palliative operation, Passage, Performance, Plan, Play, Practice, Praxis, Procedure, Proceeding, Production, Productiveness, Program, Project, Proposition, Purpose, Radical operation, Realization, Removal, Res gestae, Resection, Role, Running, Section, Staff work, Step, Stroke, Stunt, Surgical intervention, Surgical operation, Surgical technique, Swing, Task, The knife, Thing, Thing done, Tour de force, Transaction, Transplant, Turn, Ultimate purpose, Undertaking, Use, Using, Utilization, Venture, War game, War plans, Work, Working, Workings, Works

How to use Operation in a sentence?

  1. The operation used by the department was outstanding as the efficiency and overall effectiveness of their strategy was quite impressive.
  2. Knowing how to handle every operation in your office will let you be able to fill in if someone cant make it in that day.
  3. I had a few days left before the operation and my family came by my house to wish me good luck and have dinner.

Meaning of Operation & Operation Definition

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