Definition of Analyst:

  1. A person who reviews and examines data or information for a specific area. For example, a financial analyst looks into the economic and financial information associated with stocks and other securities.

  2. A person who conducts analysis.

Synonyms of Analyst

Critic, Analyst, Pundit, Commenter, Monitor, Observer, Blogger, Judge, Evaluator, Interpreter, Exponent, Expounder, Analyzer, Assayer, Behavior therapist, Clinical psychologist, Essayer, Examiner, Experimenter, Headshrinker, Hypnotherapist, Narcotherapist, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, Psychoanalyzer, Psychotherapeutist, Psychotherapist, Research worker, Researcher, Shrink, Shrinker, Test driver, Test pilot, Tester, Tryer-out

How to use Analyst in a sentence?

  1. The analyst prepared reports that the manager was able to review and present to the board which indicated our future forecast brilliantly.
  2. Doug was highly respected by the artists and was the leading analyst on the panel of judges that determined which artwork was better.
  3. You must have an analyst you can trust on your side so that whatever he tells you is what you fully believe in.
  4. Rising consumer confidence and falling oil prices are the keys to any upturn, many analysts believe.

Meaning of Analyst & Analyst Definition

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Analyst means,

  • A person belonging to a brokerage, trust bank, or mutual fund group that conducts research on various companies and makes recommendations on buying or selling securities in specific companies and industry groups.


How Do You Define Analyst?

  1. A simple definition of Analyst is: A person who is part of a brokerage, bank trustee, or mutual fund group, includes several companies and provides recommendations for buying or selling securities of certain companies and industry groups.

Meanings of Analyst

  1. Someone to analyze.