How much is a divorce lawyer?

The average cost of a divorce lawyer is about $250 an hour and you will spend almost $15,000 to $20,000 on your divorce. While many factors can change the overall cost, it is typical for each spouse to spend $20,000 or more to complete their divorce.

cost of divorce lawyer

Factors change divorce lawyer cost

Here are some important points that are change divorce lawyer cost, your cost substantially higher especially when both spouses have given factors:

  • are contesting the divorce
  • can’t agree on child custody
  • can’t agree on alimony
  • have many assets to divide

Some divorces are highly unsure and can result in lengthy legal process, which can increase costs. Others start contested and end up being reasonable agreement between the parties. court in certain states, cities and counties have different fees, your residential area impact on cost… For these reasons, the total average divorce cost can exceed $12,000 or even $25,000, according to various surveys and reports.

Lawyer cost Rate per hours
National hourly rate $250/hour
Average range $200-$250/hour
Low-end hourly rate $175-$200/hour
High-end hourly rate $300-$325/hour

Divorce lawyer fees

Every family law and divorce attorney has their own fee structure. While most the attorney charges hourly, some charge with flat fees or on a variable scale based upon income. However, they should not charge unpredictable fees for divorce cases.

When you hire a divorce attorney, divorce attorney billed for all the work done on your case. Attorneys may charge for:

  • Phone calls
  • Court appearances
  • Research
  • Travel to court
  • Conversations with the rival lawyer
  • Drafting application, motions, discovery, and other court documents
  • Emails
  • Correspondence

Divorce lawyer hourly rate

There are many factors therefore that an attorney charges a certain hourly rate. Usually, it is based on their level of experience in family law and what the average rate is in your locality. An experienced lawyer in an urban area will likely charge more than one who practices in a small town like villages. Some also charge a different hourly fee for different family law matters like mediation, child support, or custody than they would go to court for a divorce.

Lawyers within a different attorney firm may also charge different rates, expect experienced lawyers charge much higher rates than first-year associates. There are also different rates for paralegals and legal assistants. You should always make sure that who will be working on your case and the hourly rate they charge before maintaining a particular firm.

1. Flat fees of a divorce lawyer

Not all attorneys charge a flat fee, but you might find one who charges one for a divorce that may be contested or uncontested. However, depending on your agreement with the lawyer, you might have to pay more than a flat fee if unexpected affairs arise during the case.

2. Consultation fees of a divorce lawyer

Before hiring a professional lawyer for your case, it is a good idea to interview several to determine who the best for your case. Some offer free consultations, while others charge their hourly rates for their time. Free consultations are often quick, informational type interviews. If an attorney is charging for the initial consultation, they will also provide you with informative legal advice this often makes a consultation fee and increase your expense. When you are going for an appointment with an attorney, you must find about their consultation fees and you must have in mind what you covered in this meeting.

3. Retainer fees of a divorce lawyer

Some attorneys charge retainer fees. This is an advance payment the attorney charge to pay for expenses related to your case. Retainer fees depending on the complexity of the case, a retainer can cost several thousand dollars.


Attorney cost varies because of some factors, if your divorce contains child custody, alimony, and assets then your attorney charge more. Some attorneys charge for consultation, some are charge hourly and for more expenses in complicated cases.

Different type of divorce has a different cost

Divorce has different types and every type have different cost some are below

a. How much does a contested divorce cost?

If both spouses are agreeing on all major issues, known as an uncontested divorce, In an uncontested divorce, you can keep the costs relatively low. If you do your own divorce papers and your divorce is civil, costs could be under $500. All states have different filing fees, therefore the cost will increase because of filling fees.

b. How much does it cost to get a divorce if both parties agree

The average cost of a contested divorce is $5,000to $6000 per spouse and the divorce period is about 6 months. Some contested divorces can cost $15,000 or more per spouse and take 12 months or longer. The basic process of a contested divorce is here, one spouse hires a divorce lawyer to file divorce documents with the court to open the case.

c. How much does a divorce cost?

If both parties agree on all major issues, known as an uncontested divorce, in this case, your cost is relatively low instead of a contested divorce. The average cost of uncontested divorce is $550. Filling fees may increase your cost which is more than $550.

d. How much does a simple divorce cost?

The average cost of a divorce is $12,000 or more for each spouse to completing a divorce process. Many factors can change the divorce cost. You have in mind about filing fees. Filing fees increase your cost. Filing fees, service fees, and other court costs

cost of divorce lawyer

Filing fees, service fees, and other court costs

Divorce cases always are expenses for every spouse, because in divorce cases just an attorney can’t charge their cost other charges also associated with divorce cases like filing fees, service fees, and other court fees. Parties paying fees for their attorney, if some factors like property, alimony are included in your case. You can also expect fees of application or documents that are submitted to the court.

Here’s a list of some of the fees you can expect:

  1. Court filing fees

When you are start your case, initial filing fees are typically the more expensive or various states to states. To start your case, you need to file an application with the court. For example, the filing fee can range from as little as $85 to $435. if you’re divorcing in California, cost lies between $430 to $435.

  1. Process server fees

After filing your divorce papers with the court, they will be sent to be your ex-spouse by a process server as soon as possible. Typically the costs of server fees for this process lies between $50 and $70.

  1. Other legal costs

Some other legal costs are implied in divorce cases. Filing fees for the initial divorce paperwork, you might also pay a fee when filing a settlement agreement, obtaining a certified copy of your divorce decree, or hiring other advisors and experts to help with your case and assist you how to get your assets.

NOTE :pencil2:

In divorce cases there is not the only fee of attorney other documents like property paper, fees vary because of location, and attorney charges high fees if they hire more experts in case of assets.

How to save money on divorce lawyer fees

Divorce process always expensive, especially when both parties are not agrees in other words when your divorce is contested. There are some ways that tell you how you can control your cost.

  1. Mediation or collaborative divorce

Best way of keeping divorce cost down to keep your divorce out of court as possible. Mediation and collaborative divorces are cost-effective alternatives of legal action. Through mediation or collaborative divorce both parties are reduce conflict and allow each other to control their outcomes.

  1. Do-it-yourself divorce

Many jurisdictions have online instructions for filling out paperwork for petitioners who choose to represent themselves as champion. If your divorce is uncontested and children doesn’t involve or important assets, a do-it-yourself divorce may be the best option and you easily control your cost.

  1. Unbundled services

If you are a petitioner and just need help e-filing or filling out court forms, you may want to see if there are attorneys in your area who offer unbundled services. This means they would assist you and provide you information about your case.

  1. Fee waivers

If you have a low income and can’t afford the court fees may be you are qualify for fee wavier. Its totally depend upon court, you may able or not for applying fee waivers.


You save your money, in the case when you solve you’re all the matter outside the court with your spouse. If your divorce is uncontested then you have the best option that you cannot hire an attorney.

cost of divorce lawyer

The average cost of divorce

  1. The average cost of a divorce with a lawyer

A divorce that consists of trial can cost couples as much as$15000 to $20,000 on average to complete, with at least $20,000 going to attorneys’ fees, according to some lawyers. when you are settling a case out of court can cost closer to $15,000.

  1. The average cost of a divorce without a lawyer

The average is $350 but can be closer to $600 in some states. A private process server to serve divorce papers usually costs about $55. some states like California average cost is $600.

  1. The average cost of a divorce when children are involved

When kids are involved, divorces take an average of 11 to 12 months and typically cost more than those not involving children. How much more is dependent on multiple factors, including whether the case goes to trial and how easily a custody agreement can be reached. If, for example, the parents are unable to reach a custody agreement on their own, a child custody evaluation may be necessary, a process that can add up to $12,000 to the total cost of a divorce.

  1. What is the average retainer fee for a divorce lawyer?

Some lawyers charge retainer fees of $1200, others charge $5200+. cost depending on the lawyer and the complexity of your case, you can usually expect to pay a retainer fee of between $3500 and $5500.

  1. The average cost of divorce in Texas

It will cost you approximately $350 to file your divorce application with the court. You may pay some other court fees depending on your county. Additional costs for your divorce will vary depending on some factors and your direction you take to resolve it. Here are approximate costs for various ways.

  1. Average cost while using online divorce services

Depending on the online divorce service you use and how much assistance you need, you could expect to pay anywhere between $200 to $2000. However, some high-end services can run you upwards of $3,500.

Costs vary depending on the benefits offered. For example, some services only help you prepare the right forms; others provide tutorials, professional review of your documents, and spousal-support plans.


If your case is uncontested, you can do this on your own without a lawyer or using an online divorce service. There are different cost when you are hire a lawyer or not. Online divorce companies served you with their best services.

Divorce Filing Fees and Typical Attorney Fees by State

State Average Filing Fees Other Divorce Costs and Attorney Fees
Alabama $400 ($50 administrative fee included) Average fees: $10,000
Alaska $250 (additional $75 fee to file a modification for child custody, visitation, or support, or for spousal maintenance or property division) Average fees: $10,000+
Arizona $280 Average fees: $10,000+
California $435 (Ask for a fee waiver) Average fees: $14,000
Colorado $230 Average fees: $11,000+
District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) $80 Average fees: $10,000
Florida $409 (Cost changes per county. Example from Duval County Circuit.) Average fees: $10,000+
Georgia $400 Average fees: $11,000+
Hawaii $215 (without minor children), $265 (with minor children) Average fees: $9,000+
Indiana $157 Average fees: $9,000
Iowa $185 Average fees: $9,000+
Kansas $400 Average fees: $8,000+
Louisiana $150 to $250 Average fees: $10,000
Maine $120 Average fees: $8,000+
Maryland $165 Average fees: $11,000
Minnesota $365 Average fees: $9,000
Mississippi $400 Average fees:: $8,000+
Nebraska $158 Average fees: $8,000+
Nevada $217 (first appearance), $299 (joint petition) Average fees: $10,000+
New Jersey $300 Average fees: $12,000+
New York $335 Average fees: $13,500+
Oklahoma $183 Average fees: $9,000+
Rhode Island $400 Average fees: $10,000+
Washington $314 Average fees: $10,000+
Wisconsin $184.50 (with no child support or alimony), $194.50 (with child support or alimony) Average fees: $8,500+
Wyoming $85 Average fees: $9,000

Every states and counties have their own fee structure when you go for divorce you contact with your county clerk’s, it is the best way for finding accurate fees.

Getting a divorce when you don’t have the money

While the costs seem high, an important outcomes is that divorce is still reachable for you. Just because of cost you cannot refuse to get a divorce . You may be able to reduce costs by:

  • Asking your attorney for an affordable payment plan
  • Discussing delaying tactics to reduce time in court with your attorney
  • Resolving issues through divorce mediation
  • Working with a lawyer on just some parts of your case (this is called limited scope representation)
  • Getting free advice at a family law clinic
  • Speaking with a legal aid organization to see if you qualify for free services

Many attorneys offer free consultations, so it is doesn’t hurt to call one or more experienced divorce lawyers in your area to discuss your divorce. During your consultation, ask them how much they charge and how much time they think your divorce might take.

cost of divorce

Compare online divorce services

Online divorce services are best for both spouses who can agree on the terms of the divorce, including division of assets, alimony, and parental responsibilities if you have children.

Name Cost Including filling papers in court Legal assistance available Customer services File without spouse
3 steps divorce $300 - $340 No - you must file and pay court fees No Phone, Email yes
Legal Zoom $501 No - you must file and pay court fees No Phone, Email, Live chat yes
Online divorce $140 No - you must file and pay court fees No Phone, Email yes

Divorce attorney

A divorce attorney is an attorney who specializes in family law and civil law he is our legal advisor. He gives us advice on how to deal with child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, material property, bank account, credit card, and other material assets. He prepares paperwork about the final divorce and custody order. He prepares himself for any conflict during a court hearing. An attorney have to be an attentive listener because the decisions of court will greatly effect the client’s lives.

Best divorce attorney

The best attorney of divorce specializes in family law and has experience in issues of divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. Divorce attorneys have the ability to interact with you and understand what you want in your proceeding. Best divorce attorney an attorney that has the ability to get results of your interest.

Divorce attorney for men

Divorce attorneys for men totally depend on the criteria of choosing a divorce attorney. You must choose an expert and experienced divorce attorney, who must have complete knowledge about family law and civil law. He must have the ability of personality meshing then he achieves what you want.

How to file for divorce in Florida without an attorney

Filing divorce in Florida without an attorney have some requirements, First requirement to dissolve a marriage is for one of the parties to prove that the marriage is end up. One spouse can file for the dissolution of marriage. The second one that you must prove that a marriage exists, one party has been a Florida resident for six months and you prove that your marriage is broken.

Who Pays Attorneys Fees in Divorce?

Divorce always is an unpleasant phase of life. Peoples want to know who pay attorney fees, the parties each pay for their own attorney in a divorce process. Both parties have their own lawyer, they are not allowed to share an attorney, so each party must provide their own attorney for the legal process. This means that each party will be responsible for paying attorney’s fees according to the terms that they finalized.

How to file for divorce in Texas without a lawyer?

Filing a divorce in Texas without a lawyer, have a criteria that your divorce must be uncontested. It is fast and inexpensive. The completed papers will be made available in as little as 2 days or less. You just print them, sign them, and take them to the county clerk’s office for filing.

Frequently asked question

Most peoples have many questions in mind about divorce lawyer costs. Some questions are given below with their answers.

Is it worth getting a divorce lawyer?

There are certain situations when hiring a divorce lawyer , and you should hire a divorce lawyer. You should probably hire an attorney if your spouse abusing you. Your divorce involves some issues like: children are involved or complicated financial issues.

How can I afford a divorce lawyer?

If you know you cannot afford a divorce attorney through a fee structure, search for government financing programs that offer fund legal services. Your income level might qualify you for government financing programs. You could also try to find unpaid representation through your state stakeholders.

What is the cheapest way to get a divorce?

The cheapest way to get the divorce would be to fill out the papers together with your spouse, rather than having a lawyer fill out the papers, and jointly ask for the divorce order. You can find the papers online, fill them out with your petitioner, and then bring them to the court to be filed.

How do I divorce my wife and keep everything?

How to Keep Your Stuff through Divorce

  1. Disclose every asset. One of the most important things you can do seems, at first, counter-intuitive.
  2. Disclose offsetting debts. Likewise, it is important to disclose every debt, especially debts secured by marital assets.
  3. Keep your documents.
  4. Be prepared to negotiate.

Can you divorce yourself?

Procedure for Filing DIY Divorce Papers

  1. Know which court to file in.
  2. Check with the county clerk or with an attorney to see if you meet your state’s residency requirements.
  3. Fill out the divorce paperwork.
  4. Some states allow you to fill out the forms on a computer and submit online divorce papers.


  • The average cost for a divorce lawyer is $200 to $250 per hour and you will spend around $20,000 in total. Hiring a divorce lawyer for your trial, you will likely spend between $150 and $650 per hour. On average, hiring a divorce lawyer costs approximately $250 an hour. But, clients which may be practicing their law may charge as low as $175 to $200 an hour and others could pay closer to $300 to $325 an hour.

  • The total cost of a divorce is about $20,000 but can go as high as $100,000 or more than it, depending on how many issues are involved in your case and you want a judgment on and what outcomes they want in end. The final cost will depend on the length of the process (usually nine to eleven months). An attorney cost varies because of a contested divorce. If your divorce is uncontested then you save your money by handling your case without attorney fees.

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