Definition of Asset:

  1. Some value that belongs, is used, or to be collected by the company. Is used.

  2. Accounting: An item that a company has acquired or purchased and has a financial value (price, book value, market value or outstanding value). Assets may be in the form of (1) physical objects, such as money, machinery, inventory, land and buildings, (2) third party claims, such as claims, (3) copyrights such as copyrights, patents or trademarks, or ( 4) Get rights, such as intentions. The assets on their owners' balance sheets are usually categorized according to their ease with which they can be converted into cash. See also incomprehensible and unrecognized assets.

Synonyms of Asset

Valuables, Resources, Talent, Holdings, Effects, Benefit, Strength, Assets, Bankroll, Distinction, Money, Glory, Equity, Property, Wealth, Advantage, Means, Ornament, Resource, Honor, Principal, Capital, Possessions

How to use Asset in a sentence?

  1. I told the hiring manager that, because of my creativity and adaptation, I knew I would be an important asset to the company.
  2. Since the car was Joe's asset, it was the first thing he did when the bank failed to repay the loan.
  3. Little did he know how his math skills helped his job prospects.

Meaning of Asset & Asset Definition