Definition of Agreement:

  1. Consensus or agreement or agreement as a result of a position or opinion.

  2. Negotiations and generally workable agreements between two or more legally eligible parties.

    Although binding agreements result in (and can often) result in agreements, agreements generally document the negotiation and acceptance of negotiated agreements, and the agreements establish the minimum acceptable service standard.

Synonyms of Agreement

Synthesis, Wage contract, Caritas, Team spirit, Selfsameness, Consensus of opinion, Protocol, Affirmative, Unison, Permission, Ratification, Conjugation, Rapprochement, Flexibility, Syneresis, Approbation, Obligation, Consentaneity, Conventionality, Consensus omnium, Adaptation, Harmony, Combination, Esprit, Obedience, Incorporation, Ecumenism, Synchronism, Symbiosis, Like-mindedness, Ironclad agreement, Identity, Conspiracy, Submission, Bond, Accompaniment, Adaption, Unity, Semblance, Congruity, Uniformity, Connivance, Pact, Simultaneity, Addition, Happy family, Analogy, General agreement, Accordance, Unanimousness, Common consent, Alliance, Chorus, Consensus gentium, Coevalness, Simulation, Coalescence, Conjunction, Acceptance, Concert, Coetaneity, Like-mindedness, Wedding, Union, Aye, Stipulation, Syncretism, Co-working, Homogeneity, Reconcilement, Mimicking, Accommodation, Unification, Conformance, Unreluctance, Cahoots, Reconciliation, Cabal, Consilience, Centralization, Copying, Metaphor, Strictness, Comparison, Synergy, Coalition, Compliance, Anschluss, Okay, Contemporaneity, Congeries, Federation, Adjustment, Comparability, Acclamation, Charity, Concomitance, Community of interests, Conglomeration, Affiliation, Unloathness, Commitment, Mutuality, Agreement, Community, Feeling of identity, Coetaneousness, Resemblance, Concord, Likeness, Valid contract, Concourse, Composition, Acquiescence, Encompassment, Synchronization, Confederacy, Parallelism, Fusion, Assimilation, Concerted action, Similitude, Welcome, Orthodoxy, Aggregation, Paction, Consortium, Collaboration, Approximation, Cartel, Deal, Correspondence, Likening, Accord, Approval, Empathy, Selfhood, Parity, Reciprocity, Equality, Promptness, Concord, Oneness, Preengagement, Synonymity, Concurrence, Tune, Observance, Cooperation, Consensus, Rapport, Accord, Harmony, Accordance, Ungrudgingness, Chime, Single voice, Total agreement, Embodiment, Recognizance, Consent, Agreement of all, Agglomeration, Merger, Solidification, Employment contract, Consistency, Amity, Pliancy, Self-identity, Mutual agreement, One accord, Hookup, Junta, Meld, General acclamation, Unanimity, General consent, Endorsement, Confluence, Congeniality, Same mind, Combo, Collective agreement, Enosis, Malleability, Cement of friendship, Affinity, Fellowship, Blessing, Communion, Universal agreement, OK, Keeping, Melding, Legal contract, Consensus, Selfness, Compact, Willingness, Assent, Nearness, Bonds of harmony, Agape, Good vibrations, Indistinguishability, Concordat, Support, Bargain, Understanding, Consonance, Legal agreement, Amalgamation, Covenant of salt, Aping, Sharing, Alikeness, Conformation other-direction, Blend, Affirmative voice, One voice, Coevalneity, Sameness, Confederation, Union contract, Engagement, Promptitude, Love, Assentation, Symphony, Conformity, Meeting of minds, United action, Combine, Compatibility, Eagerness, Package deal, Settlement, Contract, Unison, Mutual understanding, Treaty, Formal agreement, Closeness, Solidarity, Equivalence, Concordance, Imitation, Coexistence, Binding agreement, Tie-up, Good vibes, Coequality, Promise, Esprit de corps, Synonymousness, Affirmation, Unity, Covenant, Similarity, Syndication, Verbal agreement, Blending, Line, Convention, Inclusion, Integration, League, Sympathy, Coaction, Parasitism, Traditionalism, Accession, Brotherly love, Concurrence, Approach, Simile, Consolidation, Frictionlessness, Combined effort, Association, Kinship, Contemporaneousness, Hearty assent, Transaction, Coincidence, Common assent, Synonymy, Warm assent, Arrangement, Fellow feeling, Marriage, Federalization, Undertaking, Homoousia, Saprophytism, Readiness, Congruence, Package, Rapport, Entente, Agreement in principle, No difference, General voice, Collectivity, Dicker, Collusion, Peace, Sanction, Sympathy

How to use Agreement in a sentence?

  1. The government has not reached an agreement.
  2. When you make a contract, you should sign the contract and not break it or it will damage your reputation.
  3. The team and the players make arrangements which makes everyone happy as they all get what they want with the arrangements.
  4. When David and Jason started the company, they first agreed on how much to invest and how to distribute the profits.

Meaning of Agreement & Agreement Definition

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