Definition of Tutorial:

  1. Relating to a tutor or a tutors instruction.

  2. Self-paced instructional program that provides step by step information in presenting a concept or learning unit. Computer based tutorials use interactive methods such as hyperlinks, and audio and visual presentation of the subject matter, and provide feedback through question-answer exercises.

  3. A period of instruction given by a university or college tutor to an individual or very small group.

Synonyms of Tutorial

Academic, Donnish, Pedagogic, Pedantic, Preceptorial, Professorial, Professorlike, Schoolmastering, Schoolmasterish, Schoolmasterlike, Schoolmasterly, Schoolmistressy, Schoolteacherish, Schoolteachery, Teacherish, Teacherlike, Teachery, Teachy, Lesson, Class, Seminar, Period of instruction, Period of teaching

How to use Tutorial in a sentence?

  1. The tutorial was a useful exercise in learning for those that paid attention, the problem is most users skip through the important information.
  2. Making a good tutorial for your workers can help them get acclimated to a new product or system much faster.
  3. Before I started to play the video game, I had a look at the tutorial which taught me the controls and the basics on how to play.
  4. Tutorial sessions.
  5. A tutorial on English poetry.

Meaning of Tutorial & Tutorial Definition