Definition of Income:

  1. The flow of cash or cash-equivalents received from work (wage or salary), capital (interest or profit), or land (rent).

  2. Law: Money or other forms of payment (received periodically or regularly) from commerce, employment, endowment, investment, royalties, etc.

  3. Economics: Consumption that, at the end of a period, will leave an individual with the same amount of goods (and the expectations of future goods) as at the beginning of that period. Therefore, income means the maximum amount an individual can spend during a period without being any worse off. Income (and not the GDP) is the engine that drives an economy because only it can create demand.

  4. Accounting: (1) An excess of revenue over expenses for an accounting period. Also called earnings or gross profit. (2) An amount by which total assets increase in an accounting period.

  5. Money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.

Synonyms of Income

Earnings, Salary, Pay, Remuneration, Wages, Stipend, Emolument, Access, Admission, Avails, Base pay, Box office, Capital gains, Cleanup, Clear profit, Commissions, Compensation, Credit, Credits, Dismissal wage, Disposable income, Dividend, Dividends, Earned income, Earnings, Entrance, Entree, Entry, Escalator clause, Escalator plan, Filthy lucre, Financial remuneration, Gain, Gains, Gate, Gate receipts, Get, Gettings, Gleanings, Gross, Gross income, Gross profit, Gross receipts, Guaranteed annual wage, Hire, Hoard, Import, Importation, Importing, Incoming, Infiltration, Ingoing, Ingress, Ingression, Input, Insertion, Insinuation, Intake, Interest, Interpenetration, Introduction, Introgression, Intrusion, Killing, Leakage, Living wage, Lucre, Make, Makings, Minimum wage, Neat profit, Net, Net income, Net profit, Net receipts, Output, Paper profits, Pay, Pay and allowances, Payment, Payroll, Pelf, Penetration, Percentage, Percolation, Perk, Perks, Perquisite, Pickings, Portal-to-portal pay, Proceeds, Produce, Profit, Profits, Purchasing power, Rake-off, Real wages, Receipt, Receipts, Receivables, Reception, Remuneration, Return, Returns, Revenue, Royalties, Salary, Seepage, Severance pay, Sliding scale, Store, Take, Take-home, Take-home pay, Take-in, Takings, Taxable income, Total compensation, Unearned income, Wage, Wage control, Wage freeze, Wage reduction, Wage rollback, Wage scale, Wages, Wages after deductions, Wages after taxes, Wealth, Winnings, Yield

How to use Income in a sentence?

  1. The new mother took a part-time job as another source of income because her husband had just been demoted from his manager position.
  2. He has a nice home and an adequate income.
  3. I wondered what the mans income was because he made such a big deal out of how much money he made last year.
  4. Having a reliable income will help you to not be stressed about the day to day bills that life will throw your way.

Meaning of Income & Income Definition

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How To Define Income?

  1. Revenue is the amount (or equivalent) that a person or business usually receives in exchange for providing goods or services or investing. Proceeds are used for current expenses. Investment, pensions and social security are important sources of income for retirees. For individuals, income is often received in the form of wages or salaries. Operating income can refer to the company's outstanding income after all expenses and taxes have been paid. In this case, the income is called profit. Most income is taxed.

    • Income is the amount a person or business receives in return for providing work, producing goods or services, or investing.
    • Most people earn their living from wages or salaries. A business generates revenue from the sale of goods or services that exceed the cost of production.
    • Tax authorities treat income in a variety of ways.

  2. Income definition is: Arrival of entries for a fixed period.

  3. Income can be defined as, Money that a person receives, for example, in the form of salary or investment, which is usually subject to income tax. Cash and bond deposits generate interest. Most UK equities provide income in the form of semi-annual profits.

  4. Income refers to Capital income other than interest, income, profit and capital. (Definition belongs to Wachovia Wealth Management).

  5. Profit or interest earned through shareholders or liabilities. Profits are part of the profits paid to shareholders, while interest is paid to bondholders in the form of cash or various loan bonds. Reinvested income can significantly increase profits. See the expected version.

Meanings of Income

  1. Money that is regularly received primarily for work or investment.

Sentences of Income

  1. Have a nice home and a decent income.


What Does Income Mean?

  1. Revenue is money (or equivalent) that is usually received by a person or business for providing goods or services or investing. Revenue is used to determine current expenses. Investment, pensions and social security are important sources of income for retirees. For individuals, income is often received in the form of wages or salaries. Operating income can refer to the company's outstanding income after all expenses and taxes have been paid. In this case, the income is called profit. Most income is taxed.

    • Income is the amount a person or business receives for providing services, purchasing goods or services, or investing.
    • Most people earn their living from wages or salaries. Companies make money from the sale of goods or services in proportion to their auction fees.
    • Tax authorities treat income in a variety of ways.

  2. Definition of Income: Enter INCOME for a specified period.

  3. Interest, income, profits and other unequal capital income. (Definition belongs to Wacvia Wealth Management).

  4. Profit or interest from a stock or bond offer. Profits are part of the income paid to shareholders, while interest is paid to bondholders in the form of cash or various debt bonds. Reinvested income can significantly increase profits. See the expected version.

Synonyms of Income

incomings, money received, means, turnover


What Does Income Mean?

  • Income is money that a person or business receives in return for work, achievements or services, or investments. A person's income can also come from pensions, state benefits or gifts.

    • Income is money that people and companies get in return for work, services or investments. Some receive income from pensions and government programs.
    • Companies generate more revenue from the sale of their goods or services than the auction fee.
    • Tax authorities treat income in a variety of ways.

  • Income can be defined as, Capital income other than interest, income, profit and capital. (Definition belongs to Wacvia Wealth Management).

  • You can define Income as, Profit or interest from a stock or bond offer. Profits are part of the income paid to shareholders, while interest is paid to bondholders in the form of cash or various debt bonds. Re-invested income can increase significantly. See the expected version.

Sentences of Income

  1. Have a good home and a decent income.