Definition of Factor:

  1. A situation, reality or influence that contributes to a result or outcome.

  2. Another term for factoring.

  3. Multiplying a large number or quantity by another provides a specific number or expression.

  4. Sell ​​(your loan) to the postman.

  5. Finance: The party that buys the accounts received before the discount date (see Factoring for details).

  6. Ingredients or elements that produce a particular effect or result or determine a particular multiplicity, quantity or quantity.

  7. A sales agent is a trader who buys and sells on a commission basis.

  8. One of the many substances in the blood is identified primarily by numbers and is involved in clotting.

  9. Mathematics: (1) The variable was studied in the study. (2) A numerical expression of some value. (3) Proportion (often expressed as a percentage). ()) A number that divides exactly a certain number. (5) Multiply two or more terms.

  10. Configure (software source code) into several components that are easy to maintain and use.

Synonyms of Factor

Agency, Deputy, Proctor, Principle, Press agent, MC, Recessive character, Gauge, Circumstance, Circumstance, Ticket agent, Pharmacogenetics, Minutia, Chromatin, Winnow, Weismann theory, Adjutant, Birth, Walking delegate, Loan agent, Regard, Item, Case, Inborn capacity, General agent, Class, Fed, Cause, Federal, Allelomorph, Antecedents, Part and parcel, Allele, Element, Coadjutor, Classify, Insurance agent, Seneschal, Functionary, Land agent, Detail, Adjunct, Feature, Etiology, Custodian, Cause and effect, Determinative, Aid, Middleman, Facet, Ground, Patrocliny, Determinant, Consideration, Means, Representative, Freight agent, Aspect, Constituent, Mendelism, Point, Group, Middleman, Element, Detail, Identify, Implement, Inheritability, Weigh, Matter, Instance, DNA, Financier, Galtonian theory, Master of ceremonies, Mendelianism, Respect, Catalog, Consideration, Determinant, Ingredient, Official, Facet, Basis, Thing, Heritage, Amanuensis, Landreeve, Influence, Weismannism, Dupe, Go-between, News agent, Chromosome, Part, Call, Sift, Commercial agent, Sort out, Chromatid, Verworn theory, Assistant, Endowment, Attorney, Instrument, Librarian, Aspect, Strand, Integrant, Proxy, Feature, Instrumentality, Helper, Federal agent, Tool, Law agent, Croupier, Altmann theory, Makings, Agent, Fact, Minutiae, Guardian, Travel agent, Incidental, Commission agent, Station agent, Contents, Genetics, Replication, Agent, RNA, Purchasing agent, Piece, Heredity, Curator, Butler, Assignee, Passenger agent, Diathesis, Secretary, Matrocliny, Part, Categorize, Minor detail, Sort, Item, Point, Ingredient, Grounds, Eugenics, Representative, Claim agent, Evaluate, Lender, Assess, Influence, Antecedent, De Vries theory, Steward, Base, Backer, Parliamentary agent, Special agent, Housekeeper, Article, Specialty, Deputy, Fixings, Count, Component, Genesiology, Particular, Wiesner theory, Banker, Go-between, Heritability, Sales agent, Real estate agent, Procurator, Datum, Customer agent, Determiner, Component, Puppet, Intermediary, Gene, Majordomo, Baggage agent, Intermediary, Stimulus, Thrash out, Consignee, Bailiff, Character, Clerk, Moneylender, Constituent, Causation, Thing, Appraise, Hereditability, Genetic code, Appurtenance, Theatrical agent, Business agent, Emcee, Characteristic, Literary agent, Occasion, Inheritance

How to use Factor in a sentence?

  1. There are many factors to consider in making this important decision, including product prices, labor quality and production efficiency.
  2. Last year, researchers took a 155-digit number.
  3. This involves changing the balance between procoagulant and anticoagulant factors in the blood.
  4. Her father was the chief postman of the Hudson's Bay Company.
  5. He collected the rent while he was collecting the mortgaged property.
  6. The duration of the shoe manufacturing process is an important factor in the company's productivity.
  7. He works fast and understands the time factor.
  8. For Steven, the most important factor in choosing a university is the reputation and success of the teachers who teach the courses.
  9. A value that exceeds a factor of one thousand or more.

Meaning of Factor & Factor Definition