Dollar General Store Manager Salary

Dollar General Store Managers’ salary is $21 an hour, or $43,000 per year, which is the same as the national average for all Store Managers and 42% less than the average yearly wage for all employed Americans. IKEA pays its store managers the highest salaries ($164,000 yearly). The salary ratio can vary significantly based on various crucial aspects, including schooling, diplomas, specialized talents, and the period you’ve been working in a given field.

The salary depends on the manager’s location.

Depending on the nation’s region, the cost of living can vary. We can tell that some places where Dollar General employees make more money than others. In Washington, DC, employees get an average income of $41,051, making it the city with the highest average pay. Albany, New York employees of Dollar General don’t make as much money. Albany, New York’s average annual wage is $40,020.

Salary Structure at Dollar General by Location

Location Salary Hourly Rate
Washington ,DC $41,051 $19.74
Albany,NY $40,020 $19.24
Camden,NJ $37,302 $17.93
Chicago,IL $33,438 $16.08
Wilmington,DE $35,265 $16.95
Niles,MI $30,878 $14.85

General Dollars Paid By Department

The department or organizational function determines the different salaries at Dollar General. At Dollar General, the average income for employees in retail positions is $32,580. The warehouse is the second highest-paying division. Here employees make an average of $32,280 a year. Sales and customer service are the organizational roles that pay the least. These departments pay their employees $28,433 and $30,886.

Position Salary Hourly
Store Manager $40,437 $19.44
Assistant Manager $38,206 $18.37
Store Associate $29,361 $14.12
Key Holder $29,047 $13.96

Duties Of Manager At Dollar Store

Answering phones, making schedules, and corresponding with Dollar General corporate offices are duties for assistant manager. Depending on the position, training includes verbal, auditory, visual, and hands-on orientation. The typical Dollar General manager may need to attend job training for up to a week.

Salary And Bonus

Only those aged 18 may take part in management positions at Dollar General stores. Managers at Dollar General often work four to five eight-hour shifts per week or full-time. Managers receive an annual payment package averaging between $30k and $40k. Pay rates often rise with experience and length of employment.

Getting Benefits from Other Jobs

Several employment advantages are available to qualified Dollar General management colleagues. The job perks available to qualifying employees are:

  • Paid time off

  • 401(k) retirement plans

  • flexible spending accounts

  • supplementary healthcare coverage

  • life insurance options

  • discounts on Dollar General goods, services, and services.

Annual Salary Of A Store Manager At Dollar General In Georgia

The yearly salary for a Dollar General Store Manager in Georgia is about $27,424, which is 42% less than the national average.

Salary data is derived from 313 data points directly gathered over the previous 36 months from Indeed job postings, users, and workers.

Mississippi Dollar General Store Manager

Mississippi’s typical Dollar General Store Manager salary is about $35,985 per year, which is 24% less than the national average.

Professionals with data from Indeed can gather information on 161 of 167 positions. The Search Site is not offering the remaining positions. Office & Administrative Support profiles around 467 job postings, and the 3rd most popular career choice was Telecommunications.

Dollar General Pay

Expected salary varies by Dollar General employee’s location. The average hourly worker’s salary is $111 per hour. Dollar General Lead Sales Associates average approximately

$9 an hour As of 2018, sales representatives and taxpayers averaged $8 per hour.

Dollar General Pays Its Employees Every Day.

US dollar general investigators usually earn hourly wages of around $. As experience grows, they can raise the wage rate and annual salary. Local labor also affects the taxpayers’ average hours income. Aug 14, 2019.


According to a Star Agee analysis, Dollar General, Dollar Family, and Dollar Tree will open new stores every six hours this year. 220,000 Full-time and part-time workers rely on the company’s annual report. The only standard dollar is 90,000 A staff.

Pay Off The Tree Dollar.

Pay for general warehouse work $16 hourly 2 USD for “Premium Edition” pay 'Work in peak season. Dollar Tree A referral bonus of $500 is also provided. Technicians can earn up to $29 Hourly, plus a $2 bonus pay.In addition to flexible cost general warehouse work is $16 hourly “Premium” 2 USD pay 'Work in peak season. Dollar Tree A referral bonus of $500 is also provided. Technicians can earn up to $29 Hourly, plus a $2 bonus pay.

Dollar General’s story

Dollar General by J. L. Turner and Calister Hurley 1939. The county headquarters is in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. In 1939, Carl Turner Sr. Turner and his father founded Turner & Sons in Scottsville, Kentucky.

Products At Dollar General sell

The products in this shop include home decor, cold and flu care, health supplies, groceries, paper and plastic, pet supplies, and household cleaners. Although the store sells products online, free shipping can’t be an effective free option.

Responsibilities Of The Dollar Family Assistant Manager

An assistant manager works with a store manager to focus on productivity and prosperity. The branch manager shares the administrative responsibility with the Family Dollar company.

salary of the banker

The average weekly salary for Dollar Tree costs three to four to five hours. Shift length and schedule vary according to the location of the dollars. Cashiers are usually paid an hour on stock around $.

Dollar Tree is Open on Sundays

Dollar Tree is usually open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 9 pm local time. There will be a decrease in the opening hours if the public holiday is functioning. Please touch the local dollar block for specific business hours. Weekends: Dollar tree is open from 9 am to 9 pm day Saturday and Sundays noon to 9 pm the time of place

In the United States, Managers Pay

The average yearly salary for a Dollar General Manager in the United States is about $42,005, 25% less than the national average.

They used forty-six data points to calculate salaries, including direct employee feedback, user feedback, and previous and present Indeed job adverts.


Q.1 Is being a store manager a decent career for you?

Store management is a rewarding career, yes.

Being a store manager is a fantastic career choice, especially for people with strong communication and goal-oriented traits. It is because the individual in this role is the go-to person for handling complex client concerns and assisting lower-level workers in succeeding.
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Q.2 What credentials are required to be a store manager?

  • You’ll require expertise in customer service.
  • Patience and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure
  • to operate effectively and tolerate criticism.
  • The capacity for collaborative work.
  • Leadership capabilities.
  • To take pleasure in teamwork.
  • Sensitivity and comprehension

Q.3 Is a degree required to work as a manager in retail?

Retail shop managers might obtain their positions without having any certifications.

Q.4 Without any management experience, how do I become one?

Investigate education. Even in your current position, you can pick up management skills.

  • Oversee a project.
  • Encourage a teammate.
  • Ensure your boss has your back.
  • Update your resume.
  • Examine potential internal prospects.
  • Think about assistant manager positions.
  • Getting ready for interviews

Q.5 How can I succeed in a management job interview?

When getting ready for a management interview, keep these things in mind.

  • Focus on leadership,
  • Concentrate on leadership,
  • comprehend the needs of the company,
  • tailor your strengths,
  • provide numerous examples, and
  • demonstrate energy and enthusiasm.
  • ask pertinent, well-prepared questions before concluding the interview.

Q.6 What is Dollar General’s highest rate of pay?

**The hourly wage at Dollar General Corporation is $8.15 to $14.01 on average. **The highest-paid position at Dollar General Corporation is Warehouse Worker, with an average hourly rate of $17.08.

Q.7 What is the duty of a store manager?

Hiring, training, managing, and evaluating employees’ budgets, keeping financial and statistical records, and answering customer questions and complaints.

Q.8 How long does it typically take to become a manager?

To become a manager, you need three years of professional experience. Although it does not take into account time spent in formal schooling, that is how long it takes to master specific management skills. It takes 6 to 8 years to become a manager if you factor in the typical education requirements for a college degree.

Q.9 How can I become a manager from a supervisor?

  • Make adjustments gradually.
  • Take advice from your superiors.
  • Establish your managerial style.
  • Use your leadership abilities.
  • Encourage community.
  • Develop your guiding skills.
  • Form alliances with upper management.
  • Engage in open dialogue with your group.

Q.10 Who is the store manager’s superior?

Store managers typically rank behind general, regional, and corporate executives in hierarchical organizations but above assistant managers and sales agents.

Q.11 How frequently do raises happen at Dollar General?

Every year, around your hire anniversary, all workers are considered for raises. An hourly rise of 25 cents on average occurs annually. If you stay with the company for several years, there will be a “limit” on your pay for your job.

Q.12 Is it difficult to work at Dollar General?

Working at Dollar General is a very hurried job that requires you to stay alert for almost the whole shift. Things move faster once they start. At DG, ringing up one customer may quickly grow into ten or twenty, particularly if you’re the only registered user.


However, if you base your pay on your hourly rate, you would receive substantially less money for the number of hours you work in this role. Using the number of hours worked in a week as an example, if you work on average around 47 hours per week, your hourly rate reduces to $14.97.

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