Fantomworks Hourly Rate

Fantomworks hourly rate?? Not only is he doing well for himself and the shop with all the significant changes, but he is also making a living on the Velocity TV show. Depending on the popularity of the show, the cast of FantomWorks earns between $ 10,000 and $ 50,000 per episode.

Likewise, you May Be Wondering How Much FantomWorks Costs Per Hour?
The total cost depends on the cost of parts and materials. Besides that $ 78.00 per hour worked for the customer’s requested work. After they have properly assessed the vehicle. But before the work begins, the customer receives a cost estimate, which he accepts.

Are You Also Wondering If There is a Cancellation of FantomWorks?

In the early days of 2019, we finished filming the FantomWorks TV series. A few weeks ago, the broadcaster announced the cancellation of our television program. Based on this, I decided it was time to explain why I stopped and thank everyone involved.

Also, why was FantomWorks canceled?

In 2012, 25 FantomWorks closed due to legal disputes. The customer thought the part would only cost $ 2,000 as the part would cost $ 6,000. The case lasted two years, but they trusted him and Short and won the case.

Is FantomWorks Real?

Fantom works are by far the worst TV show ever! The show is about drama. It has nothing to do with reality. I build cars, and this is an industrial fair that isn’t full of junk. The times are realistic (accurate), but the prices seem a bit lower than I expected.

How much is Dan Short of FantomWorks worth?*

Dan Short Earns Big in Store and TV.

Who Owns FantomWorks?

I fell in love with my first car when I was 5. I was born in '62, saw a 1967 Camaro in 1967, and fell in love with it that day. Work with Daniel Short, owner, of DRS Automotive FantomWorks.

Where Was FantomWorks Filmed?

The shooting of FantomWorks took place on a location at DRS Automotive FantomWorks. There is a restored garage for classic American planes and boat cars.

Why Did DRS Stop?

Why stop DRS … In the early days of 2019, we are shooting the TV series FantomWorks. The store will continue producing cars for years, but the FantomWorks show will end. A few weeks ago, the broadcaster announced the cancellation of our television program.

Have They Cleared the Carz Cemetery ?

The show is in season 11 and the season finale aired on June 11, 2019,. Velocity has not announced whether they will renew Graveyard Cars for another season. Besides that, the good news is that they still haven’t announced a cancellation plan.

When Did Speed Become a Motorcycle Trend?

On November 23, 2018, Speed ​​was renamed Motor Trend.

How Much Does a Chassis Restoration Cost?

Our business costs PHR $ 75.00. The only criteria when determining the restoration price in our workshop is the workshop workload plus parts and accessories. An average restoration framework, when the car is in good condition, is 800 hours. When the vehicle is in poor condition, it usually takes around 1000 person-hours.

Is The Carz Cemetery a Real Shop?

Graveyard Carz is an American auto reality show produced in Springfield, Oregon It restores Mopar muscle cars from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. The shop motto for Graveyard Carz is:
“It’s Mopar or No car.”

Which Channel Does FantomWorks Run On?

FantomWorks run on the channel “Motor Trend”.

Where Is The Restoration Workshop?

The location of guild is in the city of Bradford, approximately 45 minutes north of Toronto, and is open to the public.

Why was the incident stopped?

Thomas Jane, whose HBO Hung show was canceled (THR-Link: avoided rating due to low ratings.

When Did Dan Short Enlist In The US Army As a Special Forces Operator?

Before founding FantomWorks, Dan Short served his country. At seventeen, he enlisted as a Special Forces operator in the US Army. He served with the Special Forces and later as a test pilot. Then he started as a program manager for a plane design and build program. His dedication to his work ethic was rewarded as he served for over twenty-five years.

When Did Dan Short Return From the Military?

Dan Short retired from the military in 2005. He started his auto restoration business out of his garage. Dan Short’s hourly rate at FantaWorks reflects his passion for cars.

Which Was the First project, Dan Short?

As a part-owner of FantomWorks, Dan Short has put everything he has into the business. One of his first projects was restoring a vintage car that was the former owner’s. Besides, he must also fix Ken’s classic car, which has been sitting for five years. In the end, this car is his wedding gift to his bride-to-be, Melissa.

From Where Did Melissa Short and Dan Short’s Son Zman graduate?

Melissa Short and Dan Short’s son Zman graduated from Norfolk Christian School. They lived in Norfolk, Virginia, with their son Zach. Their marriage is solid, and their son is the joy of their lives.

What Do You Know About Dan Short’s Early Life?
Dan Short has not revealed anything about his early life or education. Short and his wife have a son, Zach, born on October 1, 2003,. His hourly rate at Fanta Works is around $450 an hour.

Who was the man behind FantomWorks?

The man behind FantomWorks is no ordinary car mechanic. He has a history of being a part of the military and serving in Special Forces. He also worked in Strategic Recon, SCUBA teams, and several other capacities.

From Where Dan Short Has Learned About Cars And Restoration?

Since his career in the military, Dan Short has learned about cars. besides that, he did restoration through books, night classes, and the auto industry.

  • He began working on cars in an old, burned garage. Later, he moved his shop to a new, prime location on Hampton Boulevard in Norfolk, Virginia.
  • This location offered ample space for various stages of car restoration.
  • Dan wanted to create a one-stop-shop that offered complete restoration services.

When Did Chip Foose Begin His Career?

Famed hot-rod designer Chip Foose began his career at the age of seven. He later became a reality television personality and established his own design business. Today, Foose Design creates custom cars, modifying and building them.

How much time has it taken Foose to build and change cars?

These cars can cost more than $1 million and take six years to build. The company generated $4 million in revenue last year. Foose also has a hand in designing sunglasses for Oakley Inc.

Who Is The Voice Chairman of The Progeria Research Foundation Branch in California?

The man who helped launch the Toy Story franchise is now vice-chairman of the Progeria Research Foundation in California. His involvement with various charities includes the Victory Junction Gang Camp and Childhelp. The auction of the company’s revamped vehicles was for charitable purposes.

What Is A Standard Connection Between Dan Short’s Passion for Cars and His FANTOMWORKS Hourly Rate?

A standard connection between Dan Short’s passion for cars and his FANTOMWORKS hourly rate is that the two are not exclusive. He has worked with both companies to build their websites for their respective products.

When Did Dan’s Passion Begin For Cars?

Dan’s passion for cars began when he was a teenager. The car he bought was a 1967 RS SS model in Spring Lake, NC. It was in a beat-up condition, and Dan liked the car’s old-world charm. So, the customer owed Dan a free car restoration, but his dad couldn’t afford it.


As a former professional soldier, Foose’s inspiration led him to pursue a career in car design and manufacturing. His passion for classic cars led him to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. He also took an interest in racing cars. If you have an interest in working with a professional team, FanWorks is a great place to start. His upcoming book will focus on the company’s involvement in charity work. This will make him a better leader.

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