Definition of Dependent:

  1. (of a clause, phrase, or word) subordinate to another clause, phrase, or word.

  2. Contingent on or determined by.

  3. A dependent may be a qualifying child or a qualifying relative with status as determined by Internal Revenue Code (IRC) tests. To qualify their dependent status, the individual must meet specific requirements. Qualifications include passing the dependent taxpayer test of not being the dependent of a taxpayer who is also dependent, being either a qualifying child or qualifying relative, or passing the joint return test, where they cannot have filed specific joint returns. Furthermore, the dependent needs be a U.S. citizen or a North American resident passing the citizen/resident test. .

  4. A dependent is a qualifying person who entitles a taxpayer to claim dependent-related tax benefits on a tax return. Tests in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) establish a person's eligibility to be a taxpayer's dependent for dependency claims. .

  5. Requiring someone or something for financial, emotional, or other support.

  6. Person who relies on someone else for support and qualifies as a taxpayers dependent. Normally a child or grandchild, or a non-working spouse, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece, or nephew may be claimed as a dependent.

  7. A person who relies on another, especially a family member, for financial support.

Synonyms of Dependent

Conditional on, Contingent on, Based on, Depending on, Resting on, Hanging on, Hingeing on, Reliant on, Relying on, Counting on, Leaning on, Accessory, Addicted, Addicted to, Adherent, Ancillary, Appendage, Appurtenant, At issue, Attendant, Based on, Boxed in, Buff, Cascading, Cavaliere servente, Charge, Childlike, Circumscribed, Circumscribed by, Client, Collateral, Conditional, Conditioned, Confiding, Contingent, Contingent on, Counting, Courtier, Creature, Credulous, Dangler, Dangling, Debased, Dependent on, Depending, Depending on, Depending on circumstances, Disciple, Encumbrance, Exposed, Falling, Falling loosely, Fan, Feudal, Feudatory, Flowing, Flunky, Follower, Following, Guileless, Habituated, Habitue, Hanger-on, Hanging, Hedged about by, Heeler, Henchman, Hinging on, Homager, Homme de cour, Hooked, Hooked on, Humbled, Hung, Iffy, In a rut, In question, In suspense, In the balance, Incident to, Incidental to, Inferior, Innocent, Lackey, Liable, Liege, Liege man, Limited, Man, Minion, Myrmidon, Naive, Never free from, Open, Parasite, Partisan, Pendent, Pending, Pendulant, Pendular, Penduline, Pendulous, Pensile, Pensionary, Pensioner, Peon, Predicated on, Protege, Provisional, Provisory, Public, Public charge, Pursuer, Pursuivant, Reckoning, Relative, Reliant, Relying, Restricted, Retainer, Revolving on, Satellite, Secondary, Sectary, Serf, Servant, Servile, Shadow, Slave, Spaced out, Stooge, Sub, Subject, Subject to, Subordinate, Subservient, Successor, Supporter, Susceptible, Suspended, Suspenseful, Swinging, Tagtail, Tail, Trainbearer, Tributary, Trustful, Trusting, Trusty, Turning on, Uncertain, Uncounted, Undecided, Under, Underling, Understrapper, Undetermined, Unestablished, Unfixed, Unsettled, Unsuspecting, Unsuspicious, Untold, Up for grabs, Used to, Vassal, Votary, Ward, Ward heeler, Weeping, Without suspicion, Yeoman

How to use Dependent in a sentence?

  1. The various benefits will be dependent on length of service.
  2. An economy heavily dependent on oil exports.
  3. A clause dependent on another clause.

Meaning of Dependent & Dependent Definition