Definition of Dependent:

  1. Subordinate (from sentence, sentence or word) to sentence, sentence or other words

  2. Its dependence or determination

  3. Dependents may be children or parents who meet the requirements that are determined by checking the Income Tax Code (IRC). In order to qualify as a dependent, an individual must meet certain requirements. Requirements also include passing the dependent taxpayer exam because they are not dependent on the taxpayer who is dependent, whether eligible children or parents, or pass the joint return test if they cannot file a special tax return Are Additionally, addicts will be U.S. citizens or residents who have passed the citizen / resident exam. .

  4. Dependency is a competent person that allows taxpayers to claim tax benefits related to coverage in their income tax returns. The Internal Income Code (IRC) test indicates an individual's eligibility to become a dependent partner in dependency claims. .

  5. Challenge someone or something to support you financially, emotionally or vice versa.

  6. People whose support is dependent on third parties and who rely on taxpayers. In general, children or grandchildren or spouses, parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nieces or nephews who do not work can be considered dependent.

  7. Someone's financial support depends on other people, especially family members.

Synonyms of Dependent

Henchman, Debased, Contingent, Sectary, Susceptible, In suspense, Inferior, Heeler, Unsettled, Swinging, Hanging on, Trusting, Minion, Unsuspicious, Boxed in, Client, Subject, Iffy, Understrapper, Predicated on, Creature, Credulous, Encumbrance, Following, Liege man, Myrmidon, Retainer, Adherent, Cascading, Man, Courtier, Never free from, Uncounted, Trusty, Public, Pensile, Slave, Hinging on, Counting on, Undecided, Lackey, Without suspicion, Penduline, At issue, Homme de cour, Circumscribed, Subordinate, Flunky, Homager, Pendular, Addicted to, Relying on, Trainbearer, Pursuer, Disciple, Tributary, Childlike, Based on, Fan, Sub, Addicted, Hanging, In the balance, Supporter, Stooge, Suspended, Hooked, Buff, Yeoman, In question, Hingeing on, Pending, Dependent on, Public charge, Exposed, Incident to, Suspenseful, Serf, Spaced out, Trustful, Depending on, Guileless, Liable, Underling, Pendent, Circumscribed by, Servant, Partisan, Incidental to, Unfixed, Provisional, Innocent, Relying, Appurtenant, Accessory, Humbled, Reliant on, Falling loosely, Protege, Naive, Provisory, Confiding, Used to, Depending, Pursuivant, Relative, Up for grabs, Servile, Counting, Leaning on, Liege, Limited, Conditional on, Ward, Tail, Revolving on, Contingent on, Depending on circumstances, Open, Unestablished, Pendulous, Hooked on, Cavaliere servente, Successor, Reliant, Contingent on, Restricted, Charge, Pensionary, Weeping, Resting on, Falling, Feudatory, Votary, Parasite, Reckoning, Ward heeler, Shadow, Uncertain, Conditioned, Pendulant, Ancillary, Vassal, Satellite, Hung, Hanger-on, Feudal, Attendant, Tagtail, Subject to, Undetermined, Unsuspecting, Based on, Pensioner, Secondary, Collateral, In a rut, Turning on, Habituated, Conditional, Dangler, Follower, Depending on, Habitue, Dangling, Appendage, Flowing, Subservient, Untold, Hedged about by, Under, Peon

How to use Dependent in a sentence?

  1. Different advantages depending on the length.
  2. An economy that is heavily dependent on oil exports.
  3. A clause which depends on other clauses.

Meaning of Dependent & Dependent Definition