Beetlejuice Entertainer

Beetlejuice Entertainer is the second name of Lester Green and is an American performer. Green rose to notoriety in 1999 after appearing on The Howard Stern Show, when Beetlejuice entertainer became a member of Stern’s Wack Pack. In 2015, he was dubbed the greatest Wack Packer of all time.

Beetlejuice Entertainer

:black_small_square: Beetlejuice Entertainer

Beetlejuice is the stage name of Lester Green, an American actor and comedian recognized for his low stature and small head owing to microcephaly and dwarfism, as well as his harsh sense of humor, which made him famous on ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

He was a member of Stern’s ‘Wack Pack,’ and in late 2015, he was awarded the ‘Greatest Wack Packer of All Time.’ He also tours under the umbrella of ‘The Killers of Comedy Tour,’ which includes performers from the program.

Beetlejuice, one of Stern’s favorite guests, sang the original song ‘This Is Beetle’ on the program in late 2004, and was subsequently given his own talk show of the same name in 2009.

He’s also acted in films including ‘Scary Movie 2’, ‘Bubble Boy,’ and ‘Girls Gone,’ and lent his voice to the character Zeke in the 2005 video game ‘True Crime: New York City.’

Beetlejuice, who used to wrestle in comic books in his youth, recently challenged Mike Tyson to about.

Green was born with dwarfism and microcephaly, which resulted in a tiny head relative to his small frame as well as an intellectual handicap.

He is the second youngest of six children raised in the Marion section of Jersey City, New Jersey, by his mother Lillie.

Sean Rooney, Green’s manager, spotted him at a local tavern. He went on to become a comedian, joining Rooney’s dwarf throwing company, where he was given his nickname because of his similarity to a character in the film Beetlejuice (1988).

Sean Rooney died in 2009 leaving his brother, Bobby Rooney, in charge of Green’s career.

Jerry O’Connell said on The Howard Stern Show on October 2, 2007, that he knew Green when he was younger.

Green’s special education teacher at PS 31 in Jersey City, New Jersey, was O’Connell’s mother, and Green was such a superb student that he performed extra work as her “helper.”

:small_orange_diamond: Rise to Stardom

Beetlejuice met Sean Rooney at a pub during his early Dwarf-tossing career, and Sean became his manager for his shows as a nightclub entertainment and comic.

Beetlejuice briefly appeared as a wrestler on the World Championship Wrestling program, where he often competed against competitors far bigger than him.

Beetlejuice appeared on ‘The Howard Stern Program’ alongside another small person in 1999, and he later became a frequent guest on the show.

His popularity on the program led to appearances in films such as ‘Scary Movie 2’ and ‘Bubble Boy.’

He later debuted in hip-hop music by appearing on the cover of the movie (2001), the first album of the hip-hop group Smut Peddlers, on which he also appeared on three tracks.

In 2002, he participated in the music video for rapper N.O.R.E.'s single “Grimey.” In late 2004, he impulsively wrote a song in the studio that was eventually turned into the single ‘This Is Beetle’ by Stern’s show producer, Richard Christy.

He returned to the program in the following years, and in 2009, he was given his own show, ‘This is Beetle,’ which revealed his everyday challenges as a result of his celebrity and handicap.

:black_small_square: Filmography

:small_orange_diamond: Film

Year Title Role
2012 Girls gone deceased Himself
2004 Beetle uncensored Himself
2001 Scary movie 2, Bubble boy Himself

:small_orange_diamond: Television

Year Title Role
2009 This is Beetle Himself
2003 Doggy Fizzle Televizzle Himself
2001 Son of the Beach Himself
2000 WCW Monday Nitro Himself

:small_orange_diamond: Video Games

Year Title Role
True Crime: New York City Zeke (voice)


Lester Green (born June 2, 1968) is an American performer and actor best known as Beetlejuice. Green rose to notoriety in 1999 after appearing on The Howard Stern Show, when he became a member of Stern’s Wack Pack. In 2015, he was dubbed the greatest Wack Packer of all time.

:black_small_square: Career

The details are written below:

:small_orange_diamond: Early Appearances and The Howard Stern show

Green made his debut on The Howard Stern Show on July 14, 1999, with Frank “Third Degree” Burns, another small guy, to promote Rooney’s dwarf throwing company.

Stern quickly took a fancy to Beetlejuice and spotted his star potential, referring to him as a “one in a lifetime guest.” Green would go on to appear on the program many times and become one of Stern’s most famous guests.

Despite his popularity, some people have been critical of his appearances on the program because they believe Stern abuses developmentally handicapped people.

Stern was invited to the 17th AVN Awards in 2000 to receive an honorary unique accomplishment award, which he sent Green to accept on his behalf.

Green delivered his victory speech with some supervision from his management, which had to be cut short owing to his long, “incomprehensible babbling.”

That same year, he appeared on WCW Nitro costumed as Superman, confronting Jeff Jarrett backstage, who subsequently whacked Green over the head with a guitar.

Green then disrupted Jarrett’s WCW Championship bout before being hammered in the ring by the wrestler.

Green participated in a “Beetlejuice for Senate” spoof campaign commercial developed for The Howard Stern Show during the 2000 United States Senate race in New York.

Green outlined his positions on abortion, taxation, education, and drugs in the advertisement.

:small_orange_diamond: Rise to Fame

Green played Lil’ Zip, a member of a freak show seen by Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Jimmy Livingston, in the 2001 cult comedy film Bubble Boy. Matthew McGrory, another member of Stern’s Wack Pack, performed with Green.

That same year, he appeared in Scary Movie 2 himself, as the brain of Marlon Wayans’ stoner character Shorty Meeks.

In 2002, he appeared in rapper N.O.R.E.‘s music video for the song “Grimey”, and he was featured on three songs on Smut Peddlers’ 2001 debut album, on the tracks “Beetlejuice Intro,” “Pimpology by Beetlejuice,” and “Beetlejuice Outtakes” on Rawkus Records.

In late 2004, Green sang “This Is Beetle,” commonly known as “The Beetlejuice Song,” on The Howard Stern Show.

Stern Show producer Richard Christy recorded the song, composed music to complement Beetlejuice’s raw voice, and then mixed and mastered it.

The song’s core lines are, “This is Beetle, he’s terrible as can be, and he thinks he’s the greatest.”

The song, which Green wrote on the spur of the moment in the studio, was performed by the rock band Staind, who included it on special versions of their album Chapter V.

Blues Traveler performed “This Is Beetle” on The Howard Stern Show on September 19, 2005. Stern was initially unable to air this audio on his Sirius Satellite Radio show because CBS Radio held the rights to all of Stern’s K-Rock episodes.

Stern and his production team replicated several of the most famous bits from his K-Rock days, but efforts to duplicate “This Is Beetle” proved futile. Stern, Sirius, and CBS negotiated an arrangement in May 2006 to transfer the rights to all of his K-Rock broadcasts to Sirius, allowing Stern to play the song.

There was also a dispute about the percentage split of possible revenues from the song, with Green’s manager at the time, Sean Rooney, arguing with Gary Dell’Abate, executive producer of The Howard Stern Show, over the proportion share of income between Green and Christy.

Green has competed in early boxing contests with other tiny people during his career.

Green was supposed to appear in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) in June 2008, but he was apparently difficult to direct, thus Bay decided not to have him appear.

Green has his own five-episode reality television program called This is Beetle on Howard TV in 2009.

Green’s likeness is a “reaction picture Macro,” a famous internet meme. The photo, which was posted to his official Instagram account in 2016, shows him eating while seated at a table and staring at something out of frame.

Green videos and compilations are also popular on platforms like YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook, with many of these videos garnering millions of views.

:small_orange_diamond: Recent Appearances

Green makes his first visit to The Howard Stern Show in almost five years in February 2021.

He told Stern that he and his mother had moved to Georgia, and he also released a remixed version of his 2015 song “Beetle in the House,” which featured Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, and Big Freedia.

Green’s management launched an NFT on the Goldin’s Auction website in February 2022, with the successful bidder receiving a physical rookie card signed by Green as well as a video of Green detailing his life narrative.

On the Goldin’s Auction website, it earned more views than Tom Brady’s signed rookie card and Michael Jackson’s glove. After 21 bids, it sold for $15,000.

:small_orange_diamond: Later Career

Beetlejuice has featured as himself in the 2012 film ‘Girls Gone’ since the termination of the ‘This is Beetle’ program.

He also continued to appear on ‘The Howard Stern Show,’ although to a reduced amount, and went on tour with ‘The Killers of Comedy.’ He returned to the event in late 2015 to accept the title of “Greatest Wack Packer of All Time.”

He has recently been more focused on earning engagements via his website ‘jollydwarf,’ where he and his buddies can be hired for bachelor parties, as well as dwarf throwing, boxing, bowling, and bartending.


Though there was no effort to conceal the fact that Betelgeuse was not supposed to be a lovely figure, even the heroes who called him were aware that he was essentially a demon. Despite his evil character, Betelgeuse served as a type of patron to the heroes.

:black_small_square: Things you might not know about Beetlejuice

Given below is the detail:

:small_orange_diamond: 1. Early Drafts of the Scripts were far less Whimsical

The initial draft by screenwriter Michael McDowell was significantly harsher than the final script, which was reworked by screenwriters Larry Wilson and Warren Skaaren.

Originally, it envisioned Beetlejuice as a winged demon with the human shape of a little Middle Eastern man, and his plot for the Deetzes included rape and murder rather than mischief and marriage.

Furthermore, the Maitlands’ vehicle accident was significantly more horrible.

:small_orange_diamond: 2. An early Draft Offered a Maitland Home for Everyone

McDowell’s script originally featured Beetlejuice destroyed by an exorcism and the Maitlands’ home shrinking to the size of Adam’s model village.

Instead of sharing their home with the Deetz family, they relocate to the model house and refurbish it to appear as it did before the family came. In addition, the Deetz parents return to New York, leaving Lydia in the care of the Maitlands in Connecticut.


Tim Burton apparently wanted Rat Pack member Sammy Davis Jr. to portray Beetlejuice, despite the fact that he was 63 years old at the time.

Producer David Geffen recommended actor Michael Keaton, who was eventually cast and went on to participate in two subsequent Burton films: Batman and Batman Returns.

:small_orange_diamond: 4. IT WON AN OSCAR

Ve Neill, Steve LaPorte, and Robert Short received the Academy Award for Best Makeup in 1989.


Anjelica Huston was initially cast as Delia Deetz, but she had to withdraw due to sickness.

Catherine O’Hara, an actress, originally turned down Burton’s offer for the job but agreed when Burton went out to meet with her and personally persuade her to take it.

While working on Beetlejuice, O’Hara met and subsequently married production designer Bo Welch.


After meeting with Burton, Geena Davis, and Michael Keaton both agreed to participate in the picture, but Burton apparently had to persuade Golden Age Hollywood icon Sylvia Sidney to portray Juno, the afterlife investigator.

Sidney would later collaborate with Burton again for her last film, the extraterrestrial invasion comedy Mars Attacks! In 1996. In 1999, Sidney died away.


Among the young actresses that supposedly turned down the part of Lydia Deetz are Lori Loughlin, Diane Lane, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields, Justine Bateman, Molly Ringwald, and Jennifer Connelly.

Juliette Lewis tried out, but Winona Ryder was chosen when Burton watched her performance in the adolescent drama Lucas.


Executives at Warner Bros. didn’t like the name Beetlejuice and lobbied for it to be renamed House Ghosts. Burton playfully offered Scared Sheet less as a possible substitute name and was shocked when Warner Bros. really considered it.

:small_orange_diamond: 9. “DAY-O” PLAYED AT OTHO’S REAL-LIFE

The last song played at the memorial for actor Glenn Shadix (who portrayed Otho in the film) who died in 2010 was Harry Belafonte’s song “Day-O,” which appears in the film’s renowned song and dance performance.


Test audiences were so taken with Keaton’s green-haired ghoul that Burton’s crew went back and added an uplifting coda in which Beetlejuice hassled a sawed-in-half lady before being hexed by a witch doctor.

In a previous draft, he was trapped in the Maitlands’ model village, infested by sandworms.


A Beetlejuice cartoon spinoff aired for 94 episodes. The show entirely reinvented Lydia Deetz’s connection with the eponymous figure, with Beetlejuice leading her on fantastic adventures in the “Neitherworld.”

In this spinoff, the Maitlands do not exist, but Lydia has a cast of students as well as macabre acquaintances including a skeleton bodybuilder and a tap-dancing spider.


Beetlejuice’s movie office success prompted the creation of a sequel, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, in 1990.

However, Burton’s priority at the time was Batman Returns, and the sequel’s prospects remained dormant until 2011, when Warner Bros. hired Dark Shadows scribe Seth Grahame-Smith to produce a new take on Beetlejuice 2, with Keaton, Ryder, and Burton all in talks to become involved in the potential sequel.

However, years passed and the project was merely hinted at until December 2014, when Tim Burton told IGN: “There is a screenplay, and I would love to work with [Michael Keaton] again.”

I believe there is a greater opportunity than ever. I’m going to miss that character. It has a therapeutic and beautiful quality about it. “I believe it is closer than ever.”

To add to the excitement, Winona Ryder told Seth Meyers in 2015: “I believe I can confirm it.”

It was a closely guarded top secret. But then [Tim Burton] was doing promotion for Big Eyes and gave an on-camera interview in which he stated, ‘Oh yeah, we’re making it, and Winona’s going to be in it.’ I can say it if he says it."

As of late 2017, the production had come to a halt, however, a new writer had been hired to rewrite the screenplay. This project, like its namesake character, may not be gone yet.

To be Precise

The premise of the film Beetlejuice is that the afterlife is not the end for us all; we dwell in a multi-level world between life and death, and we must honor the deceased. The concept is utopian and does not apply to all individuals in actual life.

Frequently asked questions:

Here are some questions about Beetlejuice Entertainer:

1. Why it is that Beetlejuice can’t speak his own name?

Saying his name three times, according to folklore, summons him. It must be repeated three times without a pause. Say that, and you’ll have to deal with the deceiver himself. He’s a self-centered, troublemaker who will go to any extent.

2. What occurs at the conclusion of Beetlejuice?

Considering the protagonists are gone, the finale of Beetlejuice is very cheery. Lydia recently got an A on her arithmetic exam, and the Maitlands and Deetzes are blissfully living together in their freshly renovated New England home.

3. What is the source of the conflict in Beetlejuice?

The conflict starts when the ghosts’ cherished house is drastically altered by the New York wife and her helper. They make no attempt to frighten the family away, in fact, the strange grownups in the film seek to profit off the notion that the property is “haunted.”

4. What inspired the film Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice was inspired by novelist Michael McDowell’s desire to try his hand at filmmaking in the mid-1980s. McDowell decided to develop his own spooky movie screenplay after being inspired by films such as Ghostbusters and Poltergeist.

5. What does the name Beetlejuice mean?

The title “Beetlejuice” is a pun on the name of the figure Betelgeuse, which is based on the Betelgeuse star, which is located in the limitless darkness of space yet in the same constellation as the better-recognized star Orion.

6. What happens if you speak the name Beetlejuice three times?

If you repeat the term Beetlejuice three times rapidly, the magical trickster himself will come before you, according to folklore.

7. Is Beetlejuice appropriate for a ten-year-old?

Despite the MPAA’s PG classification, Common Sense Media graded Beetlejuice as acceptable for ages 13 and older due to the cuss language, terrifying sequences, and other adult themes.

8. Why Betelgeuse is spelled Beetlejuice?

Beetlejuice was named after the Orion constellation star Betelgeuse. The argument is because Betelgeuse is considered to be the entryway to the limitless darkness of deep space, similar to how Beetlejuice is the doorman of the underworld.

9. What happened to Beetlejuice’s parents?

Her mother Evelyn and her father Charles Deetz are divorced in the original screenplay, and she stays in New York. She joins Otho as a guest at Deetz’s dining table. Her real mother does not present or not addressed in the finished film. Alternatively, her mother, now known as Emily Deetz, is mentioned as deceased in the show.

10. Why was Beetlejuice a hit?

Beetlejuice was a critical and economic triumph, generating $74.2 million on a $15 million budget. It received three Saturn Awards, including Best Horror Film, Best Makeup, and Best Supporting Actress for Sylvia Sidney.


To sum up the topic of Beetlejuice Entertainer, we can say that Beetlejuice is the stage name of Lester Green, an American actor, and comedian recognized for his low stature and small head owing to microcephaly and dwarfism, as well as his harsh sense of humor, which made him famous on ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

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