Definition of Individual:

  1. From or to a specific person.

  2. Someone.

  3. Different people

  4. A person who is different from a group, class or family.

  5. An independent and inseparable unit, often one of many other units of the same type.

Synonyms of Individual

Denotative, Genetic individual, Item, Virus, Signalizing, Discrete, Demonstrative, Monistic, Individualistic, Particular, Person, Earthling, Characteristic, Critter, Groundling, Irreducible, Substance, Precise, Morphological individual, Solipsistic, Integral, Aerobic organism, Monad, Minute, Whole, Designative, Indivisible, Soul, Symbological, Suggestive, Organism, Being, Diagnostic, Object, Signifying, Representative, Duck, Specific, Integer, Figurative, Entelechy, Someone, Human being, Denominative, Symbolic, Adamite, Joker, A certain, Special, Ont, Existence, Respective, Personal, Guy, Lone, An, Thing, Symptomatologic, Physiological individual, Unit, Solitary, Matter, Naming, Typical, Monadic, Exceptional, Article, Stuff, Sole, Indicating, Especial, Simple, Head, Esoteric, Something, Living thing, Any, Worldling, Customer, Separate, Significant, Tellurian, Persona, Material, Intimate, Body, Living being, Existent, Identifying, Unique, Pathognomonic, Exhibitive, Certain, Idiosyncratic, Ideographic, Absolute, Exclusive, Private, Distinctive, Party, Emblematic, Indicatory, Extraordinary, Human, Express, Chap, Single, Distinguished, Inner, Module, Zooid, Living soul, Fellow, Hand, Independent, Implicative, Point, Microbe, One, Semiotic, Connotative, Nose, Creature, Own, Distinct, Fixed, Any one, Uniform, An existence, Zoon, Several, Personage, Detailed, Singular, Solid, Noteworthy, Character, Terran, Proper, Evidential, Indicative, Organic being, Metaphorical, Meaningful, Homo, Anaerobic organism, Different, Unanalyzable, Determinate, Man, Life, Cat, Entity, Separate, Discrete, Definite, Defined, Unitary, Autotrophic organism, Semantic, Organization, Figural, Single, Symbolistic, Mortal, Singleton, Heterotrophic organism, Peculiar, Expressive, Atomic, Microorganism, Personality, Symptomatic, Somebody, Significative, Concrete, Either, Undivided

How to use Individual in a sentence?

  1. Being self-employed can help you advance your corporate rankings by taking the initiative.
  2. The individual needs of the child.
  3. A small flower
  4. A good individual base in your office gathers and shares many different ideas.
  5. There are reports that someone has been seen carrying a child in a mall in another state, which has been mentioned in the national news to find the child.
  6. Boat tours for parties and private parties.

Meaning of Individual & Individual Definition

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