Definition of Termination:

  1. The final letter or letters or syllable of a word, especially when constituting an element in inflection or derivation.

  2. Cancellation by a customer, either in whole or in part, of any work or performance remaining to be done under a contract. See also termination for convenience and termination for default.

  3. An ending or result of a specified kind.

  4. The action of bringing something or coming to an end.

  5. Final step in the progressive employee discipline process where his or her employment with the employer is permanently severed.

Synonyms of Termination

Z, Abandonment, Abortion, Apodosis, Bitter end, Breakoff, Catastrophe, Cease, Ceasing, Cessation, Climax, Close, Closing, Coda, Completing, Completion, Conclusion, Consummation, Crack of doom, Culmination, Curtain, Curtains, Death, Decease, Denouement, Desinence, Desistance, Destination, Destiny, Discontinuance, Discontinuation, Doom, Effect, End, End point, End result, Ending, Envoi, Epilogue, Eschatology, Expiration, Fate, Final result, Final solution, Final twitch, Final words, Finale, Finality, Finis, Finish, Finishing, Full development, Goal, Issue, Izzard, Last, Last act, Last breath, Last gasp, Last things, Last trumpet, Last words, Latter end, Maturation, Maturity, Omega, Outcome, Payoff, Perfection, Period, Peroration, Quietus, Relinquishment, Renunciation, Resolution, Resting place, Result, Ripeness, Rounding off, Rounding out, Shutdown, Stop, Stoppage, Stopping, Stopping place, Suffix, Surcease, Swan song, Term, Terminal, Terminus, Topping off, Windup, Ending, End, Closing, Close, Conclusion, Finish, Stop, Stopping, Stoppage, Winding up, Discontinuance, Discontinuation, Breaking off, Cessation, Cutting short

How to use Termination in a sentence?

  1. The termination of the account was necessary at that point due to the performance of the team who we relied on.
  2. The termination of the plan resulted in us using another strategy in the soccer game that might cause us to lose.
  3. The termination of a contract.
  4. A good result and a happy termination.
  5. If you an employee has messed up one to many times and you have run out of all other options it is time for termination .

Meaning of Termination & Termination Definition