Definition of Substitutes:

  1. Replace (a sports player) with a substitute during a match.

  2. Alternative term for substitute goods.

  3. A person or thing acting or serving in place of another.

  4. A deputy.

  5. A sports player nominated as eligible to replace another after a match has begun.

  6. Use or add in place of.

Synonyms of Substitutes

Exchange, Use as a replacement, Switch, Replacement, Deputy, Relief, Proxy, Reserve, Surrogate, Cover, Fill-in, Stand-in, Standby, Locum, Locum tenens, Understudy, Stopgap, Alternative, Ancillary

How to use Substitutes in a sentence?

  1. This is the only restaurant that I know of where substitutes arent possible: If I want to have tomatoes instead of onions I feel as though it should be my right as a paying customer.
  2. He was substituted eleven minutes from time.
  3. Stewart was the Rovers substitute.
  4. Dried rosemary can be substituted for the fresh herb.
  5. A sheriff substitute.
  6. Soya milk is used as a substitute for dairy milk.
  7. The substitutes were ready to come into the game and work hard and we were looking forward to the results of what we did.
  8. You may find it is best to use substitutes for certain things if they keep the integrity of your product but cost less.

Meaning of Substitutes & Substitutes Definition