How to reply to a Message on Instagram

How to reply to a message on Instagram? By simply clicking the chat you can reply to that particular message. At the top of your screen, tap the messenger symbol. Find a message in a discussion to which you wish to respond. Tap on the dots next to the text you want to change. Select respond from the list of alternatives.

How to reply to a Message on Instagram

:black_small_square: How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram

Users may react directly to individual messages from a single sender in all major messaging applications.

This is helpful since it may help you avoid misunderstanding when replying to an earlier message rather than the most recent one delivered. This feature may be quite useful in group discussions.

Instagram was a little late in implementing such a function.

:small_orange_diamond: How to reply to a Specific Message on Instagram on the iPhone

To answer a particular Instagram message from someone on the list while using an iPhone, do the following:

  • To view messages, hit the messenger icon in the top right corner of your screen from the feed

  • From your messages, choose the private or group discussion

  • Look through the person’s list for the exact message. Swipe right on the message until an arrow icon appears, revealing the message box, or hold it down and choose “Reply” at the bottom

  • The chosen message will now be displayed above the text entry field. Send your response by typing it in

Whenever you choose a message to answer to, it shows in quotes to identify which message you are referring to inside the chat. Otherwise, just hitting the reply button at the bottom delivers your message.

:small_orange_diamond: Quick Reply on Instagram

1 Tap the menu button on your profile and Select Settings
2 Select Business
3 Select Saved replies
4 Tap the plus button to add a new quick reply
5 Enter a shortcut and a message, and tap the checkmark to save

:small_orange_diamond: How to reply to a Specific Message on Instagram on an Android Device

Replying to a particular Instagram message on an Android device is comparable to doing so on an iPhone. Here’s how to reply to an app message:

  • Tap the messages symbol in the top right corner of the screen to see your Instagram feed

  • Locate a discussion that contains the message to which you want to react

  • Hold the message in place, then slide it to the right until it appears over the text entry field

  • Enter your response here. When you send your message, the message you react to will be connected to it

You may answer messages on Instagram in a variety of ways, including:

  • Tap the paper airplane symbol in the top right corner of your screen to view messages from your Instagram feed

  • Open a discussion and locate the message to which you want to respond

  • Hold down the message until three action choices display

  • Choose “Reply.” The message to which you are replying will be shown above the text entry area

  • Enter your response here. When you email it, it will be linked to your response

:small_orange_diamond: How to reply to a Specific Message on Instagram on a PC

The new Instagram feature is also accessible on the desktop version of Instagram. Here’s how to react to Instagram messages on a PC:

  • On your PC, launch Instagram

  • Click the messenger icon at the top of the screen from the feed

  • Open a discussion and locate the message to which you want to respond

  • Next to the message, click the three-dot symbol

  • Choose “Reply” from the list of choices

  • Send your response by typing it in. Your response message will be linked to your message

Your conversation with pals should be clearer now that you know how to react to individual messages from a certain sender on Instagram. Make sure you enable automatic updates on Instagram to keep it up to date.

Whether the function is not accessible in your country, keep an eye out to see if Instagram has discovered a method to comply with European data privacy legislation.


Yes, the feature is functional in both individual and group talks. Direct message responses are useful with the latter since you may minimize misunderstanding by identifying which message your answer is about.

:black_small_square: How does Instagram Works?

Instagram is, at its foundation, a social network, although a very visual one. When you launch the app, you’ll see a primary feed of recent postings from the accounts you follow.

There is a menu bar at the bottom that is accessible from anywhere in the app. From left to right, here’s what each button does:

Home: Your primary feed, where you may see photographs and videos submitted by your friends.

Look for and investigate: The magnifying glass icon navigates you to the Explore page, where you may search and view material from accounts you don’t currently follow but may be interested in.

Upload: Using the huge + button, you can upload and edit photographs and videos, either from your phone’s camera roll or by using the app’s camera.

The heart symbol sends you to a page that shows likes and comments on your postings, as well as other activity updates.

Profile: This icon takes you to your profile page, which includes your bio and recent postings. You can also access your settings from here.

Instagram, like other social media platforms, is just as good as you make it. Checking Instagram is equal parts voyeurism and self-expression for most individuals.

Instagram is a vital marketing platform with unrivaled reach for the entrepreneurial set, including company owners, brands, and influencers.

But, to return to the fundamentals, Instagram operates on a simple premise: you follow accounts that interest you. People then follow you. People may “like” and comment on your postings, and you can reciprocate.

How active you are is totally up to you, whether you keep a low profile or accumulate a following.

:small_orange_diamond: Uploading, editing, and posting Photos

Tap the huge plus button to publish a picture or video on Instagram, then pick photographs or videos to upload from your phone’s camera roll. Instagram enables users to publish up to ten photographs and videos at once.

You may add a filter to any post, which, depending on who you ask, is vital to the Instagram experience. Filters make it simple to modify pictures by adding graphic overlays.

Some filters, such as “Mayfair,” give everything a pink tint, while others, such as “Willow,” render everything black-and-white.

Once your article is complete and ready to go, there are a couple more things you may do before clicking the “share” button:

Include captions: Captions are usually a nice idea. Words, emoticons, and hashtags are all acceptable.

You may “mention” pals by putting “@” in front of their usernames, just like in the comments. Keep in mind that you may change or remove captions at any moment.

Tag people in your images: Instagram enables you to “tag” individuals in your photos. When you tag someone, they will get an alert on their activity stream.

Include a location tag: to help people know where your picture was shot. Clicking on a location tag takes you to the location feed, where you may browse other public entries.

Post to other social accounts: Instagram allows you to publish a post to many social accounts at the same time. You may cross-post to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr by connecting your accounts.

:small_orange_diamond: Exploring and Finding People to Follow

The magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app is the greatest method to locate individuals to follow. This will take you to the Explore page, where you’ll see a feed of recommended posts based on what Instagram believes you’re interested in.

The Explore page may also be sorted by subject, which is a terrific way to find new stuff. Furthermore, the interface allows you to search for people by name.

When it comes to communicating with people, Instagram is more like Twitter than Facebook. You don’t have to submit a friend request and wait for the other person to accept it in most circumstances.

To follow someone, go to their profile and then press “Follow.” Following others will ensure that you see their posts in your feed. People can always see who you’re following and who is following you.

Only those who have set their account to “Private” will have to be asked to follow you. When you touch “Follow” on a private profile, you must wait for that individual to approve you before you may follow them formally.

Another wonderful technique to locate friends on Instagram is to link your phone’s contacts book to Instagram.

:small_orange_diamond: Sending and Receiving Direct Messages

Instagram includes a direct messaging system that allows you to talk privately with anybody who follows you in addition to commenting on other people’s posts.

If you send a message to someone who does not follow you, it will be sent to its own “message requests” folder. To begin the discussion, the individual receiving the message must accept the message.

Both the app and the desktop website support direct messaging. Tap the paper aircraft symbol on your home feed to access your messages menu. From there, you’ll be shown all of the individuals with whom you’ve previously communicated.

You may also start a new discussion by tapping the pen and paper symbol in the upper right corner, or a video chat by tapping the camera button.

You can send any kind of message once you’re in a chat. Basic text messages, shared Instagram posts, animated GIFs, and other media are examples. Messages may also be “liked” or deleted if you no longer want to view them.


Instagram is a free online photo-sharing software and social networking platform that was purchased by Facebook in 2012. Instagram is a smartphone app that enables users to edit and publish photographs and short videos.

:black_small_square: Instagram Features

Instagram, as you would think, adds new features on a regular basis. Instagram provides several options for self-expression and creativity, from fresh material to an ever-expanding range of creative tools.

Here are the most recent and exciting Instagram features to be aware of:

:small_orange_diamond: 1. Instagram Stories

Many users just use Instagram to create and see Stories, which are customizable postings that last 24 hours.

These postings, which may include a combination of photographs and short-form videos, are displayed in a slideshow style and are accessible from the home feed’s top.

And when we say customizable, we mean it. Unlike ordinary articles, which only cover basic filters, Stories includes a variety of creative components, such as:

  • Cartoons and animated stickers

  • Polls and tests

  • Song lyrics that are dynamic

  • Links to charitable organizations and contribution monies

The simplest method to contribute a Story is to press the camera icon in the top-left corner of your home feed, where you can either capture a picture or video live, or pick one from your phone’s gallery.

You may then draw, add text, or add any other creative components.

While Stories are intended to expire after a day, they are automatically stored in your private Archive. You may also permanently post Stories on your profile for people to see at any time.

:small_orange_diamond: 2. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a function that allows you to “Livestream,” or broadcast live video from your smartphone to anybody who wishes to watch.

Viewers may give you messages and hearts as you stream, making it an excellent method to communicate with all of your fans at once or broadcast an event.

To “go live” on Instagram, start the app and go to the in-app camera screen. Once there, go to the bottom of the screen and click “Live.”

You can only go live for one hour at a time; after that, the Livestream will terminate and you will have to start again.

A beginner’s introduction to streaming, covering how it works, the benefits and drawbacks, and more. Streaming drives some of the world’s most popular applications, including YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and others.

Images connected to the story and reader comments are shown by default but may be turned off with a few clicks. You’ll be notified whenever someone you follow begins a live stream.

If you follow a lot of people, this might result in a continual barrage of alerts that you don’t need. Fortunately, turning off Instagram Live alerts takes just a few seconds.

:small_orange_diamond: 3. IGTV

Instagram’s dedicated long-form video platform, IGTV, allows users to publish movies up to 15 minutes in length or 60 minutes if you use the desktop version.

IGTV has its own app for iPhone and Android, but it is also available inside the Instagram app.

Hit the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app to launch IGTV, then tap “IGTV” towards the top of the screen. You may browse videos that others have submitted or submit your own here.

:small_orange_diamond: 4. Instagram Shopping

Given the popularity of Instagram, it’s no wonder that marketers are trying all they can to convert Instagram users into consumers. Every day, millions of users purchase on Instagram, according to the company.

If you’re looking for bargains, here’s a primer on how to use Instagram’s official Shop website. Although it may not include every product on Instagram, everything on this page will have a price and a link to purchase.

:small_orange_diamond: 5. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels, a competitor to TikTok, allows you to make and share short films of up to 15 seconds in length. You may modify a video after it has been recorded by adding music, text, and special effects.

Other users may like and comment on your Reels videos, making them a fun way to get new followers.

Tap the camera icon in the top-left corner of your home screen, then pick “Reels” from the slider at the bottom of the screen to record a Reels movie.

To discover Reels created by others, access the Explore page by tapping the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen.

The first post you see, larger than the others, will be a randomly chosen Reels video touch it to open the Reels feed, where you may swipe up or down to see more films.

:black_small_square: Privacy and Security

The detail is written below:

:small_orange_diamond: Manage who can see your posts

Instagram, like Facebook, enables you to restrict who sees your posts. Setting your account to “Private” is the simplest approach to managing your online visibility.

When you set your account to Private, only your followers will be able to read your postings. And before someone can follow you, you must first approve them.

You may also achieve this by creating a list of Close Friends. Close Friends enables you to create Instagram Stories that only specified individuals may see. This is the best method to utilize Stories to deliver fast updates to your pals.

Finally, if you have an account that you don’t want anyone under a specific age to follow, you may establish an age restriction on it - the minimum age you can set varies on where you reside.

:small_orange_diamond: Download and Backup your Data

Instagram, like other social networks, features a hidden menu that allows you to download any piece of material you’ve ever shared on the app.

This includes your images, videos, comments, messages, profile information, and other personal information. The only stuff you cannot download is Stories that you have submitted but have not saved.

To download your Instagram data, go to the app’s Settings menu and then click “Download Data.” Fill out the form once there, and your data will be delivered to you within a few days.

If you don’t want to download anything, you may just watch it in the app.

To be Precise

Bugs preserved in your application’s cache are one of the most significant and likely causes of Instagram DM glitches. If you observe that no one has banned you or that you are not attempting to contact a deactivated Instagram user, consider clearing your Instagram cache to resolve the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions about How to reply to a message on Instagram:

1. How do you remove both sides of an Instagram conversation history?

Simply hold down your message and press the “Unsend” button. This will remove a message from both ends, so the person you sent it to will no longer be able to view it. That’s all! Both sides of the communication will be erased.

2. Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Photos?

You can view vanishing photographs you’ve sent on Instagram Direct. You may accomplish this by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner of the Feed and then hitting the chat. However, after you transmit these photographs, you will be unable to access or retrieve them.

3. Can someone take a snapshot when in disappear mode?

Users will be warned quickly if the person with whom they are conversing takes a screenshot of their conversations while in Vanish mode. Vanish Mode will not obscure messages sent by users who have not enabled the functionality.

4. In a group SMS, how do you respond to a particular message?

To do so, just long click the message to which you wish to react and choose “Reply.” Tap anywhere on the screen to return to the full view, and your answer will be highlighted with a line leading to a tiny grayed-out version of the text you reacted to.

5. What exactly is the inline response?

Inline replying is the practice of responding to a message inside the body of an email rather than creating your own. The inline reply is already something that most of us use from time to time, in fact, we would argue that it should be used considerably more often.

6. When should you reply to a text message?

According to both, the optimal reaction time is determined by the content of the text. Time-sensitive communications should be responded to as quickly as feasible, whereas non-urgent messages may wait. But not for long. Gottsman feels you should react within a day, coming “from a courteous factor.”

7. What exactly are swift responses?

Quick Replies are pre-written texts that Agents may rapidly find and utilize to respond to end consumers. Greetings commonly asked questions, signatures, and other information are included in these messages.

8. How can you find out if I’ve been banned on Instagram?

You will be unable to follow them if you are blocked. A rapid touch of the “Follow” button will not work, and you will see the button but will be unable to hit it. They will not get any alerts that you attempted.

9. Is there a limit to the number of direct messages you may send on Instagram?

Instagram direct messages (DMs) have no set restriction, however, accounts may send 50 to 100 DMs each day. After reaching the limit on Instagram DMs, you must take a 24-hour rest.

10. Will someone notice if I unfollow someone on Instagram?

They won’t realize you erased it on your end. Those using mobile devices are unlikely to get a notice for unsent DMs, although users with PCs may. Having said that, the receiver may read your spur-of-the-moment confession before you delete it.


To sum it up about How to reply to a message on Instagram, we can say that According to Instagram, it normally takes roughly 90 days to entirely erase data. However, security experts have already discovered similar flaws with other platforms, such as Twitter, which preserved direct conversations between users for years after they were purportedly removed.

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