Definition of Symbol:

  1. Something that represents or represents something else, especially a material object that represents the abstract.

  2. Symbolizing.

  3. A symbol or gesture used as a traditional representation of an object, function, or action, for example. Letters or letters representing chemical elements or characters in a musical instrument.

  4. A brand, symbol or word that indicates an idea, item or relationship, means or understands it. Symbols allow people to go beyond what they know or see, creating connections between ideas and experiences that would otherwise be very different. All communication (and data processing) is through symbols.

Synonyms of Symbol

Representation, Letter, Mark, Stand for, Hieroglyph, Character, Represent, Exemplify, Token, Image, Be a symbol of, Sign, Type, Sign, Emblem, Ideogram, Be a sign of, Figure

How to use Symbol in a sentence?

  1. The first symbolizes peace, the second represents the cleansing of sins.
  2. Instead of a one-year bonus, Dwight received a plaque commemorating his hard work and dedication to the company.
  3. The flowers they gave her on Valentine's Day are a sign of her love for him, but she only loves the scent.
  4. Lemon is a symbol of his wealth and power.
  5. During trips to other countries, I saw posters of words in a language I did not understand, but often had visual symbols to convey their meaning.
  6. The symbol r in Figure 5 represents an inefficient gene.

Meaning of Symbol & Symbol Definition

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SYMBOL: What is the Meaning of SYMBOL?

  • Definition of SYMBOL: A letter or number relating to a particular car's specific make, model, year, body type and horsepower (usually indicated by engine size and horsepower) to assess property damage insurance. Its relative value may be available for purposes.

  • SYMBOL means: Original trade The official trademark for trading stocks, options, mutual funds or indexes. A symbol that uses letters, numbers, or a combination of both. If the symbol contains a number, it means that the Nasdaq does not yet have a trademark and there is no listing service that is a mutual fund. For all shares traded on the NYSE, AMEX or OTC, the symbol is the official trademark used in the actual transaction. Preferred shares are preferred followed by a class of preferred shares. For example, Company B Class A is listed as BBBA. The tracks have their own icons that appear on the Add Index screen.

Meanings of SYMBOL

  1. This is a symbol.

  2. For example, symbols or signs used as a traditional representation of an object, function, or action. For example, letters or letters that represent a chemical element or chemical character in a musical gesture.


What Does SYMBOL Mean?

  • A letter or number relating to the specific MAC, model, year, style and performance of a personal Panzer car (usually expressed in CUC with displacement and braking force) To determine its value.

  • The official trading symbol used when trading stocks, options, mutual funds, or indexes. Symbols use letters, numbers, or a combination of both. If the symbol contains a number, it means that there is an exchange that NASDAQ has not designated as a real trademark and does not offer a listing service. For all shares traded on NYSE, AMEX or OTC, the symbol is the official trading symbol used in the actual transaction. The special part consists of the dash followed by the CL special part. For example, Company B Cl A is shown as BBBA. The subscribed index contains a symbol, or one that appears on the index screen.


SYMBOL: What is the Meaning of SYMBOL?

  1. You can define SYMBOL as, Letters or numbers relating to the specific structure, model, year, style and strength of the Panger personal car (usually indicated by displacement and brake power) that compare to the cost of property damage insurance. Determine

  2. The official trading symbol used when trading stocks, options, mutual funds, or indexes. Symbols use letters, numbers, or a combination of both. If the symbol contains a number, it is an exchange that is not classified by NASDAQ as a real trade symbol and there is no registration service for the symbol. For all shares traded on the NYSE, AMEX or OTC, the symbol is the official trademark used in the actual transaction. The option action has a dash followed by the cl option action. For example, Company B Cl A is shown as BBBA. Subscriptions contain one or more symbols, located on the ad index screen.

Meanings of SYMBOL

  1. A signal or signals used as a traditional representation of an object, function or action, e.g. Letters or letters that represent letters in chemical elements or musical gestures.

  2. Something that represents or represents something else, especially a material thing that represents an abstract thing.

Synonyms of SYMBOL

allegory, metaphor