Definition of Fundamental:

  1. Forming a necessary base or core; of central importance.

  2. A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

  3. Being a core component or fact upon which other aspects are built. A fundamental fact is a fact that is vital, and must be known before secondary assumptions or conclusions can be drawn.

Synonyms of Fundamental

Basic, Foundational, Rudimentary, Elemental, Elementary, Underlying, Basal, Radical, Root, AF, Ab ovo, Abecedarian, Aboriginal, Antenatal, Audio frequency, Austere, Autochthonous, Axiom, Bare, Basal, Base, Basement, Basic, Basilar, Basis, Bearing wall, Bed, Bedding, Bedrock, Beginning, Bench mark, Bottom, Budding, Cardinal, Cardinal point, Center, Central, Chaste, Chief thing, Climax, Component, Constituent, Constitutional, Constitutive, Core, Cornerstone, Creative, Crisis, Critical, Critical point, Crucial, Crux, Dominant, Element, Elemental, Elementary, Elements, Elixir, Embryonic, Essence, Essential, Essential matter, Factor, Fetal, First, Floor, Flooring, Flower, Focal, Focus, Fond, Footing, Formative, Foundation, Foundational, Frequency, Fundament, Fundamental tone, Generative, Genetic, Germinal, Gestatory, Gist, Grammar, Gravamen, Great point, Ground, Grounds, Groundwork, Gut, Hardpan, Harmonic, Heart, High point, Homely, Homespun, Homogeneous, Hypostasis, Important, Important thing, In embryo, In its infancy, In ovo, In the bud, Inaugural, Inceptive, Inchoate, Inchoative, Incipient, Incunabular, Indispensable, Indivisible, Infant, Infantile, Inherent, Initial, Initiative, Initiatory, Inner essence, Intonation, Intrinsic, Introductory, Inventive, Irreducible, Issue, Kernel, Keystone, Landmark, Law, Life-and-death, Life-or-death, Main, Main point, Main thing, Marrow, Material, Material point, Meat, Mere, Milestone, Monolithic, Monotone, Monotony, Nascent, Natal, Necessary, Needful, Nub, Nucleus, Nuts and bolts, Of a piece, Of the essence, Of vital importance, Organic, Original, Overtone, Paramount, Part and parcel, Partial, Partial tone, Parturient, Pavement, Pitch, Pith, Pivot, Plain, Postnatal, Postulate, Pregnant, Prenatal, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primeval, Primitive, Primogenial, Primordial, Principal, Principium, Principle, Principles, Pristine, Procreative, Protogenic, Pure, Pure and simple, Quid, Quiddity, Quintessence, Quintessential, Radical, Real issue, Requisite, Riprap, Rock bottom, Rudiment, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Rudiments, Rule, Salient point, Sap, Seat, Seminal, Severe, Sill, Simon-pure, Simple, Sine qua non, Single, Solid ground, Solid rock, Soul, Spare, Spirit, Stark, Stereobate, Stuff, Stylobate, Substance, Substantial, Substantive, Substantive point, Substratum, Substruction, Substructure, Terra firma, The bottom line, The nitty-gritty, The point, Theorem, Tone, Tonelessness, Turning point, Unadorned, Uncluttered, Underbuilding, Undercarriage, Undergirding, Underlying, Underpinning, Understruction, Understructure, Undifferenced, Undifferentiated, Uniform, Ur, Vital, Basics, Essentials, Rudiments, Foundations, Basic principles, First principles, Preliminaries

How to use Fundamental in a sentence?

  1. Two courses cover the fundamentals of microbiology.
  2. The protection of fundamental human rights.
  3. When he looked over the business plan, he realized that it was fundamental to the company that the profit margin always outweigh the input costs or he would not be able to sustain the company for long.
  4. One of the fundamental truths of a functioning democracy is the freedom of its people to vote in a fair environment.

Meaning of Fundamental & Fundamental Definition