Definition of Practice:

  1. Practice or repeat an activity or skill to gain or master it.

  2. The actual application or use of an idea, belief or method that contradicts the theory in question.

  3. Repeat (activity) or train (skill) repeatedly or regularly to improve or maintain skills.

  4. Perform certain activities, methods or habits on a regular or permanent basis.

  5. The way or method of doing things that is normal, normal or expected.

  6. A method, procedure, procedure or rule used in a particular field or profession, some of which is considered a standard.

  7. Companies that provide more than one relevant professional service, e.g. B. Law office or doctor's office.

Synonyms of Practice

Housebreaking, Upbringing, Prescription, Extensive study, Cultivation, Standard usage, Modus vivendi, Duty, Recite, Heed, Research, Course, Habit, Bring to test, Setting-up exercises, Steer, Consuetude, Fit, Breaking, Validate, Involution, Constitutional, Engrossment, Bad habit, Say over, Plunge into, Deal with, Restudying, Repetition, Apprentice, Taste, Raise, Cram, Convention, Execution, Perform, Fetching-up, Gymnastic exercises, Activism, Creature of habit, Careerism, Behavioral science, Reading, Perusal, Verify, Studying, Cramming, Proper thing, Gymnastics, Acting, Technic, Acts, Institution, Development, Exercise, Practically, Yoga, Wage, Policy, Carry on, Transformation, Folkway, Lifework, Management, Employ, Behave, Workout, Exert, Acquittal, Specialization, Tempering, Method, Formula, Multiplication, Lucubration, Wield, Sum up, Custom, Operations, Doing, Conditioning, Subject, Readying, Mien, Read, Direct, Ritual observance, Custom, Foster, Utilize, Motions, Pattern, Execute, Fulfill, Adherence, Agency, Mode, Characteristic, Play, Restudy, Culture pattern, Formality, Sacramental, System, Lucubrate, Exercise, Improve, Extrapolation, Pose, Conspiracy, Etiquette, Have a go, Tradition, Go through, Try, Deportment, Mission, Institution, Performing, Groom, Inversion, House-train, MO, Run, Bring up, Swot, Mores, Compliance, Iterate, Guise, Intrigue, Review, Move, Use, Make go, Headwork, Reiterate, Tackle, Seasoning, Algorithm, Care, Reaffirm, Say over again, Game, Affectation, Comportment, Usage, Raising, Shakedown, Audition, Test run, Lick into shape, Equation, Goings-on, Address, Manner of working, Port, Air, Line of work, Second nature, Observable behavior, Respect, Demeanor, Operancy, Calling, Bone, Tryout, Run a sample, Implementation, Profession, Notation, Responsibility, Modus operandi, See to, Workings, The how, Sloyd, Break in, Do, Fetch up, Liturgy, Exercise, Mystery, Discipline, Operation, Attack, Put to trial, Manner, Office, Improvement, Standard behavior, Form, Take in hand, Reissue, Habit pattern, Serve, Grind, Function, Ordinance, Shake down, Physical education, Rite, Make use of, Conning, Means, Force of habit, Performance, Methodology, Undertake, Wade through, Sagacity, Drill, Stretch, Vocational training, Procedure, Nurturing, Take care of, Run through, Sophistication, Behavioral norm, Vocation, Walk of life, Inexperienced, Take to, Maintien, Pursuit, Method, Mode of procedure, Ceremony, Confirm, Road test, Play around with, Division, Time-honored practice, Preparation, Activity, Rear, Past experience, Breather, Calisthenics, Act, Daily dozen, Enactment, Approximation, Trade, Work at, Wonting, Give a tryout, Dry run, Sample, Reprint, Breed, Recapitulate, Take up, Social science, Vocational education, Solemnity, Reword, Rule, Application, Swing, Satisfaction, Ready, Order of worship, Elucubrate, Study, Evolution, Go in for, Go over, Peruse, Engage in, What is done, Usefulness, Action, Training, Bench test, Scheme, Test flight, Established way, Conduct, Conformity, Functioning, Tactics, Be about, Handling, Differentiation, Keeping, Inspection, Convention, Stereotype, Actually, Mode of operation, Regard studiously, Experiment, Brainwork, Training, Approach, Carrying out, Observation, Line, Rule, Bearing, Stereotyped behavior, Shakedown cruise, Trick, Doing, Pursue, Put to school, Basic training, Moves, The drill, Blaseness, Methods, Con, Specialize in, Restate, Rehearsal, Pilot plan, Line of business, Test, Sacrament, Steering, Athletics, Exercising, Form of worship, Contemplation, Mental labor, Movements, Take on, Repeat, Be responsible for, Business, In practice, Use, Action, Acquittance, Addition, Physical jerks, Cultivate, Discharge, Rehearse, Practical test, Condition, Send to school, Running, Execution, Routine, Observance, Swotting, Train, Tradition, Be doing, Housebreak, Automatism, Fulfillment, Specialty, Conformance, Presence, Develop, Fashion, Covin, Prove, Driving, Way of life, Way, Experience, Retail, Employment, Make, Proceeding, Contemplate, Bon ton, Walk, Order, Proportion, Habitude, Standing custom, Interpolation, Nurse, Nurture, Cabal, Procedure, Utility, Try it on, Craft, Resume, Handle, Study, Ways, Reassert, Practical knowledge, Handicraft, Posture, Career building, Essay, Give an encore, Unaccustomed, Try out, Road-test, Boning, On-the-job training, Actions, Operate, Put in tune, Battologize, Behavior, Hearing, Carriage, Drive, Direction, Line of action, Occupation, Rehash, Service, Machination, Practice upon, Flight test, Follow, Rearing, Fill, Military training, Pore over, Summarize, The way of, In-service training, Poise, Process, Mode of worship, Number, Lines, Social convention, Give a try, Maneuver, System, Doings, Isometrics, Technique, Way, Pilot, Be engaged in, Gestures, Background, Recount, Cut and try, Gedankenexperiment, Wont, Peculiarity, Warm-up, Routine, Manipulate, Proceed, Operation, Ritual, Tone, Manners, Grinding, Breeding, Working, Ceremonial, Reduction, Manipulation, Fashion, Fostering, Manage, Do with, Wise, Rehearsal, Career, Tautologize, Behavior pattern, Carry into execution, Manual training, Prescribed form, Wont, Drilling, Praxis, Carry through, Prepare, Trial run, Habit, Rusty, Repetition, Examine, Rituality, Metier, Carry out, Heeding, Prosecute, Perform on, Convenance, Application, Apprenticeship, Subtraction, Accordance, Holy rite, Integration, Worldly wisdom, Be occupied with, Formulary, Style, Substantiate, Grooming, Vet, Work, Realistically, Retell, Run over, Art, Pad, Drill, Preparation, Dig, Assay, Ply, Racket, Break, Wide reading

How to use Practice in a sentence?

  1. They are a new baseball team, but have never played before. The team must work first to practice baseball.
  2. If your company is about to start a new project, give them plenty of time to practice so that your employees are fully prepared.
  3. I have to practice my French.
  4. Practice leads to perfection. So, make sure your employees have enough time to get acquainted with a new project before using it.
  5. Principles and practice education.
  6. Current nursing practice.

Meaning of Practice & Practice Definition