Definition of Navigation:

  1. The passage of ships.

  2. Science of determining position, location, distance traveled, and course to a known destination.

  3. The process or activity of accurately ascertaining ones position and planning and following a route.

Synonyms of Navigation

Helmsmanship, Steersmanship, Seamanship, Map-reading, Chart-reading, Wayfinding, VAR, Aim, Astronavigation, Automatic electronic navigation, Azimuth, Bearing, Bent, Boating, Canoeing, Cartography, Celestial navigation, Chorography, Circumnavigation, Coasting, Consolan, Course, Cruising, Current, Direction, Direction line, Drift, Electronic navigation, Geodesy, Geodetic satellite, Geography, Gunkholing, Heading, Helmsmanship, Inclination, Lay, Lie, Line, Line of direction, Line of march, Loran, Motorboating, Navar, Navigability, Navigating, Omnidirectional range, Omnirange, Orbiting geophysical observatory, Orientation, Passage-making, Periplus, Pilotage, Piloting, Point, Quarter, Radar, Radio navigation, Range, Rowing, Run, Sailing, Sculling, Sea travel, Seafaring, Seamanship, Set, Shoran, Steaming, Steerage, Steering, Surveying, Tacan, Teleran, Tendency, Tenor, Topography, Track, Travel by water, Trend, Visual-aural range, Voyaging, Water travel, Way, Yachting

How to use Navigation in a sentence?

  1. My dad had no navigation technique, so we ended up getting to Disneyland eight hours late and we missed the first day.
  2. The navigation technique employed by the individual was quite complex as he used a variety of resources to arrive at the destination.
  3. Knowing where you are going and being able to execute the navigation are a key skill to anyone in the shipping industry.
  4. Bridges to span rivers without hindering navigation.
  5. Columbus corrected his westward course by celestial navigation.

Meaning of Navigation & Navigation Definition