Definition of Navigation:

  1. Ship parts

  2. The science of positioning, location, mileage, and navigation.

  3. The action or activity determines its position and plans and follows the path.

Synonyms of Navigation

Omnidirectional range, Helmsmanship, Pilotage, Set, Steersmanship, Orientation, Gunkholing, Motorboating, Travel by water, Cartography, Astronavigation, Boating, Quarter, Steerage, Run, Periplus, Automatic electronic navigation, Consolan, Sculling, Canoeing, Passage-making, Seamanship, Current, Rowing, Yachting, Seamanship, VAR, Steering, Circumnavigation, Navigating, Navigability, Electronic navigation, Cruising, Bearing, Map-reading, Geodesy, Radar, Shoran, Aim, Topography, Inclination, Sea travel, Line, Omnirange, Course, Tendency, Loran, Seafaring, Radio navigation, Coasting, Track, Teleran, Tacan, Line of march, Chart-reading, Azimuth, Drift, Steaming, Lie, Helmsmanship, Water travel, Direction line, Surveying, Trend, Direction, Line of direction, Bent, Orbiting geophysical observatory, Voyaging, Geodetic satellite, Way, Point, Piloting, Range, Visual-aural range, Sailing, Navar, Chorography, Tenor, Wayfinding, Lay, Geography, Celestial navigation, Heading

How to use Navigation in a sentence?

  1. My dad didn't have the sailing skills, so we arrived in Disneyland eight hours late and spent the first day.
  2. The navigation techniques used by individuals are quite complex, as they use a variety of resources to reach their destination.
  3. Knowing where to go and how to navigate is a basic skill for everyone in the navigation industry.
  4. A bridge to cross the river without hindering navigation
  5. Colombo made its way west using space navigation.

Meaning of Navigation & Navigation Definition

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