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A divorce lawyer specializes in family law, and has experience in issues of divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. A divorce lawyer specializes in civil law. The divorce lawyer must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights.

divorce lawyer

What is divorce?

Divorce (or the dissolution of marriage) is the final termination of a marital union, canceling the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between the parties. In other words a divorce is a legal action between married people to terminate their marriage relationship. It can be referred to as dissolution of marriage and is basically, the legal action that ends the marriage before the death of either spouse.

Issues Involved in a Divorce

At its most basic, a divorce is a legal process by which two parties terminate their legal and financial relationship. But each divorce is unique and most involve disputes over things like child custody or division of property. Here are the main issues a divorce attorney deals with:

1. Division of Property:
All property acquired by either spouse after the marriage date is considered “marital property” and is subject to equitable division.

2. Alimony:
Alimony, or spousal support, is monthly payment made by one spouse to another in accordance to either a settlement agreement or court order. Alimony is meant to correct for any unfair economic effects of a divorce.

3. Child Support:
Child support is a monthly payment made by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent to be spent on the child’s needs.

4. Child Custody: When a family splits up, the parents and the court must decide what is best for the minor children, including where they will live and how decisions are made. This is often the most difficult part of the divorce proceedings.


Property, alimony child custody, child support are some major issues that are involved in divorce attorney have extensive experience in all of these issues.

divorce and relationships

Divorce and relationships

  • Family and Child Studies suggests that divorce of couples experiencing high conflict can have a positive effect on families by reducing conflict in the home.
  • Financial support is many times lost when an adult goes through a divorce. The adult may be obligated to obtain additional work to maintain financial stability.
  • Some couples choose divorce even when one spouse’s desire to remain married is greater than the other spouse’s desire to obtain a divorce.

Divorce Psychologically Effects children career

  • Children of divorced parents are also more likely to experience conflict in their own marriages, and are more likely to experience divorce themselves.
  • Divorce is associated with diminished psychological well-being in children and adult offspring of divorced parents, including greater unhappiness, less satisfaction with life, weaker sense of personal control, anxiety, depression, and greater use of mental health services.
  • Research shows that children can be affected 2, 4 years before the separation or divorce even occurs. This can be due to parental conflict and anticipation of a divorce, and decreased parental contact.

Divorce effect children Academic and socioeconomic career

Children who have experienced a divorce have lower academic achievement than children from non-divorced families.

Children from divorced families may also be less likely to attend college, resulting in the discontinuation of their academic career.

Child from a divorced family is two times more likely to drop out of high school than a child from a non-divorced family.

Children of divorced parents also achieve lower levels of socioeconomic status, income, and wealth accumulation than children of continuously married parents. These outcomes are associated with lower educational achievement.

Young men or women between the ages of 7 and 16 who had experienced the divorce of their parents were more likely than youths who had not experienced the divorce of their parents to leave home because of friction, to cohabit before marriage, and to parent a child before marriage.


Some of the effects associated with divorce include academic, behavioral, and psychological problems. Parents divorce effect children academic career and also their socioeconomic career. Divorce parents children have less achievement in life compare of married parents.

Divorce lawyer must know about these terms

Custody : Having rights to your child. Custody can be either legal, which means that you have the right to make important decisions about your child’s welfare, or physical, which means that the child lives with and is raised by you.

Prenuptial Agreement : An agreement made between a man and a woman before marrying in which they give up future rights to each other’s property in the event of a divorce or death.

Stipulation: An agreement entered into by the divorcing spouses that settles the issues between them and is often entered into the court’s final order or judgment and decree.


Divorce lawyer must known about custody, in which important decision about children lives are included. Prenuptial agreement in which they give future rights to each other and attorney have knowledge about stipulation agreement in which divorce spouses settles issues between them.

Have some points in mind before hiring a divorce lawyer

some points are given below you have in mind:

1. What you want from your lawyer

when you are going to search for a divorce lawyer, what you want from your lawyer. Are you looking for a lawyer who’s emotionally supportive? An impersonal but focused attorney? Are you looking for a team or a one-on-one personal experience?

2. Asked from divorced couples

If you know of friends or family members who’ve been through a divorce, definitely reach out to them and ask for advice and suggestions on who they went with and how it worked out for them.

3. Make sure they stay in touch

Make sure divorce lawyer stay in touch with you with whole of the proceeding. We know that lawyer are busy but whenever you contact them, through from call or email he must be reply as soon as possible.

4. Meet with more than one divorce lawyer

Part of the research process for a good divorce lawyer should include multiple meetings with various attorneys. This will allow you to see how each lawyer will approach your divorce and what they will do to build the best possible case.

5. Ask question to lawyer about your case

When meeting with an attorney, don’t waste time asking questions about their experience, as that is information you should have gathered already from your research. Also, don’t bother asking about their success. You should explain everything about your family, your finances, and your concerns about the divorce.

6. Read everything about your agreement

Make sure you review the retainer agreement and that you understand everything as it relates to the costs you will incur by hiring your lawyer. This includes everything from hourly rates to office expenses.

7. Beware from worst divorce lawyer

Stick with an attorney who listens to the details and makes an honest assessment based on the facts instead of coming out with guns blazing. “Some of the worst divorce lawyers are aggressive divorce attorneys who end up making everyone’s lives significantly more complicated.


Before hiring a lawyer for your case of divorce you have in mind that, Your lawyer have best experience in family law, have extensive experience in court room. Your lawyer have ability to interact with you and understand what you want . you must know about your agreement and beware from aggressive divorce lawyer.
divorce lawyer

Duties of best divorce attorney

The duties of a divorce attorney vary depending on the specifics of the case. In general, however, an attorney is responsible for helping the client throughout the process, from the first meeting, to settling matters after the divorce is finalized. A divorce attorney provides:

  • Advice on how to deal with marital property, bank accounts, credit cards, and other marital assets
  • Assurance of the progress made concerning disputes, court proceedings, and the stages of the divorce proceeding
  • Preparation and court filing of all paperwork involved, such as the summons and complaint, motions, and custody papers, as well as preparation of the final divorce and custody orders
  • An intermediary to deal with conflicts during the divorce process, such as custody disputes, and arguments over property
  • Representation at all court hearings

Job Description & Skills Required for divorce lawyer

  • When terminating a marriage, many legal aspects must be addressed. A divorce attorney is responsible for the division of assets and debt among spouses. If there are children involved, a divorce attorney helps set the terms for child custody and child support.
  • Thorough research is required in order to gather supporting evidence in each case. Detailed paperwork must be compiled and then submitted to the court documenting the evidence. For legal separations, a divorce attorney carries out the separation through court orders.
  • A divorce attorney must excel in a few unique skills. They have to be an attentive listener because the decisions made in or out of court will greatly affect their client’s lives. Although it may be difficult, it is vital a divorce lawyer remains non-judgmental to assist them in promoting their own client’s best interests.
  • Their interpersonal skills must be strong because they are dealing with a variety of relationships in their profession. Advocacy, mediation and alternative dispute resolution skills should be acquired and mastered in law school as well as through continual work experience in the field.

Salary and Job Outlook of divorce lawyer

  • A divorce attorney’s yearly salary can range, on average, from $48,000-$80,000. As a divorce attorney builds their reputation in the field, the hourly rate they charges and therefore, salary is likely to increase. Because the divorce rate is so high in the United States, a large percentage of clients frequently seek out divorce lawyers’ services.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the next 8 years through 2020, it is estimated employment for lawyers will grow ten percent. This is in step with the national average for all occupations.
  • However, expect competition to remain steady as more law students are graduating than there are job positions available. With high competition, lawyers must be willing to relocate and have a variety of work experiences on their resumes. Relocation to a different state means passing another state’s bar exam.

When You May Need a Divorce Lawyer

There are certain situations when hiring a divorce lawyer makes sense, and you should probably do it. You should probably hire an attorney if:

  • There’s a problem with abuse
  • You think your spouse is lying about certain issues or being vindictive
  • Your spouse has retained an attorney
  • Your divorce involves children or complicated financial issues


A divorce attorney have some unique skills he must be a attentive listener, interpersonal skills must be strong, mastered in law school and have continual work experience in the filed. A divorce attorney build their reputation in the field, they charge on hourly bases therefore their income increase rapidly.
divorce lawyer

What is Divorce attorney?

A divorce attorney is an attorney that specializes in family law, and has experience in issues of divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. A divorce lawyer specializes in civil law. This field can be saturated with emotions and life-changing decisions. Therefore, a divorce lawyer must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights. They are also called divorce attorneys or family practice lawyers.

Best Divorce attorney for men

Divorce attorney for men are in demand, unfortunately. When your marriage is beyond repair and the only alternative left is to get a divorce, it is important that you choose a lawyer with experience, one who is capable of reaching a fair outcome and protecting your rights. Unfortunately, choosing a good divorce attorney isn’t as easy as just choosing an attorney that lives within close proximity. If you and your wife are not on good terms and you do not expect smooth sailing, you will need a reputable attorney.

Best divorce attorney

Best divorce attorney must have a criteria, criteria consists of some points. Divorce attorney must specializes in family law, and has experience in issues of divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, and spousal support. It is important that you choose a lawyer with experience, one who is capable of reaching a fair outcome and protecting your rights. A divorce lawyer must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights.

Frequently asked question

Most of peoples have many questions in mind about divorce lawyer. Some questions are given below with their answers.

What is the average fee for a divorce attorney?

The average cost for a divorce lawyer is $250 an hour and you will spend around $15,000 total. Hiring a divorce lawyer for representation, you will likely spend between $100 and $650 per hour.

Is it better to have a male or female divorce attorney?

Male lawyers are no better, tougher, or more difficult to get along with than female lawyers. But, even though the gender of the other lawyer in a case is not particularly important, other qualities about that lawyer will makes all the difference in the world.

How can I afford a divorce lawyer?

If you know you cannot afford a divorce attorney through a fee arrangement, search for federally funded programs that offer subsidized legal services. Your income level might qualify you for these services. You could also try to find pro bono representation through your state bar association.

What year of marriage is divorce most common?

After all, almost 50% of first marriages, 60% of second marriages, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. While there are countless divorce studies with conflicting statistics, the data points to two periods during a marriage when divorces are most common: years 1 – 2 and years 5 – 8.

Does wife automatically get half?

All property of the husband and wife is considered “marital property.” This means that even property brought into the marriage by one person becomes marital property that will be split in half in a divorce. However, the court does not have to give each spouse one half of the property.


The divorce lawyer must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights**.** In this article we discuss briefly about divorce lawyer, divorce, how divorce effects our relation, why we need of a divorce lawyer, duties of divorce lawyer. What we have in mind before hiring a lawyer, lawyer job description, salary, outlook, skill required for divorce lawyer.

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