Definition of Aggressive:

  1. Willing to accept calculated risk of greater than average loss in pursuit of greater than average returns, without gambling on random chance.

  2. Ready or likely to attack or confront; characterized by or resulting from aggression.

Synonyms of Aggressive

Hostile, Belligerent, Bellicose, Antagonistic, Truculent, Abrupt, Active, Acute, Adventuresome, Adventurous, Ambitious, Animated, Antagonistic, Assertive, Battling, Bearish, Beastly, Bellicose, Belligerent, Bickering, Bloodthirsty, Bloody, Bloody-minded, Bluff, Blunt, Bold, Brash, Brisk, Brusque, Cavalier, Chauvinist, Chauvinistic, Churlish, Combative, Contentious, Crusty, Curt, Disputatious, Divisive, Domineering, Driving, Dynamic, Enemy, Energetic, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Eristic, Factional, Factious, Ferocious, Fierce, Fighting, Forceful, Forcible, Forward, Full of fight, Full of pep, Go-ahead, Go-go, Gruff, Hard-hitting, Harsh, Hawkish, Hearty, Hostile, Hustling, Imperious, Impetuous, Incisive, Inimical, Intense, Irascible, Irritable, Jingo, Jingoish, Jingoist, Jingoistic, Keen, Kinetic, Litigious, Lively, Living, Lusty, Martial, Masterful, Mettlesome, Militant, Militaristic, Military, Offensive, On the offensive, Partisan, Peppy, Polarizing, Polemic, Pugnacious, Pushful, Pushing, Pushy, Quarrelsome, Robust, Rough, Saber-rattling, Sanguinary, Sanguineous, Savage, Scrappy, Self-assertive, Severe, Sharp, Short, Shrewish, Smacking, Snappy, Snippy, Soldierlike, Soldierly, Spanking, Spirited, Strenuous, Strong, Surly, Take-charge, Take-over, Tough, Trenchant, Trigger-happy, Truculent, Unfriendly, Unpacific, Unpeaceable, Unpeaceful, Up-and-coming, Venturesome, Venturous, Vibrant, Vigorous, Vivacious, Vivid, Warlike, Warmongering, Warring, Wrangling, Zestful, Zesty, Zippy

How to use Aggressive in a sentence?

  1. Hes very uncooperative and aggressive.

Meaning of Aggressive & Aggressive Definition