Definition of Conflict:

  1. Do not contradict or agree.

  2. A serious disagreement or debate that usually lasts a long time

  3. Friction or contradiction due to real or perceived difference or inconsistency.

Synonyms of Conflict

Incompatible, Divaricate from, Affray, Be distinct, Disputation, Difference of opinion, Kick, Ambivalence of impulse, Brawl, Disunion, Battle royal, Reaction, Spitefulness, Contradiction, War, Mental shock, Contradictory, Lock horns, Action, Object, Contention, Run against, Contraposition, Scuffle, Naval combat, Different, Hostility, Negation, Resistance, Tension, Clashing, Inimicalness, Brush, Disagreeing, Contrast, Contrary, Fight, Refractoriness, Spite, Row, Engagement, Inconsistency, Unpleasantness, Dogfight, Scramble, Divergence, Resist, Disaccord, Dissent, Confrontation, Fracas, Inequality, Varying, Clashing, Skirmish, Struggle, Wrangle, Rivalry, Altercation, Cat-and-dog life, Contradistinction, Confutation, Combat, Showdown, Renitency, Collide, Emulation, Counterbalance, Malevolence, Countervail, Fractiousness, Work against, Emotional shock, External frustration, Break off, Logomachy, Disaffinity, Crotchetiness, Words, Contentiousness, Despitefulness, Incongruous, Conflict with, Counteract, Play at cross-purposes, Repugnance, Be inimical, Disagreement, Concours, Mischief, Oppose, Shoving match, Discordancy, Dissension, Differing, Fighting, Negativeness, Opposed, Clash with, House-to-house combat, Contradict, Pitched battle, Differ, Stand apart, Unstring, Contrariety, Counterpoise, Contrasting, Set off, Discord, Clash of arms, Open conflict, Contraindication, Diverge from, Negate, Strife, Meeting, Exchange of blows, Go counter to, Disaccordance, Be at variance, Kilkenny cats, Differ in opinion, Decompensation, Passage of arms, Eris, Rumble, Vying, Hate, Discrepancy, Quarreling, Untune, Swim upstream, Countercheck, Dissension, Battle, Swimming upstream, Antagonize, Run counter to, Jar with, Go against, Quarrel, Psychological stress, Be opposed to, Discordia, Quarrelsomeness, Not accord with, Counterworking, Clash, Bickering, Counter, Diverge, Incompatibility, Squabble, Enmity, Dispute, Be distinguished, Armored combat, Backlash, Disturb, Jangle, Hatred, Meet, Incompatibleness, Aerial combat, Polemic, Jar, Inconsistent, Disagree, Discrepant, Contrariness, Scrimmage, Disharmony, Malice, Mismatch, Be at cross-purposes, Meet head-on, Feud, Oppositeness, Misunderstand one another, War of words, Fray, Offset, Cross, Opposing, Contest, Nonconformity, Paper war, Repercussion, Counterattack, Unharmoniousness, Hand-to-hand fight, Diversity, Jarring, Discordant, Beat against, Pull different ways, Irreconcilable, Oppugnance, Tussle, Deviate from, Stand-up fight, Crankiness, Interfere with, Bad blood, Collision, Militate against, Divergent, Juxtapose in opposition, Disagreement, Argument, Stress, Quarrel, Not square with, Bullfight, Cut and thrust, Antipathy, Hold opposite views, Depart from, Inharmoniousness, Embroilment, Mismate, Oppugnancy, Jostle, Tiff, Antithetical, Malignity, Counterpose, Hand-to-hand combat, Rub, ■■■■■■■■■■ Disagree with, Interfere, Hit a clinker, Contrapose, Counterposition, Recalcitrance, Competition, Variance, Debate, Obstinacy, Contravene, Contrast with, Revolt, Ground combat, Difference, Tug-of-war, Recoil, Antithesis, Disparity, Not get along, Dissidence, Counteraction, Perversity, Antagonism, Vary, Strained relations, Contestation, Scrapping, Spat, Faction, Interference, Confute, Opposition, Disunity, Street fight, Litigation, Agree to disagree, Opposite, Fire fight, Dispute, Controvert, Stand over against, Cross-purposes, Wrangling, Oppugn, Belligerence, Discordance, Squabble, Striving, Noncooperation, Counterwork, Be antipathetic, Frustration, Warfare, Controversy, Ambivalence, Friction, Break, Opposure, Grate, Trauma, Dissonance, Tauromachy, Traumatism, Uncooperativeness, Rencontre, Perverseness, Squabbling, Polarity, Inharmony, Argumentation, Running fight, Inaccordance

How to use Conflict in a sentence?

  1. The interests of parents and children sometimes conflict.
  2. I got into an argument with him, we were arguing about who took out the trash last night and he said I was like my dad.
  3. A big dispute erupts between Amy and Joe as they end up testing their car last weekend over which car to buy.
  4. My boss and I do not agree on paid leave, and at the moment there is a dispute between us that creates tension in the office.
  5. There is always a conflict between sexes.

Meaning of Conflict & Conflict Definition

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