Who is Venesse Villanueva?

Venessa villanueva is the ex-wife of the famous guitarist of America, Chris Perez. She is an actor, entrepreneur, television personality . She rose to fame in 2011.

Main Information:

1- Full name Venessa Villanueva
2-Height 5’7’’
3- Birthday 11- Nov-1987
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Wife of Chris Perez
6-Age 34
7-Children Two
8-Zodian sign Scorpio
9-Mother Name Ann Lombardo
10- Father Name Anthony Fiorino
11-Marital status Married
12-Weight 60 kgs
12-Ethinicity Mexican American
13 -Qualifications Masters
14- Color of eyes Brown
15-hair color Black

Children of Vanessa Villanueva:

She has 2 children with Chris Pervez. The name of her children is Noah and Cassie Pervez. Chris was born on 23rd December 1998, in San Antonio, Texas, in America. While Noah was born on 9-september-1995. Chris is the eldest child of the couple and her relationship with her dad is quite good. Chris the daughter of Vanessa Villanueva is a fan of video creation. She is a member of ‘VIMEO” which is the video creator group. She is also the only daughter of both the parent, Chris and Venessa. She is by profession a Phlebotomist. She is also a certified cosmetologist . she was given a certificate by Texas Cosmetologist Association. As for 2021, she is working at a spa massage centre, and by her Instagram post we know that she surely loves her work . She is also in the list of Celebrities Birthdays

Noah Pervez:

Beside the only daughter there is another one also in family by the name of Noah. Chris Perez has another youngster, a sibling by the name of Noah Perez. Tragically, Noah has a genetic disorder since his childhood. In this hereditary issue, the patient encounters many issues since the childhood like let growth of body , memory issue, and different faces, vision difficulty also . this disease is also sometimes matched with the chemical imbalance. Notwithstanding all the difficulties, the Perez family stays together. Cassie frequently takes her sibling out and always try to cheer his little brother , Noah . in order to cheer him up a more on his sad days, she does take her to a spa shop and do him a massage to calm him down. No doubt, Noah has an amazing sister. No doubt the love between the sibling sis unconditional and that is what is keeping them alive and bonded . despite of the separation of their parents after only 6 years after the marriage.Noah being in home has some skills in Instagram Marketing Secrets

Vanessa Villanueva parents:

Her parents are not known much to the media as they were always away in their own life. But as per the resources, his father works in Mexico and her mother were a housewife. venessa parents tried their best to play their Parent part well.

Venessa Instagram:

Venessa is quite famous on Instagram with 128k followers and 43 following. She has almost 43 pots on her timeline. Venessa is not a fan of Facebook. She is not much social on her account but sometimes shares her picture with her children, Noah and Chris.
Venessa net worth : $ 100 thousands. She worked previously in many films . she basically worked in 2 film. She is now divorced and now work as a businesswoman. Her net worth is not as much as her husband , Chris, but still Chris has more net worth is 600 k USD .She is one of the celebrity that got her follwers really quick. So, you should definitely ask her How to Get Instagram Followers .


Some interesting facts about Venessa : :brain: :brain:

  1. According to the sources, when she moved from Mexico to America in 1989 , Vanessa Villanueva started her career as a model girl. She has worn the dresses of almost all the FASHION DESIGNERS.

  2. She walked on the ramp for different designer. She also wears different costumes of the designer . She has a unique style to wear anything on ramp and make it special. She also has worn some 90s Hip Hop Fashion .

  3. After some time, she started to try her luck into the acting scene. She acted in different movies but not in any The Hobbit Movies in Order due to busy schedule.

  4. As per rumors ,she debuts in the acting in the year 2011 with her first action film called “Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns”.

  5. People that binge watch the movies says that her role in the movie was very intelligently played by her. She played a role of Gaby Valdez in the film “Failed to remember Memories” that was praised every where.

  6. From that point forward, she has showed up in many of the movies and television and radio shown. Besides having mesmerizing beauty, she also has a very beautiful voice.If she have been a musician then uptill now as of 2021, she must have come into the list of Best Talented Music Composers

  7. As indicated by the media reports, at present, Vanessa Villanueva is playing her role in her life as a working woman. She runs a small business in America. functions as a business visionary.

  8. The total assets of Villanueva are around $500K-600K USD (approx.).

  9. Vanessa Villanueva is also not the fan of social media. She is seen to be online very few times on Instagram .

  10. As indicated by the sources, Chris Pérez’s first life partner “Selena Quintanilla” was killed by her manager .

  11. Netflix made a collection of memoirs film depicting the life of the great selena.

  12. In this film, Jesse Posey was the one who played the role of the selena first husband that is Chris.

Chris and Venessa marriage :

There are a lot of things that happened between Chris when he finally decoded to marry the actor. let us start with who Chris was. Basically, Chris was the guitarist . After this marriage, Chris said that he now don’t drink Gluten-free Vodka. This vodka he used to drink after the death of Selena.

Chris with Selena: :person_in_steamy_room:t2: :family_man_boy:

Before Venessa, Chris has tied the knot with Selena, who was the lead vocalist in the band Selena y Los Dinos till the date of second April 1992. Their relationship began after Chris joined the band. Be that as it may, Selena’s dad, Abraham Quintanilla, was against their relationship and threatened them to fall apart . His father says that Chris will shatter the dream of her daughter and also will hamper Selena’s profession progress, which was at peak at that time. The father also took took steps to disband the whole band that was founded in 1990. But this was not the reason to ■■■■ them apart. They continue their relationship . and eventually tied their knot in 2011. But for this once Chris was left the band, and Selena’s dad also make her daughter , selena to not show her face up again to him. Also, the extreme of their relationship came when they both ran with each other leading her dad to acknowledge their relationship. Later Abraham began to approve his daughter relation with the Chris, who was his daughter-in-law. Selena was shot ■■■■ by her companion and previous director of her Selena Etc. , which was Selena company selena was shot ■■■■ by Yolanda Saldivar, on 31st March 1995. She was indeed the admirer of Selena. But after the death of her, he became an alcoholic . but in his life the Spring has sprung when Venessa came into his life.

Selena’s killer, Yolanda: :hocho: :dagger:

Yolanda was a very professional medical caretaker. She was additionally the leader of the Selena Fan Club. In 1995, Yolanda was found stealing cash from both fan club and also from the shop of Selena family, because of which she was terminated of her position on March . Liitle did Selena know that her once closed friend become her enemy. Therfore you should always Keep your friends close and your enemies closer to avoid any harm.

Death of selena:

On the morning of 31st March, to recover the monetary records. Selena out of mercy, consented to meet Yolanda at a Days inn in Corpus Christi to help the poor manager. Also , Yolanda says many lies to selena. Yolanda said that she was assaulted in Mexica. Selena thought that the young manager would be very sad . therefore, Selena promptly droves her to a nearby medical clinic where no proof of ■■■■■■■ was found. But Yolanda had some other intentions. To ■■■■■■■ her plan very cleverly she also asks again to selena for the medical record . to which they both drove back again to the inn, and Selena again requested the record form the hospital. At that point Yolanda from her pocket took out a ■■■■■■ that was 38 type Taurus Model 85 ■■■■■■ and pointed it towards Selena. Seeing Selena attempting to run , however Yolanda shot her in the back, which immediately cause her to fall. She was shoot directly into the heart. But instead off being shot. Selena ran for help towards the anteroom, all badly injured. Yolanda stooped her. Calling her gain and again "b***h and shooting her. Seeing selena fall off, his assistant called 911. Selena passed on at 1:05 pm in the clinic because of massive blood loss from his heart . Yolanda was accused of first-degree murder and was sent to jail. She was sent to jail for more than 30 years and was given parole in 30 years. Selena’s sudden demise left Chris heart broken. Making the young guitarist go to the depression and stress to the therapy. Chris was also rumored to take the drugs and massive alcohol intake. He was lost and talkes all Non-Alcoholic Wine to make him forgot things.

Marriage with Chris: :love_letter: :heart_decoration:

Venessa met the young guitarist called Chris Perez by John Garza in 1996 and after that . both of them repeatedly meet each other . Following two years of them being with each other , they both began to have many problems in their relationship in 1998. But still they ignored that but when the problems got out of control. Then on 26 October 2001, they both go to the court and both of them got divorced.They both came with Divorce lawyer in the court room.

About Chris, he is an American guitarist and lyricist. Prior to being hooked up to Venessa, he had tied the knot with the Spanish vocalist Selena Quintanilla-Pérez from 2 April 1992 to 1995 .but the two once famous couple also got separated from each other . Selena was then killed by Yolanda Saldivar on 31 March 1995 after she finished her job of being her manager , with Yolanda. The death of the selena has hit the young guitarist eventually leading him to drugs and alcohol.

Divorce of Venessa with Chris: :cry: :crying_cat_face:

In Chris’ life , he needs someone beside him that would lead him to the right path . Chris found the peach when he married infamous actress . Venessa after 3 years of his divorce with selena. Before the divorce of Venessa and Chris , the couple welcomed their first baby girl in January 1999. They also have a child that has down syndrome. The couple got separated in January 2001. Selena first file a divorce in the court in texas without the lawyer. So if you dont know How to file for divorce in Texas without a lawyer?, then you are lacking behind.

Professional career of Venessa:

Venessa came into the spotlight in 2011 when she acted in the film that was also the action film. She works in the film that was called Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns. She was in the Camera and Electrical Department, and she gets one of the leading roles in the unit electrical technicians while also acting in the film.

In 2015, she also played her role beautifully as Gaby Valdez in short American TV series that was called ‘ Forgotten Memories’. She doesn’t own much money as her husband. But she made some many while she was working her role in the movie. Selena now also do for students the Career management counselling sessions.

First husband of venesaa-chriis: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

1- Full name Christopher Gilbert Pérez
2-Height 5’7’’
3- Birthday August 14, 1969
4-Nationality American
5-famous for guitarist, song writer
6-Age 51
7-Children Two
8-Zodian sign Scorpio
9-sister Name Suzette Quintanilla
10- Father -in law Name Anthony Fiorito
10- Mother-in law Name Anna Quintanilla
11-Marital status divorced
12-Weight 60 kgs
12-Ethinicity American
13 -Qualifications Masters
14- Color of eyes Brown
15-hair color Black

Early life of Chris: :baby:t2: :blonde_man:t2:

Christopher Pérez was brought into the world on August 14, 1969 in San Antonio, Texas to Gilbert Pérez, a PC programmer and Carmen Medina. He comes from a family of Mexican American nationality. Perez’s parents parted their ways in 1974, when he was four years of age. His mom remarried in 1978. He was a man with the dream . He was not the type of the children that plays all the timeEducational Games Online. This dream evetually paid him in the last.

Chris in music: :musical_note: :musical_score:

Chris Perez took classes to understand how to play the French ■■■■ in school and joined his school’s band with his mom’s help. His mom was the only one that appreciate his son’s doing. But sometimes his mom was against his career path . according to his mom, music is an industry where you have to struggle a lot . This is the industry where you are not sure that you will be successful or not. His some songs are included in Yoga Music

Chris now :date: :date:

In the mid 2010s he formed a band with the Puerto Rican artist Angel Ferrer. Under this band the group released their first song by the name of “Task es Diferente” . He now is also focused on reading . Being the fan of Life Changing Books. He also wrote many books. that have some message in it.

In March 2012 Chris wrote a book in memory of his great first wife . the book was released by the name of ‘with love to selena’ .he said that he was forced by his fans to write a book in memory of his wife. She said that first he was very worried that whether his work , that is his book would be approved or not. He said that his father-in-law, Anthony who was the father of his late ex-wife, selena appreciated his work.

Frequently Asked Questions: :hole: :hole:

Venessa is not no more in the spot light but still his marks have been left in the acting industry . She also is rumoured to take part in hollywood.

1- Where is Chris Pervez now?

As of 2021, Chris is working on his book. He previously make a group with a famous musician in 2010. The group released their song in 2012.

What is net worth of Selena?

Selena have a net worth of 100 k USD .She now runs a small buiness in Texas. She have earn from her business, modeling and acting.


Venessa was the seond wife of the famous guitarist. She after 2 years decided to marry the famous musician in 2001 but they both divorced in 2008. Venessa have two children with Chris. The two children also get along with their father well., when she acted in the film that is called Memphis Rising ; Elvis Returns. She played a side role in this movie. She also acted in a film ‘Forgotten Me (2015)’. She divorced his husband after 6 years. Venessa is the second wife of the guitarist. Her film has one of the best Movie Premiere