Orange Lightsaber

Orange lightsabers are the most up to date in the canon, first found in the 2019 computer game Jedi: Fallen Order. In the decanonized circles of the Star Wars universe, there were just a small bunch of characters to utilize an orange edge. Lightsaber edges in Star Wars have come in numerous tones throughout the long term, however it’s taken up to this point for them to be standardly accessible in orange.

Orange Lightsaber

Orange Lightsaber Meaning

Orange is an uncommon color for lightsabers. Most data about it is found in legends. However, it’s also highlighted in the Jedi: Fallen Order, which is considered canon. Just one character and a particular gathering were seen with a lightsaber of this color. In case you’re familiar with the legend, lightsaber colors speak to something about the character employing it. In a word, orange can be founded on two thoughts: that it’s a blend of yellow and red, or it can have a particular significance all alone, as well.

According to color combination, orange can mean the client’s use of both the light and dark side of the power. Another hypothesis is that an orange lightsaber represents diplomacy, full allegiance, and compassion to the light side of the force.


A lightsaber utilizes a Kyber precious stone which is dreary until it is possessed. The genuine proprietor of the precious stone will hear it “sing” to them. At the point when they obtain the gem and use it for their lightsaber, the colour will change depending upon the proprietor’s connection with the Force. For example, the Jedi’s utilization of a blue or green one due to their spiritual alignment.

It’s very normal for Kyber gems to be adjusted to the light side of the Force, while the Sith power these precious stones to their will by causing them “bleed”. Hence, red is viewed as an unnatural tone for Kyber crystal. However, an orange lightsaber has never been seen employed in the dark side. Because of this, we can just infer what it speaks to dependent on the legend and the bits of proof appeared by the main Jedi who has an orange lightsaber.

Orange is a rare color for lightsabers. Most of the information about it is found in legends. According to color combination, orange can mean the client’s use of both the dark and light side of the power.

Color Representation

Colors play an enormous part in the Star Wars universe. In the imperial and republic social orders, we perceive how various colors may represent their standing.


During the time of the Galactic Republic, the color red was associated with Diplomacy. In the Galactic Empire, it was supported by Emperor Palpatine so we see it in his family peak, Red Guard uniforms and interior designs. It was also a sign for Royal position and for evil. The Grand Army of the Republic utilized this color for Major or Captain Ranks.


Blue was utilized by the Jedi Guardians in the times of the Old Jedi Order. However, toward the finish of the primes of the Republic, this color was worn by Supreme Chancellors. It was also utilized for Lieutenants and Second Lieutenants in the Republic Grand Army. However, in Imperial culture, it’s an indication of mortification or disrespect.


The color green was a positive token that represented harmony, which is the reason the Jedi Consulars typically had this lightsaber color. Beside harmony, it also signified plant life and youth.


For the Sith, black was the credited color for it not only represented night and obscurity, but also their old fear. However, the Galactic Empire likewise connected dark with triumph. Gray was utilized for initiating acknowledgment of the Imperial presence. They utilized this for their boats and their stations.


White was the color of the Force and was also the delegated hue for stormtroopers. What yellow represents is the duplicity of Imperial culture. Orange, as indicated by the planet Naboo, is known as a symbol of birth and restoration. This color has the least data with regards to symbolism.

Red, blue, green, black, white and some other colors play an important part in the Stars Wars Universe.

Color Representation

Is Rey’s Lightsaber Orange?

The last scene of Episode IX indicated Rey covering Luke and Leia’s lightsabers. I first felt that it was an image of the end of the Jedi because they were no longer required. However, I was astonished to see her take out her lightsaber. Promptly, I thought it was an orange lightsaber however new data reveals that it’s a GOLD lightsaber!

Once more, I have a few suspicions on what it could mean. But since the film finished there, I don’t have any proof to back it up. It just indicated that she had another lightsaber, yet how she made it and how she utilizes it wasn’t appeared.

My hypothesis is that it’s emblematic of what her identity is. Again, I state this for the explanation that most critical changes in lightsaber colors comes with a change in the character’s circumstance.

Who Uses An Orange Lightsaber In Legends?

In the Star Wars Legends, the main known characters who have utilized Orange Lightsabers are Master Yaddle and Plo ■■■■. Both are Jedi however just the former utilized an Orange saber generally.

Plo ■■■■ fundamentally uses a blue saber. We once in a while observe him employ an orange one, and the times when he used this color was no longer canon. The only one who genuinely claimed an orange lightsaber was Yaddle. And the only way we can deduce why the Kyber crystal turned to this color, is if we get to know more about her story and her character.
Orange Lightsaber

Yaddle’s History

At the point when she was a Padawan and was at this point to make her lightsaber, she and her lord, Polvin Kut occupied with a mission on the planet Koba. They were entrusted to liberate local people from the domineering principle of Tulak, an Advozse Warlord.

Unfortunately, the mission failed and Yaddle was detained for a very long time underground. This is the reason she was also called “The One Below”. For about a century, she was tormented however she never did give up and offer responses to Tulak’s cross examinations. Her confidence in the Force was what helped her make due through this entire trial.

Locals of Koba
She was derided by the locals of Koba until gigantic quakes brought tremendous carnage to their planet. During this time, an opening was made for Yaddle to get away. Seeing the destruction of the individuals who held her captive, she had sympathy and decided to support them. And without a shadow of a doubt, Yaddle pardoned them.

She decided to remain on that planet to liberate them from their warlord’s abuse and the decimation of the quakes. In the end, Koba had the option to reconstruct and they prospered. In any case, the child of Tulak got back to overcome Koba once more. Tragically for him, Yaddle was there to forestall him.

Obviously, Yaddle didn’t pick savagery immediately. Instead she cautioned him and encouraged him to turn around. At his refusal, the two players occupied with a battle where she beats the victor regardless of being furnished with a humble and plain staff. A while later, she returns to the Jedi Order.

Heroic Demise

Three years before the Clone Wars, Yaddle died. It occurred on the planet Mawan, where she was sent with Anakin and Obi-wan as peacekeepers.

However, things got worse when Anakin’s impulsiveness and eagerness made him be held prisoner by their adversary, Omega. The child of the Dark Jedi Xanatos at that point takes steps to deliver a biochemical strike to harm an entire city if Yaddle didn’t give up to him.

Yaddle meets with Omega however she doesn’t give up. She utilizes her Force capacity to free Skywalker. Unfortunately, she couldn’t ■■■■■■■ Omega brisk enough as he dispatched the biochemical ■■■■■■■ toward the city. Magnanimously, Yaddle jumped and got it, utilized the Force to absorb the biochemical ■■■■ into her body. She had the option to save the city at the cost of her life.

Anakin saw her penance and he conveyed this blame with him in spite of being reassured by Obi-Wan and Yoda. He believed that his wild activities prompted the destruction of the adored Jedi Master.

We see this in how Ahsoka Tano wound up with white lightsabers in the novel Ahsoka. As indicated by the originators, it’s a light yellow and it was intended to ooze idealism and positivity. I believe they’re featuring the theme of hope.

Her days as a Leader

When she returned, she had the option to make her orange lightsaber. Furthermore, more significantly, having heard her story, she was promptly named Master and eventually a member of the council. As a pioneer, she was protective and cherished by numerous younglings. She inspired numerous with her stunning past experiences.

Being such a thoughtful soul, she was always ready to listen and give direction to her students. But what I discover it to be so charming is how she subtly slips desserts into the pockets of Jedi younglings.

Yaddle’s Orange Saber

We’ve set up that orange is an incredibly uncommon color for a lightsaber. Maybe it has something to do with the wielder’s patience against the use of viciousness. Consistently, if a Jedi is opposed to viciousness, their lightsaber will stay unused except if it is vital. We just observe this splendid tangerine sharp edge in three occasions:

1. On a mission on planet Asmeru

2. During a battle against the Red Iaro

3. On her last mission to Mawan

In addition, we can also theorize that this color is for the individuals who were humane contenders who resorted to brutality as a last report. It is for the individuals who feel pity for their foes and loyally follow the light side of the Force.

For all one knows, it could also be for the individuals who are genuinely strategic and advocate harmony regardless of anything else. However, it’s genuinely a demonstration of Yaddle’s empathy, as it is an extraordinariness in a universe loaded with wars.

The Fire Warriors From The Gray Jedi

The Fire Warriors utilized orange lightsabers, as well. However, the hypothesis on the color portrayal here is quite different from Yaddle’s. Orange is a secondary color which implies it’s a blend of Yellow and Red. As mentioned, Red is the signature color of the Sith however Yellow is for diligence and commitment to kill evil.

It’s not the first time when that Star Wars utilized secondary colors to represent a mix of two meanings. A great example of this would be Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber. Consolidating the colors red and blue shows how he utilizes the dark side of the Force to utilize Vaapad.

It’s the equivalent with the Fire Warriors. They are part of a group of Jedi called Gray Jedi who investigated both the light and dark side however never completely capitulated to the dark side. So it bodes well that Fire Warriors’ lightsabers are orange, they use the dark side of the Force for their motivation to devastate evil.

Using the dark side of the Force

When somebody falls into the dark side, it’s generally because of their feelings, particularly outrage. It’s really stunning how Fire Warriors tap into these enthusiastic feelings however keep themselves grounded by recollecting the great parts of their life.

This way, they know about what they are battling for and they’re more averse to be enticed. This balance is something that has consistently been a common theme in Star Wars.

In the Star Wars Legends, the main known characters who have utilized Orange Lightsabers are Master Yaddle and Plo ■■■■. Plo ■■■■ fundamentally uses a blue saber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why are orange lightsabers so rare?

Because to make orange (in principle) you would need to initially have a yellow lightsaber which is uncommon aside from jedi sanctuary monitors. At that point you would must have aced the vapaad procedure like mace windu which would make the color change orange a similar way mace windu has a purple lightsaber in light of the fact that he’s aced both the light and dark while as yet remaining on the light creation his lightsaber a harmony among blue and red which blend to make purple so considering that rationale the equivalent could be said for yellow and red to make orange.

Has there ever been an orange lightsaber in Star Wars Universe?

Authoritatively no, at least not yet. Legends based, truly, there are multiple I believe. It’s obvious, all precious colors start colorless according to the new canon. When a padawan is sent to recover their crystal unexpectedly, the crystal will change to a color dependent on how the force client is adjusted with the force. The sith need to take these precious crystals and corrupt them through a cycle called bleeding which turns it the red color the sith use. And in turn can be reclaimed and purged which creates a silver/white blade. This is canon. I like the new ordinance really in light of the fact that it puts more accentuation on the power association Jedi/Sith have. I’d say orange is conceivable, but so far, has yet to happen(technically)

Which is the perfect lightsaber fight in all of Star Wars?

I think they were all the best, including the scene where Yoda fights with a Lightsaber against Dooku. My brother and I laughed in amazement, watching a tall guy fight a little guy, no higher than his boots. It gave us a teaching to “Never judge a warrior or person by size.” If you had included lightsaber battles in the the tv series too, I thought they were great too. Also like Yoda, I enjoyed seeing Darth Sidious fight with a lightsaber for the first time in Revenge of the Sith. Now we saw all the sith or other worst guys like Kylo Ren and General Grievous in action by the skills with a lightsaber, just like we saw many of the Jedi, including Yoda and Rey.

If you could use a lightsaber, what colour would you go with?

I would go with a blend of Soresu (III) and Niman (VI). I’d center around protection and utilizing different capacities like supernatural power in battle. I’m not an aggressive person, and I’d lean toward the adaptability of utilizing different techniques to resolve the combat.

Concerning the saber, I’ve imagined an unusual weapon that lines up with this battle style just as being outwardly striking. It would be a handle with a half circle circular segment with seven emitters. The blades would differ in color in the range from violet through green. There would be no physical controls, depending on the power to activate and control it’s different functions.

Who were the best Sith lightsaber combatants?

Blademaster Kas’im, of the Brotherhood of Darkness, is effectively the best Sith duelist, having gone through basically his whole life stuyding Lightsaber battle alone, acing every one of the 7 types of Lightsaber battle, building up the most adaptable Lightsaber in Star Wars, and having the option to set up a battle against somebody who totally destroyed him regarding Force Strength, similar to Bane.

Why do Siths utilize red crystals in their lightsabers?

It’s not simply the Sith who uses red Kyber crystals, yet the Dark side adepts in common. A kyber precious stone, essentially known as a kyber, additionally called a lightsaber crystal, the living crystal and known in ancient times as a kaiburr crystal, were uncommon, Force-adjusted crystal that grew in nature and were found on dispersed planets over the cosmic system. They were utilized by the Jedi and the Sith in the development of their lightsabers.

Were the Sith misunderstood and actually the good guys?

No, to say the Siths are the good guys is in a real sense saying the ■■■■■ were the heroes.

Siths are power hungry machiavelic beasts that will utilize ANY device within reach for their own arrangements regardless of how pitiless. They additionally debase the desire of The Force and the Force itself causing imbalances. The manner in which they treat the Force is similar a disease (said by Lucas himself)

Metaphysic stuff separated. Siths are captives to their own interests as well, similar to medicate addicts they need and take whatever they need or need without speculation in, well, some of the time they don’t think in themselves and let their bodies and minds decay and are wilted by the darkside.

The ancient Sith or the modern Sith? Which ones are more powerful?

Each piece of scaling proof points to the Modern Sith being more powerful:

You won’t need to peruse every one of the 3 however I’m putting 3 since it shows exactly how upheld up the Ancients being more fragile than the Modern Sith is.

1. Maul expressed in 2011 to be more remarkable than all past Sith: Vitiate was made in 2010, Malak in 2003, both of who are definitely more powerful than the Ancient Sith.

2. Vader is expressed as among the top light side enemies in 2006: Malak has no counter quote. Vader < Almost every NJO Jedi and Sith.

3. Darth Plagueis is expressed as more powerful than each past Sith twice: Vitiate is named inside the novel. Jedi Dooku is stronger than Plagueis and vastly more vulnerable than his Sith self who grew far more powerful. His understudies are all > AOTC Dooku.

What does an orange lightsaber represent?

The color was revealed as a pre-request motivator for the game, so there’s no backstory to it yet. In the Expanded Universe, orange blades have in some cases been utilized by the Sith/dim Jedi, however in new group there’s no sign consider the possibility that (anything) it implies – in any event, ideally, until Jedi: Fallen Order comes out.

Why is Rey’s lightsaber yellow?

Because Rey depleted her energy in murdering Palpatine, and because Ben utilized the last of his energy in restoring Rey, she’s left all alone with two Skywalker lightsabers. As she touches off the lightsaber, you’ll notice a brilliant yellow color to the blade.

Who has yellow lightsaber?

A Jedi with a yellow lightsaber is most usually connected with the Jedi Sentinel (yet not solely more on that later). As you may know already, the Sentinels structure one of the three “schools” of the Jedi Order, comprising such a center route between the Consulars and the Guardians.

Who has a black lightsaber?

Tarre Vizsla made the black lightsaber during the standard of the Old Republic (before the prequels). In contrast to most lightsabers, the blade of the Darksaber is calculated and looks more like a blade. The size and intensity of the blade can, as per legend, change dependent on the client’s feelings.


Orange lightsabers are the most up to date in the canon, first found in the 2019 computer game Jedi: Fallen Order. Orange is an uncommon color for lightsabers. Most data about it is found in legends. Colors play an enormous part in the Star Wars universe. In the imperial and republic social orders, we perceive how various colors may represent their standing. In the Star Wars Legends, the main known characters who have utilized Orange Lightsabers are Master Yaddle and Plo ■■■■. Both are Jedi however just the former utilized an Orange saber generally. The Fire Warriors utilized orange lightsabers, as well. However, the hypothesis on the color portrayal here is quite different from Yaddle’s. Orange is a secondary color which implies it’s a blend of Yellow and Red.

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