Definition of Explanation:

  1. Detailed comments are designed to explain a topic (or difficult passage) so that basic concepts and links are clear and understandable. See also definition and description.

  2. A quote or story that explains something.

Synonyms of Explanation

Resolving, Delineation, Grounds, Reason why, Criticism, Clearing, Definition, Excuse, Light, The why, Working, Case in point, Speculation, Signification, Interpretation, Demonstration, Construction, Accomplishment, The whatfor, Resolution, Case, Theoria, Determination, Reason, Unriddling, Pretext, Disclosure, Theoretic, Exegesis, Exemplar, Representative, Doctrinality, Emblem, Object lesson, Instance, Rehabilitation, Body of theory, Reinstatement, Rationale, Mere theory, Clearing up, Euhemerism, End, Doctrinairism, Finding-out, Exemplification, Meaning, Type, Theoretics, Illumination, Restoration, Demythologization, Clearance, Rational ground, Elucidation, Purgation, Solving, Motive, Finding, Stated cause, Purging, Key, Solution, Typical example, Relevant instance, Unweaving, Ascertainment, The wherefore, Riddling, Emendation, Destigmatization, Doctrinarity, Enlightenment, Simplification, Untwisting, Theoric, Justification, Theorization, Rationalization, Underlying reason, Disentanglement, Exponent, Account, Expose, Decipherment, Unspinning, Simplification, Clarification, Clarification, Result, Allegorization, Answer, Unraveling, Sorting out, Vindication, Untangling, Example, Exculpation, Editing, The big idea, Tentative explanation, Pretense, Explication, Destigmatizing, Theoretical structure, Cracking, Expounding, Analysis, Issue, Unlocking, Exposition, Working-out, Denouement, Decoding, Cause, Unified theory, Commentary, Description, Theoretical basis, The idea, Outcome, End result, Illustration, Unscrambling, Theory, Abstraction, Upshot, Symbol

How to use Explanation in a sentence?

  1. If the project you are starting does not go according to plan, then you need to be able to provide a good explanation.
  2. The students' explanations for the delay revolt were so far-fetched that the teacher could not help laughing in front of the class.
  3. Sometimes your coworker has an explanation that doesn't make sense and you need to decide if he is telling the truth.
  4. Birth rates throughout the world have dropped dramatically already.

Meaning of Explanation & Explanation Definition

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