Definition of Capacity:

  1. Some roles or positions.

  2. Law: For example, the legal capacity of a company (person or organization) to carry out an action. B. To enter into a binding agreement

  3. Manufacturing: The highest level of sustainable production (maximum number of units per month, quarterly or yearly) that can be achieved with existing resources, maintenance strategies, product specifications, etc.

  4. General: The specific capacity of an entity (person or organization) or resource, measured in terms of quantity and quality, and over a long period of time.

  5. The amount from which something can be produced.

  6. Banking Services - The lender's ability to repay the loan on time is determined by deducting the total cash outflow from the borrower's total income for one month (usually).

  7. Telecommunications - The most reliable transmission rate that can be transmitted over a line, circuit or device.

  8. The maximum amount that an item contains.

Synonyms of Capacity

Supply, Cordage, The goods, Complement, Brimful, Standing room only, Packed like sardines, Ways, Method, Technique, Wits, Position, Saturated, Instinct, Collector junction capacitance, Dowry, Position, Responsibility, What it takes, Craft, Mental capacity, Role, Skill, Brains, Condition, Ready to burst, Tonnage, Airmanship, Intellectuals, Job, Bent, Quality, Efficiency, Mastery, Endowment, Recourses, Intellectualism, Potential, Amplitude, Perceptiveness, Efficiency, Packed, Farad, Know-how, Congested, Wherewith, Means, Sense, Yield, Qualification, Cubic measure, Intellectual power, Lading, Farci, Ableness, Mental ratio, Strong flair, Long suit, Intellectual gifts, Rank, Speciality, Command, Understanding, Intellectual grasp, Style, Production, Room, Resources, Address, Accommodation, Roominess, Bellyful, Plenary, Dextrousness, Filled, Grace, Function, Artisanship, Tactfulness, Brilliance, Perception, Volume, Intellectuality, Quantity, Jam up, Post, Intelligence, Faculties, Intellect, Makings, IQ, Mouthful, Overfull, Genius, Faculty, Topful, Control, Knack, Emitter junction capacitance, Spaciousness, Office, Artfulness, Swollen, Thinking power, Forte, Expansiveness, Adroitness, Caliber, Load, Flush, Brimming, Natural gift, Appointment, Ingenuity, Mental age, Capaciousness, Dower, Station, Disposable resources, Province, Extensiveness, Full measure, Metier, Talent, Work rate, Expertise, The stuff, Snootful, Artistry, Competence, Technical skill, Bravura, Funds, Ideation, Perspicacity, Dexterity, Stock, Capacity, Acumen, Savvy, Office, Resource, Marksmanship, Capacitance, Comprehension, Burden, Natural endowment, Round, Ingeniousness, Bursting, Capability, Sanity, Virtuosity, Cleverness, Place, Craftsmanship, Full house, Sufficiency, Sphere, Crush, Wherewithal, Ways and means, Judgement, Cram-full, Space, Mastership, Power of mind, Knowledge, Prowess, Part, Mentality, Character, Deftness, Commodiousness, Finesse, Native wit, Ability, Full, Full to bursting, Volume, Situation, Resorts, Post, Dexterousness, Technical mastery, Wizardry, Job, Stowage, Fill, Twin, Overstuffed, Bump, Strong point, Relation, Talents, Deductive power, Footing, Chock-full, Conception, Efficacy, Soaked, Satiated, Readiness, Integrative power, Gift, Diplomacy, Timing, Facility, Powers, Devices, Standing, Tact, State, Power, Productiveness, Coordination, Resistance capacitance, Handiness, Competency, Grip, Stuffed, Flair, Size, Charge, Mental grasp, Technical brilliance, Dimensions, Bulging, Limit, Capableness, Rationality, Capital, Duty, Quickness, Might, Esemplastic power, Fitness, Reasoning power, Cram, Adeptness, Parts, Crammed, Wit, Intelligence quotient, Measure, Skinful, SRO, Susceptibility, Status, Scope of mind, Practical ability, Content, Adequacy, Consciousness, Mother wit, Cunning, Surfeited, Seamanship, Aptitude, Bumper, Savoir-faire, Horsemanship, Equipment, Workmanship, Apprehension, Jam-packed, Skillfulness, Chuck-full, Replete, Resourcefulness, Output, Senses, Proficiency, Productive capacity, Poundage

How to use Capacity in a sentence?

  1. When the factory reaches the production capacity of a particular item to meet the demand, it would be better for the responsible company to delay the advertisement for a short period of time and set up a system for late orders. Launch of additional production facilities to meet high demand.
  2. Individuals have a great potential for extraordinary work, so we feel that motivation is the key factor behind their success.
  3. The company wants to double its power generation capacity.
  4. Freezing capacity 1.1 cubic feet.
  5. I'm not sure if the two weight lifters in our boat are putting too much weight on our lifting capacity and drowning us.
  6. You gave me a job voluntarily.

Meaning of Capacity & Capacity Definition