Definition of Absorb:

  1. Take up the attention of (someone); interest greatly.

  2. Take in or soak up (energy or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action.

  3. To assimilate or transfer amounts from one or more accounts to another where they lose their original identity.

  4. To treat a cost as an expense instead of passing it on to customers as an increase in price.

Synonyms of Absorb

Soak up, Suck up, Draw in, Draw up, Take in, Take up, Blot up, Mop up, Sponge up, Sop up, Ablate, Absorb the attention, Adsorb, Appreciate, Apprehend, Appropriate, Arrest, Assimilate, Be with one, Bleed white, Blot, Blot up, Burn up, Buy up, Catch, Catch on, Catch up in, Charm, Chemisorb, Chemosorb, Come uppermost, Comprehend, Conceive, Concern, Consume, Corner, Deplete, Dig, Digest, Drain, Drain of resources, Draw in, Drink, Drink in, Drink up, Eat, Eat up, Embarrass, Embody, Enchant, Engage, Engage the attention, Engage the mind, Engage the thoughts, Engross, Engross the mind, Engross the thoughts, Enmesh, Entangle, Enthrall, Erode, Exercise, Exhaust, Expend, Fascinate, Fathom, Fill the mind, Filter in, Finish, Finish off, Follow, Get, Get hold of, Get the drift, Get the idea, Get the picture, Gobble, Gobble up, Grab, Grasp, Grip, Have, Have it taped, Hold, Hold spellbound, Hold the interest, Hypnotize, Imbibe, Imbue, Immerse, Implicate, Impoverish, Impregnate, Incorporate, Infiltrate, Infuse, Ingest, Interest, Involve, Involve the interest, Ken, Know, Learn, Master, Mesmerize, Metabolize, Monopolize, Monopolize the thoughts, Obsess, Obsess the mind, Occupy, Occupy the attention, Occupy the mind, Osmose, Percolate in, Permeate, Predigest, Preoccupy, Read, Realize, Savvy, Seep in, Seize, Seize the meaning, Seize the mind, Sense, Sew up, Slurp up, Soak in, Soak up, Sorb, Spellbind, Spend, Sponge, Squander, Suck dry, Suck into, Swallow, Swallow up, Swill up, Take, Take in, Take up, Tangle, Understand, Use up, Waste away, Wear away, Preoccupy, Engross, Captivate, Occupy, Engage

How to use Absorb in a sentence?

  1. She sat in an armchair, absorbed in a book.
  2. Buildings can be designed to absorb and retain heat.

Meaning of Absorb & Absorb Definition

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