How many people can be on zoom

How many people can be on zoom? By default, more than 100 people can participate on zoom. The participant can be increased in the Zoom meeting from 800 to 1000. So, how many people can be at the zoom meeting depends on how many participants you are permitted to join the discussion?

Zoom app

Recent zoom meeting sessions have become larger and more convenient, considering that this app allows you to connect with multiple people simultaneously via video.

These days, zoom is used for basic learning, and it is helpful for those who can’t meet a place but arrange a video meeting through zoom to discuss each other to solve their problems.

Zoom subscription

Different types of zoom meeting options are useful in different ways. Some meetings are for business, education, or just a meeting between two random people. Zoom meetings that do not require a lot of participants are free, but some options cost you to use.

A large amount of participation and availability of good quality zoom meetings can cost you 15 to $20 a month, a license for your business meetings. Through that license, as a host, you can add an unlimited amount of people for your meetings.

Types of zoom meetings

For any meeting, you need a specification of what kind of convenience you want during your meetings. So the different types of zoom meetings are options for what field you are in and what your main goal is. Below are explained some types of zoom meeting options that you can choose from depending on what type of conversation you want.

1. Personal meetings

It is a basic type of zoom call used for personal calls between family members, friends, and others. So this type of basic zoom call costs no money and is free for you to use. In personal meetings, 1 you can host up to 200 participants and have an unlimited Group meeting and chat option for more than 40 minutes.

It also has the advantage of One to one meetings for more than 30 hours time period. You can have both group and private chats through this type of basic zoom call.

2. Zoom pro for small teams

Pro zoom is great for small team meetings and costs almost $14.00 a month, giving you the license to operate a zoom meeting for several benefits. It can host more than 100 participants,

But if you want to select a large meeting option, it can add more than 1000 participants. It also provides social media streaming, a great benefit, and is worth paying $14 a month. It can carry group meetings for more than 30 hours With 1GB cloud recording.

3. Business meetings

This zoom meeting option is for small businesses that can benefit from The app for only $19 a month. This license helps you Host more than 300 participants, And for larger meeting add-ons, you can add more than 1000 participants.

Requires only a single sign-in With the advantage of recording Transcripts. It also has all the benefits of pro meeting and managed Domains. It also provides the advantage of company branding, which is a great option for business and promotion.

4. Enterprise meetings

Large enterprise meetings require this type of zoom meeting option, which costs almost $20 a month with the license giving an advantage to all the benefits of business and unlimited cloud storage. It can host more than 500 participants and also have the advantage of Recording transcripts.

How many people can be on zoom

Optional add-ons for licensed users

There are some plan add-ons that you can purchase if you are a licensed user. In meeting 1, at least one participant should have a license to get access to these add-ons for the plan.

1. Audio conferencing

The audio conferencing add-on costs $100 per month. The bills are calculated according to the rates set up for different countries, Which means charges can vary according to countries and areas. You can be overcharged if the $100 per month commitment increases.

Nothing will be charged to the participants calling from any device. For toll-free calls, you can select multiple countries. Audio conferencing has flexible packages and access to Global coverage.

The audio conferencing add-on allows you to:

• Toll dial-in and free VoIP.

• Flat rate audio.

• Participants can easily join the meeting without entering the ID.

• Availability of option for calling me and calling out.

• Audio-only option for Conferencing.

• SIP-connected audio for larger customers.

• Option for integrating existing audio provider.

2. Cloud storage

The Cloud storage add-on option can cost up to $40 per month, Which provides the advantage of storing streaming, and downloading the recordings from your zoom Cloud. The files are available in MP4 and M4A formats. In cloud storage, add-on option storage Per month is available for up to 3TB.

3. Premier developer support

These add-ons are tiered packages that are used to minimize the possibilities of risks and help in the reduction of downtime. Technical resources are prioritized, and good work hours of committed developers are available In the support plans.

This add-on quickly fixes the problem and troubleshoots In targeted response time. Direct communication takes place through zoom’s developer Support to manage and open support cases. Expert assistance is provided for the support and the app marketplace, releasing and submission, and Your developer administration needs.

• Supports technical resources

• Prioritize support for business concerns and inquiries

• All important key areas of the task are covered

4 larger meetings

Large meeting 1 add-on costs $50 per month. It increases the capacity and number of participants for your meetings and plans.

Also, one of the advantages is that monthly and Yearly bill payment options are available. With this large meeting add-on, you can include more than 1000 Interactive participants for the meetings.

5 Premier support

Through premium support add-on, you get additional support packages that help to minimize the cause of risks and decrease the possibility of lagging and obstacles. The support system immediately solves technical issues or any other problems through phone calls, texts, or emails.

• Availability of priority response

• Maximizes the time availability of zoom meetings and service

• Reliable account managers are provided for your support for technical problems.

How many people can be on zoom

Zoom usage and revenue

Zoom was founded in 2011, and it is an app created by Eric Yuan. It is an app for business usage and conference meetings. However, they Officially launched the app in 2013.
when it was first launched to the public, its usage was not very common and did not achieve great success.

Still, when things became more indoors, and people started using online video calls for their meetings and business, the app gained popularity and officially became the go-to app for meetings.

While there are so many apps with the same objective as zoom but because of special packages and add-ons, zoom has become more relevant and convenient for people than other apps for the same purpose.

After Eric yuan launched the app, millions of users signed in; therefore, the founder of zoom achieved his success and earned millions of dollars through the app. By 2017 zoom app reached a revenue of $1 billion.

Key statistics of zoom

• Recently zoom app’s valuation exceeded $100 billion.

• Zoom’s present number of customers is 470,000 In the business industry.

• The participants increased by 290% as zoom is the fastest growing app.

• $2.6 billion of revenue were generated by zoom. Main features of zoom.

• Even with the free plan a host can have unlimited One on one meetings.

• In the free plan, you can have video conferences for more than 20 minutes with 100 plus participants. And if you purchase the large meeting add-on, you can add more than 500 participants for the meeting.

• You can share your meeting through the zoom app with other members. Available for one-on-one and big meetings.

• you also get the feature for recording events and meetings you attend or host.

Downloading of zoom app

Zoom app is available for both desktop computers and mobile phones both. However, the desktop version works better and offers the best experience. If you are windows and macOS desktop user, you can use the zoom app.

The Zoom app is also available on Android and iOS mobile phones. Without signing in, you can join a meeting with the zoom app. You can also sign in to the account using Google accounts, Facebook and SSO.

After you sign in or enter the meeting through the mobile phone app, you can turn your microphone on or off according to your preference. Not just that, you can have many options, making the app convenient for all types of people and businesses.

Through the accounts mentioned above, you can invite someone to the meeting, start screen recording, and have chats while you are in a meeting. Desktop users can have more features like creating polls or broadcasting Facebook live from their Facebook accounts.

Difference between paid zoom and free zoom

The feature available for paid zoom will not be available in the free zoom as there is a reason why you get to have more special add-ons and features after paying for it. Following are some differences between paid and free zoom.

Free zoom features

As a free user of zoom, you can download the app on your phone or desktop and easily get access to create an ID and start or join a meeting. You can record your meetings also in the free version and add contacts. Screen sharing is also available with access to having an option of turning off your mic or camera.

Paid zoom features

Sign in with their email; paid zoom users can download the zoom app to their computer and mobile phone to schedule a meeting when they want. Pro, business, or enterprise meeting in a zoom has three options. An administrator can sync zoom meetings and events schedules and invite participants to attend the meeting. Zoom also has room setup facilities to sync with other users who are meeting with you.

Zoom security issues and zoombombers

After the app was being used by a massive number of people worldwide, there were some concerning issues about security. Made some changes to decrease these issues and solve the privacy problems.

Removed the meeting ID from the title bar, so people cannot screenshot it and use it for abusive means. One of the problems was the invasion of uninvited guests in the meetings called zoombombers.

The zoombombers are those who have too much time and invade people’s privacy by barging into private meetings and sharing content that is not appropriate. Zoom Security Service has made all the possible security tools to get rid of this issue, and as far as we know, it is not concerning anymore as the problem has been taken care of.

The zoom team has made improvements in the security system, and you can easily stop your zoom recording and turn off the video option to prevent privacy-invading and zoombombing.

Updated tools for security

After getting complaints of privacy issues to zoom, the app has updated its security tools to get rid of the problems that the users were facing, including unlocking the meeting after all the participants have entered the meeting so that no outsider can access entering the conference. You can remove any participant with one simple click and mute someone’s chat.

You can also report participants if they are causing trouble or misusing the system. It will prevent them from entering any other future meetings, and we will be disabled from using their ID.

To use this feature, you can click on the security bar and click on report. Zoom trust and safety team will handle the misusers and prevent them from entering any meeting 1 in the future.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using the zoom

How many people can be on zoom? It is not a question, but every system design or app has its pros and cons, and users leave reviews about how much it helped them or if it was not so good an experience for them. Here are some pros and cons of zoom using.

Pros of using zoom cons of using zoom
1. The zoom app allows hosting an event or meeting with a huge number of participants, which is not an easy task for services other than zoom. However, zoom is ideal for business meetings and large-scale growth, which involves connections and conversations between business parties and enterprises. If you ask how many people can be on zoom, then the answer is more than 10,000 participants can enter an event or a webinar, but the twist is that you need a subscription and add-ons, which can cost you thousands of dollars per month. Which you can tell is not so convenient for people who do not need to host webinars and meetings every day. So these highly costing subscriptions and add-ons can be pretty inconvenient.
2. One of the great advantages of zoom is that it allows you to stream webinars and meetings on Facebook. We all know it is a great way of growth and communication because over 2 billion people use Facebook monthly, giving you a huge audience. When hosting an event, you can easily stream webinars on Facebook and instantly gain followers on your business account. Public life events on zoom can be very risky to attempt as zoom service does not have much comment control on streams and webinars, which can cause problems when people start commenting on inappropriate things that can be offensive. And zoom takes a lot of time to act and remove such comments, and because of this, the damage that has been done through those comments cannot be reversed.
3. As we know, that zoom requires you to have a subscription to get the best benefits out of the service, but it also has an option for free which you can try for a trial, or it’s good for people who are starting small businesses and need a way to hold conference s for free. Zoom provides you with and availability of 40-minute long conference meetings for free, which is enough time for small businesses to communicate and promote their work. Zoombombing is one of the cons of using the zoom service. zoombombing means that invaders enter a conference call without permission which can be a cause of exposed passwords, or they can be hackers. Zoom service does not have much control over this type of bad behavior by zoombombers and invaders, which can negatively impact serious business conference calls and meetings.
4. Zoom can utilize Google Calendar for daily tasks reminder, which is also helpful when you have an online meeting, and all the participants must remember about it. So zoom service reminds all the participants of an event or meeting through Google Calendar. Zoom is super useful for organizing and scheduling events and reminding the employees of upcoming meetings. The video quality in zoom service is not the best and only supports 720P video quality, while many people have accepted 1080P as the bare minimum for the video call. And because of that, people might not prefer zoom if they care about the quality. Although some services can give you better quality for that, you need to pay a lot more than the ordinary subscription.
5. Zoom is the perfect platform for all types of businesses, including those who have just started their business and need a scalable platform that can ensure the growth of their business. Investing your time and money into a platform that is not sustainable and useful for your business might cost you a lot of money and can give you a financial burden which is not good for any business, so instead, zoom service is the best option that you can take which gives you exactly the type of support that you need and the money invested in it is worth it as it fulfills the need of a growing business. One of the minor inconveniences with zoom services is that you need to download the app to start or attend a meeting. It can be a headache for business owners if some of their employees forget to download the app, and this will cause delays in conferences and meetings. Thanks to Facebook, it can only avoid problems; you can stream it without the app. In some cases, people might not have access to smartphones; in very rare cases, downloading the app can lag and slow the business process.
6. One of the great things about the zoom service is that it is the easiest platform for businesses transitioning into online work, which can be risky and problematic if the service is not easy to use. However, the zoom service is very easy to use, even for people that are non-tech and do not have much experience in the technology field. Through zoom, different businesses and their employees can easily communicate, interact and run their business smoothly online services like zoom. Streamed and downloaded videos in cloud storage can have a bigger file size than usual. People who do not have enough space on their devices or have poor Internet connections may not be able to use the service without any problems. Usually, a recorded video can be over 1GB, but sometimes because of higher quality videos, it can be even bigger. And sometimes, the size of the files can be huge without any explanation or higher quality.


Advantages: Zoom is ideal for business scale growth because it is easy to operate than other apps. It allows to stream webinars on Facebook, which provides a huge audience. Zoom provides 40 minutes long free conference with 100 participants. The best option for newcomers in the business. The best option for the non-technical person for its easy handle.

Disadvantages: If you need a huge conference, you must pay for a costly subscription. Don’t have much comment control, which can be a problem while dealing with the public. Don’t have much control over invaders. Don’t have beat video quality only supports 720P. Downloading the app is a must. The size of files and recorded videos are bigger, which is impossible for everyone to store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions are answered below:

1. What happens if you go over 40 minutes on Zoom?

Zoom meeting automatically turns off if no one joins the meeting after 40 minutes.

2. How many participants can join a free Zoom meeting?

100 participants can join the zoom meetings for free.

3. Is there a time limit on Zoom for 2 participants?

Zoom allows 24 hours of free meetings for 2 persons, but for 3-100 participants, it limits the time to 40 minutes.

4. How do I see all participants in zoom?

  1. Download the Zoom app on Android or iOS.
  2. Start or join a meeting.
  3. It will show, the mobile app displays by default click Active Speaker View.
  4. Move left from Active Speaker look at display Gallery View.
  5. You can see almost 4 participants’ thumbnails at a time.

5. Can you have 2 zoom meetings at once?

Yes, licensed users can host 2 meetings at once; it can also host by an alternative host.

6. Can a Zoom meeting run without the host?

Suppose you want to record the meeting without being attended by the host. You have to turn on automatic cloud recording.

7. How much is Zoom Pro monthly?

Cost for zoom app

Name Cost
Basic tier Free of cost
Pro tier $14.99 each host/month
Business tier $19.99 each host/month
Enterprise tier $19.99 each host/month

8. How do you unmute everyone on Zoom?

  1. Sign in to the zoom app

  2. Click settings

  3. Click meetings

  4. Click people who can unmute you in the audio section.

9. Can Zoom licenses be shared?

Yes, the zoom license holder can attend other meetings at the same time.

10. How many people can join a Google Meet?

100 participants can join google meet for free for up to 60 minutes.


Our topic was How many people can be on zoom; overall, this article proves that zoom is a great platform for any business, big or small. But just like every other service and app, it has minor inconveniences that are not bigger than its benefits.

And if you have doubts or are not confident about subscribing to it, then you should try the 40-minute trial every time you use it, and it might be enough for you considering you have a small business with a small number of employees.

The article explained how many people can be on zoom and the differences between subscribed and free services. Hopefully, this article How many people can be on zoom will be helpful for you all.

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