Definition of Technical:

  1. Due to mechanical damage.

  2. Application of science and industry.

  3. In terms of computer or technology.

  4. According to the strict application or interpretation of the law or regulation.

  5. In connection with a particular subject, art, profession or technique.

  6. Specific scope in terms of skill, qualification or profession, profession or subject. Technical skills, or technical language, refers to skills or terms that are generally understood by people who specialize in a field or area.

Synonyms of Technical

Specialistic, Unessential, Functional, Confined, Not vital, Feature, Technicological, Unnoteworthy, Restricted, Minute, Authoritative, Professional, Little, Dispensable, Mechanical, Technological, Industrial, Specialist, Finished, Insignificant, Skilled, Scientific, Inconsiderable, Nonessential, Trained, Detailed, Initiate, Unimpressive, Official, Scholarly, Negligible, Immaterial, Irrelevant, Vocational, Practical, Accomplished, Coached, Inessential, Pro, Featured, At concert pitch, Inappreciable, Applying science, Specialized, Scientific, Polytechnic, Initiated, Complex, Inconsequential, Dinky, Non-theoretical, Small, Knowledgeable, Back-burner, Limited, Prepared, Practiced, Career, Intricate, Petit, Minor, Applied, Conversant, Applied, Inferior, Disciplinary, Primed, Mechanical, Complicated, Expert

How to use Technical in a sentence?

  1. Technical term
  2. I want an expert in the technical field of securities and options trading. He needed a specialist who could master it.
  3. Major technical achievements.
  4. It is important that your company adopt a technical approach to sustain the changing world.
  5. The arrest was a technical violation of the agreement.
  6. Daniel Bryan is one of the best manufacturers the industry has ever seen and is likely to see in the long run.
  7. Technical problem

Meaning of Technical & Technical Definition

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