Definition of Storage:

  1. Storage costs.

  2. The process or way of storing something for future use.

  3. Detention, detention, release or relocation of any non-temporary, semi-permanent or long-term assets or goods, usually with the intention of later recovery. It does not include a limited amount of temporary construction during processing, maintenance or repair.

  4. Warehouse or warehouse management, handling, storage and safety of goods

Synonyms of Storage

Guardianship, Glory hole, Disk memory, Store, Treasure house, Rack, Admission, Lumber room, Location, Hire, Spotting, Scot and lot, Towage, Stowage, Exactment, Crib, Brokerage, Lumberyard, Exchequer, Anchorage, Warehousing, Cover charge, Disposition, Carfare, Stationing, Wharfage, Reposition, Dump, High-speed memory, Lading, Dock, Memory tubes, Conservatory, Safekeeping, Arsenal, Treasure room, Closet, Posting, Storage space, Scot, Box, Assignment, Placement, Godown, Shelf-room, Warehouse, Shelf, Loading, Deployment, Memory, RAM, Locating, Conservation, Entrance fee, Library, Portage, Tank, Wine cellar, Storage system, Chest, Cargo dock, Locker, Custody, Buttery, Situation, Magasin, Repertory, Storage unit, Preservation, Supply base, Reservoir, Armory, Emplacement, Cold storage, Cellar, Positioning, Treasury, Salvage, Charge, Dues, Shot, Vat, Deposit, Stock room, Storeroom, Vault, Hold, Bonded warehouse, Pinpointing, Cellarage, Dry storage, Charges, Dockage, Stack, Cupboard, Localization, Dead storage, Attic, Depository, Toll, Repository, Stack room, Exaction, Supply depot, Deposition, License fee, Crate, Bunker, Magazine, Allocation, Pilotage, Hutch, Rick, Basement, Drum memory, Storehouse, Drawer, Bay, Admission fee, Tape memory, Collocation, Bank, Demand, Putting, Depot, Fare, Packing, Bin, Archives, Bookcase, Placing, Fee

How to use Storage in a sentence?

  1. Storage is required, because everything should always be refrigerated, otherwise it will rot.
  2. Folding chair for easy storage.
  3. Before I moved, I had to keep all my belongings safe and safe from theft.
  4. Storage of all your office equipment With the right storage space, you can reduce clutter and work efficiently.

Meaning of Storage & Storage Definition

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