Definition of Benefit:

  1. General: Financial benefits, benefits, entitlements or compensation (for example, under an insurance policy, health insurance plan or pension plan).

  2. Payment or gift from employer, state or insurance company.

  3. Finance: The desired and measured result or result of a process, investment, project, resource or technology.

  4. The benefit or advantage of something.

  5. Marketing: The desired features of goods or services that the customer receives through purchase. While sellers sell resources (fast carbide bits), buyers seek profits (holes).

  6. Public performances or other entertainment whose income is earmarked for specific charitable purposes

  7. Take advantage of performance.

Synonyms of Benefit

Profit, Entertainment, Save, Strict settlement, Good, Pay off, Forward, Suit the occasion, Settlement, Assist, Befriend, Lend a hand, Easement, Interest, Good offices, Act of grace, Performance, Title, Advantage, Use, Presentment, Do a favor, Enjoyment, Stage presentation, Reclaim, Production, Absolute interest, Account, Benefaction, Convenience, Do no harm, Offices, Befit, Good turn, Suffice, Kind offices, Grace, Fill the bill, Work, Gain, State benefit, Revive, Rescue, Government benefit, Bail out, Godsend, Improve, Well-being, Do the trick, Break no bones, Show, Right, Vested interest, Give help, Equity, World of good, Relieve, Work for, Estate, Behoof, Fit, Advance, Good, Be of use, Confer a benefit, Allowances, Welfare, Serve the purpose, Good deed, Insurance money, Restore, Common, Perks, Reap financial reward, Comfort, Render assistance, Help, Ameliorate, Answer, Contribute to, Office, Premiere, Kind deed, Percentage, Benefits, Benignity, Unemployment benefit, Sake, Promote, Not come amiss, Kindness, Interest, Claim, Protection, Lend one aid, Redeem, Benevolence, Social security payments, Be handy, Befitting, Exhibition, Succor, Do good, Bill, Give a boost, Act of kindness, Public assistance allowance, Do, Presentation, Social security, Set up, Resuscitate, Proffer aid, Courtesy, Stake, Protect, Blessing, Right of entry, Comfort, Give good returns, Holding, Assistance, Convenience, Farewell performance, Serve, Make money, Pay, Point, Labor of love, Build, Give a lift, Well-being, Theatrical performance, Mitzvah, Bestead, Value, Yield a profit, Ease, Kindly act, Prosperity, Flesh show, Do a kindness, Debut, Avail, Therapy, Welfare, Tryout, Boon, Better, Benefit payments, Benison, Turn, Gain, Doctor, Further, Render a service, Equitable interest, Contingent interest, Satisfaction, Advantage, Behalf, Part, Swan song, Aid, Ministry, Mercy, Sick pay, Exhibit, Limitation, Give a hand, Perquisites, Trust, Benediction, Sake, Ministration, Manna, Pension, Profit, Ease, Take in tow, Worth, Relief, Welfare, Favor, Support, Bear a hand, Abet, Rally, Obligation, Remedy, Reap benefits, Be right, Service

How to use Benefit in a sentence?

  1. Social benefits.
  2. This area will benefit from re-creation.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of membership.
  4. Elliott was the first to admit that telecommunications had its disadvantages, but in his new situation, no day trip was a definite advantage.
  5. I participated in a fundraising dance on March 12, which raised more than 1 1 million for research on cystic fibrosis.
  6. We benefited from our insurance policy in many ways when our house was flooded during last year's major floods.
  7. For the first time, social seasons are celebrated through balls and charities.

Meaning of Benefit & Benefit Definition

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Benefit Definition:

  • A general term that refers to services included in projects (such as office visits, laboratory tests, surgery, etc.) or items used (such as prescription drugs, permanent medical supplies, etc.). Health insurance for the care of ordinary patients

  • A simple definition of Benefit is: Benefits are payments or compensation or other forms of payment that the insurer is indebted to in the event of an insured loss. Whether or not the loss is guaranteed is determined by the provisions of certain policies purchased by the insurers from the insurance company.


What is The Meaning of Benefit?

  • Benefit definition is: Payment is made by the insurance company upon receipt of the claim.

  • Benefit refers to Products or payments for life insurance, additional health insurance or pensions. Usually paid to the insured or the recipient.

  • Meaning of Benefit: The insurance company will reimburse you for the cost of insuring your pet.

  • The usual vocabulary of this word contradicts its meaning in insurance. Most dictionaries define utility as a benefit, advantage or concession. In insurance, benefits such as compensation or personal insurance coverage (non-fault plan) or employee compensation do not offer any income, but provide partial compensation for lost or incorrect wages. The reason for insurance is that a person cannot be in a better financial or physical condition (including property) than before because of a claim.

  • Benefit definition is: The amount paid by the insurer to the claimant, beneficiary or beneficiary when the insured suffers a loss.

  • You will receive it from your insurer when your order is received and processed. They can repair damage to your property or the insurer can pay you. This is often called billing or payment.


How Do You Define Benefit?

  • The amount paid at the time of claim approval is also called insurance benefit.


Benefit Meanings:


A general term for any medical care service (such as a doctor's visit, surgical examination, surgery, etc.) or supply (such as prescriptions, durable medical devices, etc.) to patients.

The definition of Benefit is: Benefits are claims or other types of compensation or payments that the insurer owes to the insured when the insured suffers an insured loss. Coverage or non-loss depends on the specific policy terms that the policyholder has drawn up with the insurance company.

Meanings of Benefit

  1. Government payment or insurance plan for eligible people.

  2. Receive performance grants.

Sentences of Benefit

  1. The season of fraternity is marked by newcomers dancing and discounting profits.

  2. The area will benefit from regeneration.

Synonyms of Benefit

plus point, charity, turn to one's advantage, financial assistance, fringe benefit, advantageousness, plus, strength, bonus, do well out of, asset, gifts, donations, cash in, make a killing, put to good use, make the most of, merit, the dole, good point, added extra, additional benefit, virtue, utility, the buroo


What Does Benefit Mean?

  1. A general term for any service (such as a doctor's visit, surgical examination, surgery, etc.) or the provision of medical care to patients (such as prescriptions, sustainable medical devices, etc.).

  2. The amount paid by the insurer upon acknowledgment of the claim.

  3. Meaning of Benefit: Life insurance, extended health insurance or annual income or withdrawal. Payment is usually made to the insured or the beneficiary.

Sentences of Benefit

  1. The season of brotherhood is marked by dancing and profit discounts for newcomers.

  2. The area will benefit from the reconstruction.

Synonyms of Benefit

usefulness, the broo, helpfulness, strong point, exploit


How To Define Benefit?

  1. You can define Benefit as, The costs covered by your pet insurance policy can be reimbursed by the insurer.

  2. The general dictionary definition of this word contradicts its meaning in insurance. Most dictionaries describe profit as an asset, a benefit, or a privilege. In insurance, benefits such as tse for personal insurance coverage or NoFault plans or workers' compensation are not related to income, but are partial compensation for lost wages or disability. The reason for insurance is that as a result of the claim, the person will not be in a better financial or physical condition (including property) than you.

  3. Amount to be paid by the insurer to the beneficiary, holder or beneficiary if the insured has an accident.

  4. As soon as your application is received and processed, you will receive it from your insurance company. They can repair damage to your property or the insurance company can pay you. This is often called regulation or ut.