Definition of Participant:

  1. A person involved in a program, service, or activity.

  2. A person who takes part in something.

Synonyms of Participant

Participator, Contributor, Sharer, Party, Member, Partaker, A party to, Accessory, Accomplice, Actor, Aide, Assistant, Colleague, Confrere, Contributor, Copartner, Cotenant, Engaged, Fellow, Helper, Implicated, Involved, Partaker, Partaking, Participating, Participative, Participator, Participatory, Partner, Party, Prime mover, Shareholder, Sharer, Sharing

How to use Participant in a sentence?

  1. I was a participant [pant in a game and I did not even know what it was called, or what the purpose of it was.
  2. You should make sure that any participant in a project can handle all of the jobs that you will assign to them.
  3. Eager students would become firsthand participants in an archaeological exploration.
  4. Every child involved in the after school program was a willing participant in the game of dodgeball two weeks ago.

Meaning of Participant & Participant Definition