Definition of Amount:

  1. A set of objects or a set of multiple quantities that appear as numbers that may or may not appear as numbers. For example, a company may have a good brand identity.

  2. When joined, it becomes (money).

  3. Quantity of an object, especially a combination of one or more objects in number, size, value or scope.

Synonyms of Amount

Amount to, Come, Be, Total, Amplitude, Peg, Come up to, Consignment, Short, Incorporate, Bunch, Size, Batch, Shade, Be equivalent to, Comprehend, Substance, Mass, Heap, Plateau, Mass, Total, Equal, Purport, Add up to, Period, Run into, Tab, Volume, The whole story, Difference, Magnitude, Figure, Gob, Pack, Whole, Bulk, Intimate, Group, Sum, Height, Sum total, Part, Upshot, Damage, Grade, Subsume, Count, Partake of, Run to, Portion, Sum and substance, Plane, X number, Body, Measurement, Large amount, Summation, Sense, Nuance, Grand total, Hint, Pas, Force, Scale, Lot, Dose, Include, Chunk, Cut, Rate, Number, Caliber, Group, Touch, Box score, Interval, Ration, Round, Score, Cast, Aggregate, Price, Ratio, Approach, Tally, Notch, Extent, Pitch, Leap, Quantity, Budget, Rival, Small amount, Quantity, Account, Cost, Supply, Make, Thrust, The bottom line, Tread, Mark, Rung, Total, Whole amount, Tale, Add up, Space, Price tag, Range, Sum, Point, Numbers, Shadow, Core, Load, Weight, Expenditure, Hunk, Reckoning, The story, Scope, Volume, Number, Level, Proportion, Entirety, Correspond to, Bulk, Parcel, Strength, Match, Quantum, The amount, Mess, Degree, Deal, Equal, Step, Number, Quota, Comprise, Embody, Remove, Become, Expense, Add up to, Standard, Stint, Come to, Gross amount, Be equal to, Clutch, Count as, Charge, Aggregate, Compass, Represent, Expanse, Measure, Stair, Burden, Product, Matter, Suggest, Imply, Reach

How to use Amount in a sentence?

  1. You need to know the right amount of resources needed to make a product and make sure you get enough.
  2. I have to think about how much money I have to spend in Vegas to have fun with my friends.
  3. The transaction amount is less than سو 100, so no flag is displayed on the account in question.
  4. Losses reached more than $ 10 million.
  5. For many, the game is a joy.

Meaning of Amount & Amount Definition

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How to paint a wall with a roller
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Can cats eat ice cream
How To Cut Vinyl Siding
How to fix scratches on stainless steel
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Call the cops
May be vs maybe
Sale price
Is water a beverage
Sweat stains on hat
Length definition
How to heal scabs fast
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Ph formula
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How to lower chlorine in pool
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Imbedded or embedded
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How to measure flooring
Payed vs paid
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Mba in finance salary
Where to sign a check
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Muscle contraction
How to make wax
Small waist workout
How much do chemical engineers make
Make a shopping list
Macros in c
Main breaker
How to milk a cow
Sign back of check
How to come out
The revenue recognition principle
Amazon dress code
Balance sheet liabilities
How long is a phd program
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Cane sugar vs granulated sugar
Sea crab
How to sweat more
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Hail mary saying
Cat ice cream
Can dogs eat steak
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How to insert an iv
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How to acidify soil
How to change fish tank water
How much do day traders make
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How to clean white fabric shoes
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How to wash an electric blanket
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Espresso vs coffee beans
Spf face spray
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Learn to juggle
Net pay
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Associate's degree abbreviation
How to load cash app card
How to bleach hair without bleach
Measuring cylinder
Company assets
How to gift robux
How do you make money from stocks
Is blue acorn legit
Law of supply and demand
How To Fix A Wobbly Ceiling Fan
Signs your cat is dying
Iron ii nitrate
Coconut oil for dandruff
Adding transmission fluid
How much to transport a car
Kt tape for neck pain
Cleaning dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda
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Shower drain cover
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How much do caregivers make
Closing entries
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Coconut milk vs almond milk
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How to cook a burger in a pan
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Scale picture
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Pay phone near me
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Examples of stressors
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