Definition of Meeting:

  1. Formal or informal consultation meetings of people who have been asked to discuss and make decisions on specific topics and issues. Formal meetings are sometimes held at specific locations and usually for a set period of time, to pursue a common agenda. In the corporate context, they are divided into two main groups: (1) Organizational Meeting: Generally a general meeting involving shareholders (shareholders) and management, for example B-Board. Meetings and Annual General Meetings. ()) Company Meetings: Regular or ad hoc meetings between management and employees, for example B committee meetings, planning meetings and sales meetings. Meetings are usually chaired by a chairman and the process is recorded in writing, called minutes. According to company law, the two main types of meetings are normal and unusual or unusual meetings. Members A minimum number of members (called quorum) must be present at this meeting to enforce legal status. Decisions (known as resolutions) are made based on the number of votes that can be obtained by consensus and unanimous parties. According to the collective responsibility theory, decisions made in these meetings are binding on all members who are present or not. However, a dissenting ■■■■■■■■ can ask the court to annul a passed resolution if it is not approved, unfair or ultra-viral.

  2. Meeting two or more people, by chance or by meeting.

  3. Meeting people, especially community members or committees, to talk and have fun.

Synonyms of Meeting

Synergistic, Mauling, Conference, Rendezvous, At one with, Competition, Knotted, Revival, Public worship, Copulative, Diet, Concours, Jointure, Concurrent, Collected, Tie, Intersection, Clustered, Match, Powwow, Contacting, Eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, Clumped, Go, Derby, Concentration, Merger, Clash, Divine service, Gymkhana, Grazing, Agglomeration, Prayer meeting, Convention, Concordant, Piled, Smash, Conclave, Interlinking, Night song, In contact, Centrolineal, Asymptotic, Brunt, Matching, Near thing, Encounter, Panel, Love nest, Crump, Collision, Games, Tierce, Shock, Mutual approach, Rally, Assignation, Committee, Congregate, Prime, Summitry, Bundled, Osculatory, Devotions, Parasitic, Packaged, Stacked, Focal, Forgathering, Evensong, Tangential, Convocation, Bulling, Concourse, Harmonious, Synod, Parley, Interview, Conspiratorial, Confabulation, Crash, Prime song, Olympic games, Confocal, Summit conference, Cumulate, Engagement, Tryst, Converging, Evening devotions, Audience, Summit, Carom, Touching, Church service, Appulse, Watch night, Conflux, Bump, Assemblee, Audience, Plenum, Coacting, Mutually approaching, Focalization, Pairing, Bout, Nones, Heaped, Revival meeting, Approach, Coworking, Narrowing gap, Contingent, In session, Session, Joust, Conference, Collision course, Exchange of views, Binding, Concatenation, Synergetic, Cannon, Conflict, Reception, Collusive, Olympics, Council of war, Aggregate, Crack-up, Radial, Leagued, Accompanying, Glancing, Amassed, Synergic, Impingement, Synchronous, High-level talk, Radius, Yoking, Agglomerate, Cooperant, Impinging, Spokes, Palaver, Aggregation, Thrusting, Assignation house, Linking, Intercommunication, Approaching, Congregation, Trial, Gathering, Joinder, Matins, Intercommunicating, Bedtime prayer, Watch-night service, Connectional, Percussion, Prayer, Rencontre, Symposium, Connecting, Fasciculated, Gathered, Turnout, Coactive, Concentralization, Liturgy, Associate, Sext, Uniting, Prayers, Conclave, Fascicled, Combining, Hammering, Clustering, Council, Congress, Tangent, Conglomerate, Tilt, Junction, Get-together, Forum, Combined, Game, Camp meeting, Brushing, Novena, Narrow squeak, Lauds, Prom, Bracketing, Onslaught, Congregated, Wrapped up, Concussion, Associated, Seance, Duty, Coupling, Connection, Congeries, ■■■■■■■■■■■, Coincident, Communication, Confrontation, Focus, Service, Coadunate, Praise meeting, Morning devotions, Convention, Sideswipe, Accumulated, Conjunctive, Ball, Fete, Sitting, Agreeing, Combination, Conjugation, Bargaining session, Knotting, Whomp, Church, Bunched, Soiree, Convocation, Congregation, Gathering, Test, Shindig, Confluence, Saprophytic, Date, Crossing, Symbiotic, Summit, Sledgehammering, Moot, Convergence, Sit-in, Tie-in, Splice, Fight, Confab, Commission, Consultation, Vigils, Impact, Smashing, Council fire, Cooperative, Place of assignation, Massed, Ramming, Press conference, Conventicle, Radiating, Meet, Concerted, Coordinate, Tent meeting, Linkage, Liaison, None, Unification, Undersong, Connivent, Forum, Concurrence, Assembly, Smash-up, Compline, Merging, Symbiosis, Marriage, Bond, Connective, Concurring, Lumped, Party, Asymptote, News conference, Council of war, Near-miss, Caucus, Consultation, Dance, Assembled, Tourney, Agglutination, Housewarming, Pourparler, ■■■■■, At home, Collaborative, Vespers, Collective, Combinative, Negotiations, Tie-up, Watch meeting, Confluent, Accordant, Vesper, Joining, Huddle, Impingent, Carambole, Appointment, Eisteddfod, Bargaining, Mass, Conglomeration, Union, Crunch, Interchange of views, Colloquium, Consilient, Hookup, Nudging, Conjunction, United, Rubbing, Assembly, Exercises, Discussion, Office, Funnel, Quorum, Glomerate, Conjoint, Concomitant, Joined, Interview, Bulldozing, Festivity, Meeting place, Contest, Centripetal, Brawl, Tournament, Levee, Copulation, Hub, Bottleneck, Articulation

How to use Meeting in a sentence?

  1. When he found her, he was amazed.
  2. When you are in a meeting, you have to be prepared and try to say something that will let your manager know that you are paying attention.
  3. The initial release policy will be discussed at our next meeting.
  4. The meeting took place on Wednesday last week, when the information released by the analyst was handed over to the administration.
  5. I have to leave home early or I will be late for my appointment and I will not be late or I will be fired.

Meaning of Meeting & Meeting Definition

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