Greta Thunberg Net Worth

Greta Thunberg net worth is $1 million. In 2019, Greta became famous for her statement at the Global Climate Summit, which she delivered at 12. She is known for criticising Western governments for not doing more to combat the impacts of climate change and has become a household name.

Who is Greta Thunberg?

Quick Information

Name Greta Thunberg
Full name Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg
Date of birth January 3 2003
Birthplace Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation Student, environmental activist
Years active 2018–present
Movement School strike for climate

When she was 18, the Swedish teenager became a rising star in the battle against global warming and gained much media attention for her hard-hitting contributions to the discussion.

As soon as Greta was seen protesting and calling for action on climate change in Sweden in 2018, she became a household name.

As a result of her efforts, she has gained notoriety throughout the world. She has been invited to speak at the United Nations in New York and several other major conferences.

What is Greta Thunberg Net Worth?

It’s unclear how much Greta Thunberg makes, but the figure is thought to be in the neighbourhood of a million. When determining an 18-year-value, it differs from Hollywood celebrities’ narratives.

The Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity that she received for her work on climate change didn’t bring her any financial gain, so she decided to donate the money to charity. When we look at Greta’s parents, Svante Thunberg and Malena Ernman, we can see that they are both actors and opera singers, so we might think that Greta has had a good life.

Early life of Greta Thunberg

Her parents are actors Svante Thunberg and Malena Ernman. Greta was born and raised in Stockholm, where her parents taught her to care about the environment.

At home, Greta and her parents discussed what they’d heard about the topic at school. As she contemplated the effects of climate change, she grew unhappy and stopped eating.


Gretta Thunberg rose to prominence in the fight against global warming at eighteen. She’s been asked to speak at important conventions, including the United Nations and others. According to rumours, Greta earns something in the neighbourhood of a million dollars every year.

Greta Thunberg Education, Beginning Years

Thunberg didn’t go to school to learn about environmental science as a child. Her passion has led her to where she is now. At the age of 15, she began her adventure to change the world in 2018 while she was in ninth grade.

Dedication Towards her Work

An outside campaign that she started when she started skipping school on Fridays is called “Fridays for the Future.”

During her movement, other countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands, Finland and Belgium, started working on ways to fight climate change.

Greta was asked to deliver forceful speeches with a significant influence on the public. “The Greta Effect,” they dubbed it.

In her first speech, she explained to the audience that she suffers from “Selective Mutism” and that she only talks when it is essential. When Greta’s mother talked about her daughter, she said that she had Asperger’s Syndrome, a superpower.

Greta Thunberg’s Aim

That she wants to raise awareness about climate change and how it is ruining our beautiful planet and enlist the help of influential individuals is obvious.

That our world is being destroyed at an ever-increasing rate by the effects of climate change is something that she has voiced many times in the past. As a start, she focused on Sweden and its environment, but her work quickly spread to other places.

It’s no longer a stretch for her to address climate change at major international gatherings, such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference and the World Economic Forum 2019, where she urges large corporations and institutions to stop investing in fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and oil and instead make investments that help restore the health of our planet.

She also intended to take a year off from school to work on climate change issues in nations that are major contributors to global warming. Greta Thunberg.


Greta Thunberg started her quest to alter the course of history at fifteen. She possesses “Selective Mutism” and Asperger’s Syndrome, both considered superpowers. She will address climate change at the United Nations and World Economic Forum in 2019.

Awards of Greta Thunberg

  • Fritt Ord Award (2019)

  • Rachel Carson Prize (2019)

  • Ambassador of Conscience Award (2019)

  • Right Livelihood Award (2019)* International Children’s Peace Prize (2019)

  • Time Person of the Year (2019)

  • Nordic Council Environment Prize (declined) (2019)[3]

  • Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity (2020)

How Did Greta Thunberg Build Her Net Worth?

Greta entered the public eye in 2018. As early as 2018, she organised a student demonstration in front of Sweden’s parliament buildings. The protest was dubbed “A School Strike for Climate” by the organiser. As the days went by, more and more people began coming up to the strike’s location to join it.

In response to her original protest, people from around the globe began gathering in front of parliament buildings to raise awareness about climate change. Protesters would hold signs calling for the government to live up to the commitments made in the Paris Accord.

Time’s 2019 Person of the Year award went to Thunberg for her efforts to get the world to adhere to her climate change ideas via her grassroots movement.

As a result of her parents’ engagement in her climate advocacy, the kid activist would be criticised. According to many, Greta is nothing more than a creation of her parents’ imaginations. It was a mistake by the climate activist, who put up a list of answers for her to use in 2019.

The Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity will be given to Thunberg in 2020. She plans to spend the €1 million prize money on good causes.


The Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity 2019 has been awarded to Greta Thunberg. As a result of her attempts to persuade the rest of the world to adopt her climate change theories, she was named Time’s Person of the Year for 2007. She intends to use the €1 million in prize money to help the underprivileged.

Greta Thunberg’s Parents and Upbringing

In Greta Thunberg’s family, both her parents are also artists. Malena Ernman, her mother, is a well-known Swedish opera singer. Actor and former performer Svante Thunberg is her father. She describes how her husband quit his job to stay home with the kids and be a “housewife” in their 2018 book, “Our House is on Fire: Scenes of an Emergency Family and a Planet in Crisis.” That’s what he told her. “You’re a world-class expert in your field.” You also make a lot more money than me, to say nothing of the fact that

Greta Ernman and her younger sister Beata travelled extensively around Europe with their parents throughout Greta’s formative years. "We stayed in each place for two months before moving on. The cities mentioned are Berlin, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

Although her parents’ incomes are unknown, an opera singer may expect to make anywhere from $60,000 to $200,000 per year. Because Thunberg’s mother’s renown as a sought-after performer throughout Sweden and abroad, it’s safe to assume she’s paid well.


All earnings from the book she co-authored went to groups like Greenpeace, WWF, and others, as Malena Ernman said in the foreword. There’s no end to the cycle. Glyndebourne, Salzburg, and Aix en Provence were our summer destinations. Her mother penned an entry in the family’s history book.

Why did Greta Thunberg Turned Down a Lucrative Award?

It was reported in 2019 that Greta Thunberg had won the Nordic Council Environment Prize. The council credited Thunberg for “reigniting the environmental and climate discussion at a vital point in human history.” You may have guessed it by now, but Thunberg had no interest in the $52,000 prize money that the award came with.

Thunberg expressed her gratitude to the council for the accolade, but she turned down the financial award. NBC’s “Climate activists,” who took her place in accepting the honorary award, delivered a message from Thunberg in which she stated: "The climate movement does not need any more accolades.

Our leaders and legislators must pay attention to the findings of scientific studies. "In addition, it was not the first time she had turned down an award on moral grounds. According to a news site, she had previously turned down the Children’s Climate Prize since “several of the nominees had to go to Stockholm for the event.”

In Short

For “inspiring and amplifying political demands for urgent climate action,” Greta Thunberg got the Right Livelihood Award in 2019. After the foundation rejected a reward proposal, the award’s prize money was self-funded. As far as she’s concerned, she has no desire to be a philanthropist.

Does Greta Thunberg Get Paid for Her Activism Work?

Greta Thunberg’s advocacy activity has not been verified to be compensated. Even though she has more than five million followers on Twitter and 13.3 million followers on Instagram, Greta may be able to generate ad income.

In July 2020, she will receive €1 million in the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity for her humanitarian activities. My foundation will contribute the one-million-euro award money as soon as possible to organisations and initiatives working for a sustainable future since we are in a climate emergency.

What is Greta Thunberg’s relationship with Extinction Rebellion?

Greta and the world’s environmentalists have developed a close working connection over the years, Extinction Rebellion and other climate change protest groups. The message is the same, regardless of the techniques used to achieve: the world must wake up and deal with the ever-increasing menace of climate change.

In April this year, Greta travelled to London to give a speech to climate activists in Marble Arch, assuring the audience, “we will make sure politicians no longer get away with it.” Despite the authorities enforcing a prohibition to prevent their demonstration on October 7, 2019, she continued to demonstrate her support for the cause.

Twitter user Greta Garbo posted, “If rising out against the climate and ecological catastrophe and for mankind is against the rules, then the rules must be violated.”

What Inspired Greta to Become a Climate Change Campaigner?

It wasn’t until Greta was 8 years old that she learned about climate change. As her enthusiasm grew, she was awarded first place in a local newspaper’s essay contest on climate change at the age of 15.

But Greta was still unconvinced that the environment was being improved sufficiently. She took action in 2018 and persuaded world leaders to do the same.

“We can’t simply keep living as if there was no tomorrow because there is a future,” she told Time when she was chosen 2019’s Person of the Year.

Greta Thunberg Syndrome, Motto, Decision

Thunberg has no formal education or degree in environmental science, but her enthusiasm and tenacity have propelled her to where she is now. When she was 15 years old in 2018 and ninth grade, she began her mission to make a difference.

How Does Greta Thunberg Make Money?

Greta Thunberg’s fortune is impressive given that she is just 18 years old and is still in school. She has been widely praised for her efforts to protect the environment, and her work inspires others. The Right Livelihood Foundation awarded Greta $102,062 for the Nobel Peace Prize Alternative in 2020. Similarly, the Swedish youngster got $1.15 million from a rights award in Portugal.

Thunberg established the Greta Thunberg Foundation with all the money she earned from her protests. Greta emphasised her non-profit agency’s non-philanthropic intent when she announced the news.

Greta Thunberg’s net worth is expected to rise due to her high visibility and the many contributors to her charity. Thunberg has become the world’s youngest and most prominent environmentalist because of her impact on social media. The 18-year-old climate activist has made a strong start and has high hopes for the future.

Greta Thunberg’s Thoughts on India’s Situation

  • Greta also speaks out on various global issues, including climate change.

  • NEET and JEE exams in India, and how unfair it is that students have to focus on them while there is a worldwide sickness.

  • Also, she spoke out against the devastating floods in Bihar and Assam.

  • Her tweets also included a reference to the Indian farmers’ protest.

  • Her thoughts on India’s latest COVID epidemic were shared with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions about Greta Thunberg’s net worth.

1. How does Greta Thunberg earn?

Greta has gained worldwide support and appreciation, as well as the support and admiration of stakeholders. Right Livelihood Foundation grants her $102,062; she’s also earned scholarships and a $1.15 million reward from Portugal. Several money-generating platforms, which are heavily financed, also contribute to Greta Thunberg’s fortune.

2. How did Greta Thunberg get famous?

Climate change and global warming activism have made Greta Thunberg a household name. At a young age, she started to make an impact on people. She has given many speeches and been a part of many events that have all been as important as her words.

3. What happened to Greta Thunberg now?

Following her one-year break from school, Greta has been taking part in a protest against climate change in a way that isn’t real.

4. Is Greta Thunberg rich?

As the world’s youngest and richest climate campaigner, Great Thunberg reportedly has a fortune of $1 million.

5. How much was Greta Thunberg yacht?

According to the company’s website, there is no extra financing for the expedition. Greta’s team has not paid for it. According to RT, the boat’s building costs are in the neighbourhood of €4 million (£3.7 million).

6. What religion is Greta?

A “prophetic voice to jolt us out of our complacency” is how a Christian blogger describes Thunberg’s role in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

7. Who sailed Greta Thunberg’s boat?

Australians Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu and experienced yacht captain Nikki Henderson took her on board their 48-foot (15-meter) catamaran, La Vagabonde.

8. How did Greta Thunberg get back to Sweden?

It seems like Greta Thunberg will return to Europe on an unscheduled sailing trip. Aeroplane travel contributes 20 per cent of the greenhouse gases emitted by your automobile in a year, which is why the Swedish climate activist, 16 years old, does not travel by aircraft.

9. How did Greta Thunberg travel to England?

When Ms Thunberg arrived in Glasgow by train, she was greeted by many fellow activists. There has been no official word on whether or not Ms Thunberg will be present at the COP26 meeting, which opened this week in the Scottish city of Edinburgh.

10. What are Greta Thunberg’s key beliefs?

She raised a placard reading “School Strike for Climate” to urge the government to meet its carbon emissions objectives. Her small act inspired a lot of young people around the world to start their strikes.


According to the article “The Greta Thunberg Net Worth and Biography,” I learned after doing a lot of studying. In my opinion, Greta Thunberg deserves all the attention she receives. She is sacrificing her teenage years to fight for our world and do all she can.

It took other individuals decades to have the worldwide influence she’s had in only two years since starting her campaign. I think Greta Thunberg has already won if even one of her admirers contributes as little as planting a few trees.

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